How to Achieve Your Goals!

1.  New research detailed in the Harvard Business Review suggests that when it comes to goal-setting, we perceive modest improvement targets as being easier to achieve than maintaining our status quo. The researchers put it this way:

“When we’re judging the difficulty of a goal, the first thing our brains see is the size of the gap that separates the goal from the baseline. The bigger the gap, the more difficult the goal. But with a status quo goal, there’s no gap to evaluate, so our negativity bias kicks in, and our brains start generating reasons we might fail.”

This held true across a range of different categories. The bottom line: If you’re in the market for a new success strategy, try setting slightly loftier goals rather than smaller ones closer to your baseline.

2.  McKinsey Global Institute released a new report today on applying AI for social good. The cases they detail aren’t idyllic future ones, such as AI as a cure for cancer. Instead, the report includes a library of 160 cases and six fleshed-out current examples of AI applications that can have a large-scale social impact. That should make for interesting reading for entrepreneurs with big ideas. 


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How CEO Scott Kitun On Strong Leadership and Good Goal Setting!


Full Technori is a platform for startup companies to gain traction with potential buyers, customers, and commercial partners. Scott Kitun, the CEO of Technori emphasizes a good leader must understand the strengths and weaknesses of their team, understand the opportunities for the team, and then build a vision and a roadmap that can be met. In doing so, Scott provides startup founders with the advice to make an achievable and measurable goal and realise there is always another angle to take. Watch the full video for more on Scott Kitun and Technori.


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7 Mind-Blowing Marketing Lessons by Top Entrepreneurs (Nathan Latka, Daisy Jing, Landon Ray & MORE!)!

In this video, top entrepreneurs Nathan Latka (Heyo Founder), Daisy Jing (Banish CEO), Neville Medhora (Entrepreneur & Copywriter), Drew Sanocki (Nerd Marketing Founder), Landon Ray (ONTRAPORT CEO), Timo Rein (Pipedrive Co-Founder), and Stephan Aarstol (Tower Paddle Boards CEO) tell Eric Siu about the best marketing lessons they have learned over the years.


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How to Manage Your Emotions!

Due to the self-help industry, we’re taught that we’re in complete control of our emotions. The reality is, this isn’t entirely true.

Nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, medications, stress and food sensitivities can all alter behaviors at an unconscious level. If the symptoms are severe, you get medicated; if the symptoms are mild, it’s blamed on a lack of willpower.

Join Entrepreneur Network partner and bestselling author Ben Angel in the latest installment of his powerful 12-part 60-Seconds to Unstoppable series for surprising insights into peak performance based on neuroscience, psychology and biohacking.


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