Top 6 E3 Games, Day 3!

I must say, this year’s E3 is beyond anything I could have expected. Title after title, trailer after trailer, my wallet has emptied itself and none of the games are in my possession. I might have to clone myself in order to enjoy these amazing works of art that were bought into our lives. Day 3 has left me stunned just like the previous two days with an eagerness to game out.

Here are My Top 6 games of Day 3, E3 2018:

1.  The game that many Nintendo lovers have been waiting for since the Switch‘s release has finally been announced. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be coming to the Switch and better than ever. From my understanding every character that you could possibly remember from previous versions will be introduced to this all new but different game. I really like how they thought outside of the box to allow ‘stage picking’ before ‘character picking.’ It will add more of a challenge when competing against a foe or friend. I also enjoy the new toy poodle who makes its random appearances as other dogs before it.

2.  There is nothing more to say than HURRY UP. Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee will be the reason for me finally getting a Switch. I, part of the rare few, enjoy the heck out of Pokémon GO! and am super excited that it will be compatible to the new game. I currently use a Pokémon GO! Plus, but when November comes around will be trading it in for the Poké Ball Plus. With these beautiful graphics, the games we all know and love have been completely overhauled but with its classic feel.

3.  I am no stranger to the Battle Royal of Fortnite. I used to play it frequently, almost every day, during the winter when the work season was slow. Now knowing it is on the Switch makes things very exciting. One question though, do I really need to create a new account?

4.  When I began to watch this trailer, I must admit it was not too exciting. Within seconds I was proved wrong. The Quiet Man looks crazy good. My first thoughts, a vigilante who is deaf but uses his imperfection as a source of fuel. Sort of like “Daredevil.”

5.  I do not own a VR system but after watching this I might need one. Transference is a horror escape game. I am actually a big fan of these types of games and have played many on the PC. If they can create a non-VR version of the game I would get it in a heartbeat.

6.  Anthem, another Destiny play-alike. The difference, flying mechanical suits. The game has your standard features like open world looting, powerful abilities, team play, insane weapons and has to be one of the best looking games so far.


Top 6 E3 Games, Day 2!

That action continues as Day 2 of E3 impress its audience with their lineup. Trailers, gameplay, small walkthroughs, oh my! I cannot believe how amazing this years conference is and it is only halfway through. Some big titles I was waiting for were announced and other titles that I cannot wait to get my hands on. I just wish there were more release dates but I can live with just a video for now. But there are certain games that I think are must have.

Here are My Top 6 games of Day 2, E3 2018: 

1.  When I think of Star Fox in Starlink: Battle for Atlas, it takes me back to the old days when I was child. I can remember having the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) controller in my hand and my eyes glued to the screen. It was a great being able to fly around and shoot lasers. It was also annoying and difficult to be honest. Anyway this one is perfect for Star Fox to make an appearance in. At least now the starfighter looks like an actual ship.

2.  Back in 2013, Naughty Dog came out with one of their best games yet, The Last of Us. After a long 5 years later we finally have something to look forward too. A new edition that amazing game, that I played the heck out of when it released, The Last of Us, Part IIThe reveal trailer provides a glimpse of the games concept, its amazing graphics, a small story preview, and overall a great introduction to the game. I want it NOW!

3.  I must admit, trippy games call my attention. This one even more than I thought it would. Picture this – time-bending, slow-motion, supernatural enemies, walls shifting, characters floating. If this game does not speak interesting, then I have no clue what does. It is like the movie Inception except your not Leonardo DiCaprio but Jesse Faden, the director of the “Bureau of Control.

4.  Walking the path of a samurai isn’t an easy one. In the gameplay debut of Ghosts of Tsushima we release that this is true. A noble man in 1274 risking his life for the sake of a monk only to go against a friend. This graphically beautiful game with “deadly … fighting techniques” takes place on the island of Tsushima in Japan. Take a trip back in time and become a warrior.

5.  I have little words for this game. It looks amazing, story is a bit confusing right now, detail is incredible and it involves a lot of walking. But I guess Daryl (from The Walking Dead) is use to that. This time he is doing it in Death Stranding.

6.  What can I say, it is your friendly neighborhood Marvel’s Spider-Man! This time he is back and from I can see trained by Mr. Bruce Wayne himself. (not literally) The gameplay reminds me of Batman: Arkham Knight with a somewhat better feel to it and upgraded visuals. I love it!


Kingdom Hearts III, with PIRATES! Yesterday we previewed Frozen. Today Pirates of the Caribbean! I do not think I can handle much more of this awesomeness!


Top 6 E3 Games, Day 1!

With E3 finally here the gaming world has been filled with excitement. The Electronic Entertainment Expo have truly outdone themselves this year and brought us more quality content than ever before. With technology increasing and creative minds developing, games are being created on a completely different level than those beautiful pixel days. I still remember how amazing I thought PlayStation 1 games looked. As a child they were so ‘cool’ that nothing could compare. Twenty something years late I have a whole new definition of ‘cool.’

Here are My Top 6 games of Day 1, E3 2018:

1.  Now this will be hard to believe, but I was never a big fan of Halo. I might have played one game and never finished it. With that being said I have no real opinion on the game or its series. But after seeing the trailer for HALO: Infinite I am tempted to give it another shot. Check out why!

2. Next up, Gear of War 5. This game is nostalgic for me. This was one of the games that became sort of pillar in a very important friendship of mine. When I was in high school, after we were let out of the building, one of my best friends and I would spend hours playing it at his home. For that reason I love this brand and its name. Besides that, it is an awesome game to play and now with even better graphics to back it.

3.  Dying light 2. There really is not much to say expect, If you like to be scared while playing a game then here you go. I still remember playing the first part. When I got into the game it was nothing that the trailer or other videos could have prepared me for. Especially playing in the dark at night when the game switches from daylight to night time. From what I can see part two is going to be even scarier!

4.  If there was one game that I truly enjoyed playing with a squad, it was The Division. Unfortunately, I stopped playing it because after a while it became repetitive and a bit boring. Being a fan of the game by default I will be getting the second part of it. But The Division 2 looks even better than I thought it would with what seems to better world. I cannot wait to play it!

5.  This game I did not expect to see at all. At first it seemed to be just another anime game but I was wrong. So wrong. At first it reminded me of a game called J-Stars Victory Vs+ but then after watching the trailer, I got more of a Tekken cross Street Fighter feel. Either way the developers must of had fun creating this one because Jump Force looks seriously good.

6.  After 5 years of waiting I, or we the fans, have been given a release date for the anticipated to be game of the year, Kingdom Hearts III. On January 29, 2019 we will finally be able to play the game that many of us have been waiting for. I personally cannot wait for these next six months to pass by so I can ‘build a snowman’ with Olaf.


Top 5 Subscriptions!

YouTube is one of the largest and busiest video platforms on the web. It consists of millions of videos that can be watched on a phone, tablet, gaming console and computer. With over 400 hours of content being uploaded every minute! You can watch videos on just about anything. Cooking, exercising, car repairs, gardening, gaming, reviews and so much more.

They even have a live TV subscription that allows you to view over 50 popular cable networks (depending on zip code) for a monthly fee. They also have another service called YouTube Red that cuts out the ads from videos and music, allows you to watch and listen offline, and have access to their own movies and series.

I have been using YouTube since its release in 2005 and have yet to be disappointed. My channel subscriptions keep me entertained and provides me with an escape from a busy day. Certain channels keep me encouraged to succeed and I will forever be grateful for the lessons I have learned. I am subscribed to a little over 40 channels but there are five that I visit almost daily and maybe even more than once.

Here are my Top 5 YouTube channels:

  1. DashieGames 
  2. CrazyRussianHacker 
  3. DavidSoComedy 
  4. Joe Santagato 
  5. Unbox Therapy 

You have probably heard, watched and subscribed to them but if not, check them out. Clickety Click!

What do you like to watch? Do you own a channel of your own? And what is it?

(photos taken from YouTube and placed perfectly)





Business Insider – Kevin Tran