Ideas Only Found During A Festival!

Sat. September 15, 2018 

The rest of last night. 

Last night I did not write the clause. Instead I did some light reading on copyright and trademarks for the logo while in bed. Very interesting facts like whoever drew it owns it until a copyright form is made. But it must be signed along with the transfer of the file. I need to read more into it but the main idea has been implanted in my head. 

Must get up. 

Starting off my day I planned to wake up early. Even set my alarm to do so. It never happened. I woke up an hour before I had to leave fighting myself to stay in bed. I got an extra hour of sleep in compared to my normal schedule. Within this hour I played Dragon Ball Legends on my phone, saw my nephew for a few minutes, had pancakes for breakfast before leaving.  


(photo found on Google images)

Today was going to be a change from the typical week as well. Instead of being in the café I had to be on the truck with the lady I work with for an event near my home. An Oyster Festival in the town my girlfriend works at, Maplewood.  

Shopping detour for wipes. 

On the way to the festival I received a text message from the lady I work with. There were a few items that we needed in order to pass our inspection, Clorox wipes and baby wipes. At first I thought the ‘baby wipes’ were a mistake. I questioned it out of confusion. Soon after she called to explain.  

Apparently, it is better to use ‘baby wipes’ instead of the Clorox kind. The inspector had very specific instructions that required us to have them. We have done may events, all over the state and have never been asked to have a pack present. I wanted to hear more about it but I needed my hand to carry bags if ice. Sadly, the story was cut short. Next time I will grab a cart. 

On time is late. 

I made it on time, 11am, with bags in hand. The parking lot where the festival was being help had already being crowded with other vendors and staff members. Even the part of the lot that was being used for parking was full forcing me to park up a very steep hill. The very same hill my girlfriend calls me from out of breath when she leaves work. 

When the lady I work with showed up, she was immediately flustered. Getting into the lot was a pain. At first, she tried to back in with every intention of making it until our guardian angel at the event showed up to help. She could see our struggle and gladly accommodated for us. She switched the spot we were to park in with someone else across from us. It worked out beautifully for her and us.  

Keep both jobs in mind. 

Throughout the day we did some pretty good work. It was nice sunny day and there were people all over enjoying it. As we hit our moment of down time my girlfriend’s friends came by to support. They had just gotten out of a long day at work. About 30 minutes later I could see my girlfriend walking towards me with her lunchbox in hand and wonderful smile.  

Back to work I was preparing for the rest of the night. In the middle of cutting scallions, I had this great idea for a design to put on a t-shirt. It was simple yet bold. A piece that I think we could sell a lot of. A nice design that could be pieced together with a variety of pants. Immediately I put my knife down and went into my notes to draw it out. Moments after sending it to buddy in Texas I was replied with an image of my idea come to life. The work we are putting in will soon reward us. 



All around town to get home. 

Around 8pm the festival started to die down. At the time we started to clean up. A little after 9pm she was pulling off of the lot. As I was sitting in my car I received another phone call from the lady I work with. She was stuck in town, could not find a bridge that she could clear under. She was also lost. After finding her I guided her out of town as best as possible until she could find her own way. 

After being a tour guide I was walking through the door of my home by 10:30pm. Tired from the day I just wanted to pass out. I could not. I downloaded Skype so my Texas buddy and I could chat and screen share our monitors when we had ideas. I also downloaded an app onto my phone so I could design a few things myself. I think I might want to invest in Adobe Illustrator for future ideas but I might not have the time to use it.  

Then I hopped in the shower to wash off the sweat from the day. Finally ending the night by writing this.  

It is now 1am. Good night! 

This Was A Day For The Road!

Sat. September 8, 2018

A morning for no man.

Up at 4:30am with just about 4 hours of sleep. On top of that it was a crappy morning with pouring rain. Before we headed out in it the lady I work with and I gathered everything we needed for the day. Loading up her pickup truck was wet mess. I even fell into a water filled hole thinking it was solid ground. Then again it was dark as ever. Not even the moon was lighting the way. How the heck is this horse show still going on? Is what I thought.

After packing we were ready to go by 5:15am. In the need for caffeine and cream cheese we stopped at gas station convenience store / Dunkin’ Donuts. I know, cream cheese at a gas station convenience store, probably not someplace to get it. Luckily, they did not have it but they did carry flan, a French Spanish dessert, which I found odd but hey, stay different.


(photo found on Google images)

About an hour later we made it to the farm. For a second, we thought the place was shut down, normally when we arrive everything is lit up and the workers are starting their day. I guess since it was raining they decided to sleep in. Moments after contacting the head of the farm the barn lights were turned out. I thought to myself, Did we just get them in trouble? I really hope we did not cause everyone that works there are really amazing.

All I do is drive.

The day started with us setting up and preparing for breakfast. As I said earlier we  were missing a few things. I had to leave her and go to Stop and Shop. We had coffee but no sugar and bagels but no cream cheese. Somehow, we did not think of these things until this morning. At 5am. When we woke up to darkness. (Small tangent.) Before leaving I also bought myself a book on anxiety. It interests me to learn about the symptoms and the different forms of it so I can help the people around me overcome it. I honestly cannot wait to start reading.

Back at the ranch an hour later. Nothing much happened. It was kind of a good thing. We had to cook a few things for the café. Since she nor I were not going to be there we need to make sure there was enough food to last the day. She had a family friend, the same guy from a few weeks ago, run it today. Having the time, she cooked it up and I left once again. This time to deliver food to the café which turned out to be 15 minutes away.


(photo found on Google images)

Getting there early, 9:30am, I set everything up for the guy coming in. I wanted to make sure he was ready to start the moment it became time to. About a half an hour later he showed up surprised. Since I had the pickup truck he thought the lady I work was around. It was just me. Not being in a rush to leave I hung out with him for a bit. The last time we were together we did not get to talk much. I am a huge friendship builder if I like someone so I wanted to put the time in to get to know him.

After a while I had to go. It was nearing noon and I figured the horse show was getting started. On the way out, I grabbed two smoothies from Greenstraw. When I got back I realized, again, nothing special was happening. The rain continued to shower on and off ruining the event.

Back and forth.

We ended up getting a call from the family friend with concerns. He had run out of a few things and did not know the recipes to make more. I had to leave once again to the café to replenish the food.

Back at the café once more, I hung around for a while. We spoke about our current goals and future vision. He is working more and getting back into the music game while mine is trying to start and run a few businesses for passive income. We are actually more similar than I thought.

I was back at the ranch by 4:35pm to pick up the lady I work with. The rest of the show was cancelled as well as for tomorrow due to the weather conditions.


Bitmoji Me rained

Driving back to her place I was a bit glad not to have to work tomorrow. I like making money but not at the cost of waking up at 4:30 in the morning. (Another tangent.) Finally arriving I helped her unpack the truck, fixed her broken fan, and said my goodbyes.

A little scare.

Driving home it started to rain once again. I was so tired that I had to get off of the parkway and find an empty lot to park in. I needed to rest. I slept for 10 minutes and took off with my energy shortly replenished to McDonalds. I had to get something fast and sweet in my system. Originally, I was just going to get a milkshake but then I saw a new item, sweet and spicy chicken tenders. I ordered a 4 pieces meal and a milkshake. I was set.


(photo found on Google images)

Sitting in my car I devoured it in minutes. If someone put a finger anywhere near me it would have been eaten. After filling myself up I was back on the road home.

Once there I showered, played with my nephew, did research on starting an eCommerce website, if anyone can help my ears are open, and had to get ready for bed.


I ended up falling asleep in my computer chair until my arm slipped from under me waking me up. 

I Needed A Day Of Real Work!

Fri. September 7, 2018 

It was happening! 

This morning I woke up at 8am with every intention to leave the house on time. I was determined to go to Dunkin Donuts no matter what. I even left the house early versus ‘just enough’ time to make it to the café.  

I got to Dunkin’ just as planned with 10 minutes to walk in, grab my food and leave. I ordered myself a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter, hash browns and the most important a hot pumpkin spice latte. Also got myself a new donut called Apple Crisp. It was like an apple crumb but with oats on top instead of the crunch.  

Had time to spare. 

I made it to the café with plenty of time to get things going. After performing my ritual behind the counter, I sat down to have my breakfast. It was a peaceful time. Me on YouTube, taking several bites, sipping on this season’s wonderful flavor. I really enjoyed myself. Then it got better. I helped a somewhat elderly woman find her way through town using my GPS. She told me that it had been about a year since she was last there and did not remember where things were. I was able to give her directions and landmarks to use while she walked around. It made me feel good. 


Bitmoji ME

My day at the café was not all that. I did pretty good, for this place, in sales but the tips were a bit low. Normally everyone drops me a buck or two but today they were keeping their singles hostage. Sadly, secretly happy, I had to shut down at 3pm. I needed to be somewhere else within the hour. 

Next location was way better.  

In the next town over we had an event to do that require the lady I work with and I. This event was only going to be successful with a team effort.  

On my way there, the drive was great. I had eaten that new donut I got earlier which tasted just like Quaker apples and cinnamon instant oatmeal. At first, I was not sure how to feel but after the comparison I was happy with it. I also happily looking forward to making some serious cash instead of standing around all day. Really just pumped to work.  

Throughout the night we were on fire. For my first time in weeks handling about 70 people in 2 hours I did pretty well. I did slip up here and there but I was rusty and had the lady to back me up. It felt good to be back in the money game. 


Bitmoji money Me

Unfortunately, the game was cut short by an hour. Our night ended in a washout. It rained at 8pm taking away most of the business that lingered in the train station parking lot. It was not completely over though. We had very hungry people at our window waiting in the pouring rain as I if it were just another day. Especially this one guy who literally stood in it with no umbrella, no jacket and in a t-shirt. I would not have done it but I appreciated all of them for it.  

Dark and done. 

After cleaning up were out of there by 9:45pm. 15 minutes later were dropping off her trailer at a Duncraven farm for the morning. We will be working there this weekend showing our support to the hungry athletes and fans.  


(photo found on Google images)

Quickly dropping it off we got back at her place a little after 11pm. The roads to get there were insanely difficult to navigate. It was so dark that I could barely see if the road curved or went straight. If it were not for the fact of me following the lady I work with I would have been in trouble with those unfamiliar streets.  

Anyway, I made it and helped unload one thing from her pickup truck. Her son did most of the work because I had to stop for gas along the way. With the labor over with I sat down and had table talk with the lady while in had my first meal of the day, chicken tacos from Oink and Moo 

I showered up and was in bed by 12:45am. Guess who has to wake up in 4 hours? Yay! 

I Just Realized – I Eat Out A Lot !

Thurs. August 30, 2018 

I overslept. 

I woke up early to move my car. Getting back inside I knew I should have stayed awake but the fight was lost. I had to get more sleep. My body forced me too. In bed I stayed and slept for minutes until my alarm went off. It was time. 


Bitmoji ME late

Finally up, I only had 25 minutes to get ready. I slept in until 8:20 when I needed to be up a lot sooner than that. Not good! Even with rushing I was not able to get ready on time leaving the house late. I could not even stop for breakfast.  

A long ride on an empty stomach. 

By the time I got to the café it was 10:04am. Just about on time. I typically try to get in 15 minutes before 10am but I really needed the sleep this morning. Not having the extra time I normally do I have work my multitasking magic. I set up the rice, started to cook the food, prepared for opening, blah blah blah. At this point I was hungrier than when I woke up. I had to go on a hunt for breakfast.  

Since I usually stop at Dunkin’ Donuts along the way to the café I have yet to find out what kind of breakfast my neighbors have. While walking through I noticed the words ‘Breakfast Bowl’ from a place called Moku Bowls. That was all I needed to see. I ordered a very meal. A big bowl of vanilla Greek yogurt with strawberries and banana, granola at the bottom and topped with coconut shreds and a honey drizzle. It was very delicious. Surprisingly delicious. 


At 11am I was ready for action.  

Business started sooner than normal. Most days I do not start until after 12:30pm. Today the moment I opened I was greeting people. That action lasted until about 2pm. 

After that I did small transactions here and there. One of two servings an hour. When I had time I walked around to the other vendors. To keep myself entertained I chatted a bit and built on my friendships. I need interaction if there is going to be any survival there. At least until business really picks up, which it will. For now, I get the opportunity to get to know the market better. 

During my friendly encounters I stopped by a place called Pork Shack for the second time in my life. I was ready for my 3 o’clock lunch. After reading their menu I went with the original. Pulled pork, cheddar cheese, barbeque sauce and onions. It was freaking good except for the raw onions. Not a fan of them at all, on any food, but I tried it anyway before plucking them out. Such a great lunch. Might get another one tomorrow. 


(photo found on Google images)



The let down. 

Around 6:45pm I started to clean up. I could not completely get into though. There was a family of six still in front of my counter reading the menu as if they were ready to order. Watching them read I felt like I had to be ready for business. Once the mother started to speak I was disappointed. After taking the time, which I am glad for, to read the menu they only bought drinks. 2 unsweetened teas. Then left.  

The lady I work with showed up at the last minutes with stuff I was missing and needed. She was surprised that I was not ready to go. I had to explain the sad event that had just occurred. Thankfully she did show up because if not because I would have been there longer than expected since I waited so long to clean. She was able to help me move the process along quicker. 

That family could have at least bought food just to make me happy.  

By 8pm we left and went our separate ways.  

On the way home, I had to stop at Dunkin Donuts. I started to get tired and needed something to help keep my eyes open. Secretly I want it anyway since I missed out this morning. Pumpkin spice latte baby.  


(photo found on Google images)

The ride home was pretty easy with my cup in hand. There was one exception though. This one guy was swerving back in forth in his lane. At first, I thought he was drunk but as I sped past him to clear myself of his craziness, I could see his face lit up. He was on his phone the entire time. Super dangerous.  

I did make it home safe but thinking about had me worried. To relax myself I took a quick shower. then filled up on chicken parmesan with pasta for dinner as I watched “Dragon Ball.” 

Yup, Of Course I Went!

Weds. August 29, 2018

Make a move.

I decided to wake up before 1pm today, unlike yesterday. I was not sure how my day was going to go. If I was going to be working or given the day off again. So, I got up at 10:30am just in case.

While in bed, I received a text message from the lady I work with. My thoughts were confirmed. She needed me to go into the café. Luckily, I kept my schedule open, like I really had anything to do, and did not make plans for the day. The most I wanted to do was have breakfast in a diner for once. It has been a very long time since I actually sat down someplace nice. Anyway, that will be for another day.

I had to roll out of bed and get going. After finding something random to wear I quickly got dressed. Well not too quickly because I had to iron my pants. They were extremely wrinkled from the wash. But when I was finished I did my hair in a messy fashion, grabbed a banana from the kitchen table and left. Road snack is what I call it!

Surprising day.

Along the way I contemplated on stopping at Dunkin Donuts. I really wanted a pumpkin spice latte but I fought the urge and kept it moving. The lady I work with needed me to relieve her so she could leave. The café was missing a few things that she needed to get. I had to think about her verses my addition to the wonderful taste of this season. It was hard.


Bitmoji ME thinking

I made it to the café around 12:30pm, right in time to serve the lunch crowd. The moment I walked in, without even removing my backpack, I jumped in to help. She had just started doing business moments before I got there. Perfect timing? I think so.

She was a few orders in and going strong. But as fast as the crowd came, they left. Once her rush finished it seemed like the entire day was done. Not needing to be around much longer, around 1:30pm, she left me to run her errands. To perform the tasks she called me in to cover her for. I was alone for the long haul. Oh, so lonely.

Throughout the day I did what I could. It was a busier day than normal I thought. I still had time to blog but I also needed to serve people in between. Unfortunately, around 4:30pm everything died down substantially. I could hear my neighbor caféGreenstraw, starting to clean up. We close at 7pm, right? Oh, yeahI had forgotten that they leave way before I do. By 5:30pm they are done and out the front door.


(photo found on Google images)

Around the same time the worker left I started to clean. I did some dishes here and there, light sweeping, organizing and slowly putting things away. I did want to be the last one out.

Simple night.

By the time 6:30pm came around the lady I work with was back, arms loaded, with grocery bags. She had finished her tasks and looked tired. I could tell her day and the sun mixed together had started to take a toll on her. But her job was not done yet. We were out of dumplings and she needed to make more. While she did her thing, I continued to clean.


By 7:45 we were both finished and out of there. We were almost, and I mean almost, last ones to leave. There was one other vendor besides us in the building. I do not want to be the last out of the building. I do not have a key to lock up and being in there with the lights off is not fun. In the parking lot we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

After my long drive home, I walked through the door. It was 9pm and I was happy. With my headphones in my ears I was listening to the Wednesday night call. Every week my team from the other job has one. I will be honest and say that I have not been on this call in a very long time. It was a good one to be on.

Really Good Flavors All Day!

Sun. August 26, 2018 

Pumpkin season is my favorite. 

Up and at it early this morning. I had to be at the café by 10am which meant I had an hour and 10 minute drive ahead of me. On the way there I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast. With pumpkin back in action my addiction is on full course. I will be spending a lot of money at Dunkin’ this winter. To go with the coffee, I decided to get breakfast. A simple raisin bagel, I forgot to tell them light butter, and hash browns. 


(photo found on Google images)

Always have time. 

I made it to the café a few minutes early. I might have planned it, might not have, but it gave me time to set up before the lady I work with showed up. About 20 minutes later, as I was eating, she called to let me know she was running behind schedule. With the constant back and forth between her vending and the café her body decided to ignore this morning’s alarm. She gave me a break yesterday by giving me the day off and I hope she can give herself one soon.  

While I waited for her I severed the customers who were interested and cut some vegetables. Word of mouth is starting to payoff. We are getting customers from the surrounding businesses. Slowly but surely it will get better. 

Around noon she showed up. With a lot of grocery bags on each arm. I did not know she was going to go shopping beforehand. There were also dishes. Dishes from her last vend. We have a big sink at the café so doing them is easy. But there was a lot. 

A different day. 

Throughout the day we did not do much. Sat around, talked to people, built rapport and things like that. She did a lot of chatting. All over the place. It was good to watch her have a bit of fun instead of working straight through.  

But she did work. Even decided to put on show by hand making dumplings. We have a small island, it is basically a center table, that she used as her stage. She spread out and made it very visible. We actually might have done our best yet because of it. Also, thanks to a family of six for having dinner with us. 


By 7pm we were finished. After cleaning up and honestly taking my time, we left by 9pm. To think that throughout the day I washed dishes and I still had a bunch more to do. My hands were pruned up. I was able to get a glimpse of them as an old man. Freaky thought. 

The best around town. 

As I was sitting in the parking lot I receive a call. The lady I work with wanted to know how close I was to getting home. Well sitting in the lot, I did not get too far. Luckily, I took my time because she wanted some light night ice cream. Not just any ice cream though. The really good, handcrafted kind. How could I say no to that? Owowcow Creamery is where I met her.  

It must have been luck. Not only was I hungry but I was thinking about stopping there anywhere. And we went on a good day because today’s flavors were fantastic. We both ended up getting the same thing, a cherry and chocolate crunch thing. It was so good that before we left I ordered it to go as a milkshake 


(photo found on Google images)

Here my night. 

On the way home, I had to do it. Again, I did not really need but I stopped anyway. At my favorite gas station, I was. I swear $2.69 is such a good price. There bathroom was not. Then I took a long hour drive home.  

By 10:30pm I was I walked through the door. Quickly took a shower and ate. The ice cream was good but I was so hungry for food.  

After posting for tomorrow I was in bed by 1am. Could not really commit to writing tonight. 

Today Was A Good Day!

Fri. August 24, 2018 

Sleep is great. 

Slept until 11am this morning after getting in from moving my car. The sun was so bright I thought my eyes would never open. While backing out to the driveway I had one eye closed and the other squinted. I do not know how but I made it. 


Bitmoji ME sun

The moment I woke from my slumber, I went down to the basement. I threw a load of clothes from the washer into the dryer that I never took care of last night. I fell asleep without thinking twice about it. If I did not need a pair for work today I might have left them there and been really upset later finding them still wet.  

Back upstairs I jumped on the computer. I needed to schedule a few things for tomorrow and get ready for Sunday. Unfortunately, I only made it till tomorrow. Sunday will have to wait. I ended up running out of time and had to leave. The time for me to go in was nearing.  

Short travels. 

Before heading off to work I had to make a pit stop. My father was hungry and did not want anything in the house. He wanted a pastrami sandwich. Being a good man and son, after complaining to myself, I added his hunger to my journey.  

A few blocks away there is a small deli. This is the only place I know where to find a good sandwich that he actually likes. Cooked pastrami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, salt and pepper. After picking up the sandwich I went to deliver it.  


(photo found on Google images)

It was quick pass by. My father was already outside sitting on the porch taking in the sun. I did not even have to call him or turn off my car. Walked it right up to him, said few words and left. I was behind schedule. Talk to you later pops.  

Messy travels. 

On the road to meet the lady I work with I needed to stop at Teixeira’s Bakery. For the first time, for me anyway, in a month, we will be at Pier 13. There was no way we could go without hoagie rolls. Since I was there, why not get iced cappuccinos. Perfect.  

The not so perfect part was me spilling a cup. Not the whole thing but quite a bit to make a big mess. The darn thing tipped over on my cup holder spilling all over my shift. I do not know if that was bad or not but it was sticky. Very sticky. I hate sticky. 

Destination reached. 

Finally, in Hoboken at the parking garage I cleaned up my mess. I tried to do as much as I could on the road but my driving started to become questionable and risking my life was not worth it. The good thing is I was prepared for it. In my back seat there is a small bottle of Armor All multi-purpose auto cleaner. I am sure it is not meant to clean up coffee spills, but it worked out fine. And now my center console is shinny. 

The pier was a bit slow today. Noting interesting happened for 7 hours. On and off busy. But not as busy as it should have been. We would have our waves of people and then nothing for a while. Surprisingly one of the trucks that have proven to be competition for us was not there. I love, but I thought that a was good thing. It did not help. 

A night to remember. 

As we were leaving the real action started. Two young females got drunk and hopped over a fence on to a boat. The one that was completely wasted was down for the count. We could hear her yelling but could not make out what she was saying. In all honesty it sounded like a whale making a mating call. Like Dory in Finding Nemo talking to the whale. It was funny. If I were the somewhat more sober friend I would have been embarrassed. Probably even threw her overboard for making a scene and getting me caught. But that’s me. Instead she was concerned and caring. 


(photo found on Google images)

What was not funny is when the father of the soberer girl, owner of the boat, showed up to get them. Pier patrol was ready to call the police but the father stormed in pissed and carried the drunk girl out with one around his neck. If you looked close enough I swear steam was coming out of his ears. Man are those little ladies in deep poo poo.  

At least they got to go home. Even though I do not think it is any better than a night in a cell. I have never been in one but I bet that’s how they’re going to feel for the next few months. 

Getting home from JC can be a hassle. 

By 12:15am I was on the way home. Traffic was insane. Once again construction. To make it worse a car broke down on the only two lane road to get through. Poor guy because there was literally no place to push it to. All he could do was wait it out until the tow truck arrived. 

When I got in the house, I showered and by 2:30am in bed. 

Up again in 5 hours. Crap. 

Exciting & Not At The Same Time!

Weds. August 22, 2018 

I am glad I woke up. 

Last night I fell asleep around 10:30pm. I was exhausted. So exhausted that I did not wake up until 9:30am this morning. I was able to get a lot of sleep, 11 hours, but my body wanted more. It almost felt like I needed a short-term comma. Just for a day. 

Awake and ready to concur the day I got dressed and headed out. I needed to be at the café by noon. Since I skipped out on breakfast I decided to stop somewhere along the way. I passed McDonaldsDunkin’ DonutsStarbucks. None of them interested me. Luckily, I spotted a Panera Bread. That was it! A superfruit smoothie and triple berry scone for the road. 

Made it a bit after 12pm. 

The lady I work with just started to do business. Shortly after, she left me. Today we were going to be running separate shifts. Me at the café for lunch and early dinner, she in Jersey City for dinner. The café during the week is not that busy so I was fine with it.  

But before she left to JC she had a kitchen to check out. It was for rent two blocks away. If she can get it, it will really help grow the business. Also, it is convenient. 

Finding things to do. 

Throughout the day I tried to keep myself busy. I completed my tasks for the day – cutting up vegetables, cooking, cleaning – within a few hours. With that out of the way I was able to solely focus on my customers. Smile, make small talk, just get the crowd to notice I was there.  

In between doing that I read the Money magazine from yesterday. I had half of it to go and want to know if any of it was worth retaining. Found an awesome piece that I might transcribe so I can share it. I looked for it online but no luck. I also worked on post for the blog. Scheduled a few things and did some edits on others. I think I was productive. 


Since I had time I went over to Greenstraw to look at their menu. I am allergic to fruit so finding something that is not potent or potentially life threatening is hard. Fortunately for me the guy knows his menu and was able to make me something new. His favorite drink. It involved cinnamon and it was great. Nothing I expected. I thought the cinnamon would have been over powering but it was not in the slightest. 

Around 6:45pm I started to clean up. Washed dishes, put the food away, washed and sanitized the counters. The guy – her family friend – who comes in tomorrow should be set to go.  

Why did I drink so much!? 

By 7:45pm I was out of there. The last thing I wanted was to be left alone in that place. At night they shut most of the lights off leaving an eerie feel to the place. Shivers. 

On the road home I stopped at my new favorite gas station. A BP with the price of $2.67. Man is that cheap. Where I live, that price does not exist. I honestly did not even need it but topped off my tank anyway.  


(photo found on Google images)

Then 30 minutes from home I had to stop again. I drank too much and needed to use the bathroom. After that juice early, right before I left, I was given a bubble tea from Mr. Wish. Out of excitement I could not resist drinking it. I thought I could hold it but my bladder said otherwise. Thankfully, I made it in time because the gas station had shut down the moment I left. I could see the lights turning off as I drove away. Phew. 

Relaxing time. 

Finally home I jumped in the shower. While in there I watched an episode of “Dragon Ball.” Gotta love Samsung for waterproofing their phones. It is awesome. Then out of the shower I heated up food and ate.  

By 11:30pm I was in bed watching someone play Dragon Ball Fighterz on Twitch. Then I remembered I forgot to write in my journal. Cannot sleep without doing that. It is best to get it off my chest and clear my mind before sleeping. 


(photo found on Google images)

Back to bed by 12:30am. 



Girlfriend got upset with me and I could not figure out why. I think me being clueless made it worse. It was not a good night for us. It did not help that yesterday did not go as planned either. I also fell asleep on her too. Sheesh, me, get it together.