Wedding Dress Mall Trip!

Tues. September 18, 2018 

A nice morning.  

Woke up around 11:30 and laid in bed until noon. Yesterday was not a false alarm and I woke up exactly the same, maybe even a bit worse. When I got up it was straight to the computer. I needed to set up an article for tomorrow so I would not lose track of the new schedule I put in place. The plan is to keep it going every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Once that was set up I started my day off by watching the new season of “Blacklist.” It was released on Netflix a while back, according to my sister, and I did not know about it. She told me yesterday she was already half way through it. When she asked me how I liked it I gave her a confused face, what!? So today I had to start it.


(photo found on Google images)

Somewhat productive. 

Took a break from that to get breakfast for my mother and I. It was a quick trip to Dunkin’ Donuts. She is extremely sick and cooking was not an option. Back in the house I jumped onto Adobe Illustrator to work on a design for the new business. That kept me busy for a few hours until I had to get ready to go. My girlfriend was getting out of work at 5pm and wanted to take a mall trip. 

After my shower I had 20 minutes to wait. A new stroller for my nephew came in the mail today so I began to assemble it. Just as I was about done my girlfriend called to tell me she was leaving so I could make my way to the mall. I took 5 minutes to finish getting ready and left.  

A couples evening. 

On the way to the mall we coincidentally meet on the highway. It was very unexpected because I was certain she was going to be there before me since I left late. At that point we tailed each other all the to the parking lot where we even found side by side spots.  

Before we started our browsing we made our way to the food court. We were both hungry and could use a snack. We had to eat lightly though. Her mother was in the process of making us dinner and if she knew we were too full to eat it would upset her. Especially since she knows we would. 


(photo found on Google images)

For our light snack we shared three slices of pizza. One each and the third split in two. It was great. After that we began our mall journey. We went from store to store to look for a dress and shoes. This weekend we have a wedding to attend for one of her coworkers. My girlfriend wanted to match as best as possible similar to a prom. Its corny but cute. 

After a while we were able to find a dress but no shoes. The shoes she really wanted were already purchased 5 minutes before she made the inquiry. It was really bad timing. 

More to come. 

We left the mall 10 minutes before closing, 8:50pm, with half of the outfit in hand. It was a sad ending but she still has 3 days to find something that matches. If not she will have to decide on a completely different wardrobe for the occasion. 

On the way back to her house I stopped by my grandmothers house to check it. It is sad to see it almost empty. Especially walking into her once crowded room, now with a dresser and closet stand. 

Finally making it to my girlfriends house I said my hellos and got comfortable. I have not been over there a month, maybe more. It felt good to be around the family. We had an amazing dinner made by her mother and I could not have been happier. 

A rude ending. 

After dinner we made our way over to the living room where we cuddled up on the couch until I had to get up. I could feel my stomach rumbling but was uncertain why. Playing it safe I went into the bathroom and took a seat. For 5 minutes nothing happened. Thinking I was in clear I began to pull my pants up. Then I immediately sat right back down and was stuck there for 15 minutes. When I got out of the bathroom I was ready to go. My stomach was lit up like a firecracker. 


Bitmoji ME restroom

On my way home I could not find a way out of town. Two of the highway entrances I take were blocked off forcing me to find another way. After driving across town I was able to make my way home. With the delay I did not make it until after 12am. After finishing the stroller, I forgot I was in the middle of it, and getting some work done on the computer I was in bed by 2am. 




I do not know if I should the iPad Pro or Surface Pro for drawing and graphic designing. Really torn on the two. I actually want both. 

I Finally Found Something!

Wed. September 5, 2018 

I had to start my day. 

Woke up at 10:30 only to lay in bed until 11am. Desperately wanting to stay confined to my bed I fought my way out of it. From the comfort of my sheets I went over to the computer. For an hour and a half, I did some light writing. My focus was not truly into it so I left it planning to return later. 

At that point I got dressed so I could leave. Last night the thought struck me, I should take a trip to the mall. So, I did for a little light browsing. I wanted to see if I could find myself a pair of nice casual sneakers. I feel like I have been saying that for a few months now and have yet to find a pair I like. 

The search begins. 

I got to the mall a little after 1:30pm. Since I parked in the Burlington lot I figured I should look around the store while I walked through it. With a little bit of effort, I was able to find two pairs of jeans and work sneakers. Being me I never a leave a store without trying on my potential purchase, as far as pants. Boy was I glad I did because the jeans were like sand paper. Not good quality material. As for the shoes, the line was too long just for one item so I put them down in hopes of getting them later.  

After that experience I walked around the mall going into various stores when I stumbled upon Aldo. I do not usually shop in this store because the fit does not feel nice on my feet but I decided to check out the inventory anyway. Surprisingly I found 2 pairs that I liked. The first one I said no to as soon as I got it on. It had way too many laces and took me forever to loosen just to try it on. The second pair was perfect. Black and white, casual, very good looking. I bought that one. 


After that I went to eat. I was starving since I skipped breakfast and did not get done with my writing until after lunch. The best place in the mall, Kelly’s Cajun Grill. They serve a delicious mix of Bourbon chicken, spicy chicken vegetable rice, sweet corn and sweet plantains. I could not even eat it all. 

After filling myself I continued to walk going into more stores like NikeBurlington ShoesExpress. After a while I was too tired to keep moving. I had to call it quits. On the way out, I picked up a box of Cinnabon’s for the family. We love that stuff. I did not even return for the work sneakers I wanted. 

The trip continues. 

Before heading home, I needed to get the essentials. Deodorant, razors, a new tooth brush. I went over to The Christmas Shops because it is the only place I knew that had my favorite deodorant. After looking for it I was sadly disappointed. The one place I trusted to have it had none. I planned on getting at least 6 of them. I was forced to try something new. 


(photo found on Google images)

I was able to find my razons and even got a shaving butter to try out. My skin is sensitive so it will help eliminate the razor bumps. I complain but I only get like 2 or 3. Either way hopefully now I won’t get any.  

The toothbrushes they had, not happy with. 


Back home sometime around 6pm. I was the first to cut the seal on the Cinnabon’s. I could not resist. While enjoyed it, I watched “Dragon Ball” and completed episode 58. I think I am making a dent in the show.  


(photo found on Google images)

Taking a short break from the show I went and threw a load of laundry into the wash. Then I raided my closet to clean house a bit. A couple times a year I like to go through the clothes I own and throw out what I do not use. Not really throw out as in trash but bag it for the Salvation Army or Good Will. I also need to add a few pairs of shoes to the list as I have many and do not use most of them. 

An hour later I had given up. I was tired from walking and cleaning. In my bed as I was ready to fall asleep my girlfriend called me. We had spoken earlier about her coming over but I thought I had more time. At that moment I only had enough time, 30 minutes, to shower and dress myself to go out for dinner.  

Simple ending. 

Since I never got up when I was supposed to she made it my house before I even got into the tub. The only thing I got done was a shave because I wanted to try out the new shave butter.  

Out of the shower I got dressed and we left. Applebee’s was a quick solution. One drink each and an entree and we were done. We never even finished our food. We got full quick and were tired, her from her day and me from mine.  

Back at the house by 10pm we chatted for a while until she fell asleep. I was left with the TV as entertainment while she got some shut eye.  


I Had A Great Day Off!

Sat. August 25, 2018

5 hours later.

I woke up at 7:30am to get a good start on my day. I honestly did not want to wake up but I had an urge to get going. I had place to go and people to see.

My first stop for the day was at Dunkin’ Donuts. I needed a pick me up if I was going to make it through the morning. To my surprise PUMPKIN is back! It is that time of year again for the most delicious flavor of coffee on this planet. Man was mouth happy.


(photo found on Google images)

From there I made my way to the office. By 8:50am I was sitting in the parking lot sipping on that amazing flavor. Then I walked in to a very exaggerated not literal side punch. I was told to go into the training room so I could shadow my colleague as he gave his part the presentation. It was a very different experience. Almost nerve wrecking.

After spending 2 hours talking it was time to go. It was already 1pm and training had ended at 11am.

Time to myself.

My next stop was the mall. I have not had a mall trip in a while and I must say it felt good. I did go for a purpose though. Not to just walk around wasting time, even though I did that too. I went looking for a new sport jacket. Something light and flexible. 

I have been doing research on the suits and blazers that I have. It was shocking to know that there are not just one type of jacket but multiple types. From my research I now know that I have four suit jackets, two of which have no pants – at the time I did not know I should have bought the set – and one sport jacket, which is my favorite of all time. Today I wanted to add another. I did not want a fully lined blazer. I was in the market for either an unlined or half lined jacket.

I went to Express first. They only had suits. Macy’s did not have anything that interested me. With my mojo depleting I went to eat a Wendy’s. With all of the walking I was hungry. Almost giving up I decided to continue my search at Lord and Taylor. They had a clearance rack! Filled with blazers at rip-off prices. And there it was, a half lined blazer in black for $50. I just need it for everyday use, nothing special. Just something that if I got dirty I would not mind. Perfect find.

download (1)

(photo found on Google images)

I never even heard of the brand, Laboratory? Who knows. But I literally put it on a few feet from the register. It matched what I was wearing and I did not want to hold a bag. Thanks lady for cutting the tags.

Working at home.

Around 2:30pm I made my way home. Before completing my trip, I made a stop at the bank. It has been a while and my account was starting to notice. I might have gotten an alert saying “fund me.”

Back home I changed out of my good clothes and into work clothes. The lawn was half cut and needed my attention. Me being busy lately had no time for it. When I got home I saw my father doing what he could. I finished the backyard, trimmed the hedges, cut down small trees that were growing out of the patio, pulled vines from the fence that divides the property and then sat around a fire pit relaxing with my pops as we charred cut branches from a tree in the yard. It was nice.


(photo found on Google images)

3 and a half hours later I was beat. My plan for today was to catch up on sleep. That did not happen.

Play time.

Around 6pm, as I was finishing up, my girlfriend pulled in the driveway. After welcoming her I hopped in the shower. I smelled like smoke and was covered in grass. Thanks to my nephew she had some entertainment while I relaxed.


Bitmoji ME, showering

After my shower I entertained them both.

It was an amazing time with the little guy. As dinner was cooking I decided to serve myself a batch of grapes. Out of curiosity I peeled the skin of one to expose the soft jelly insides. Then with my finger restricting most of the grape I stuck it in his mouth. As he bit down, me made a face. Did he like it? Yes he did. I had to give up a few for him to enjoy.

Then he was placed on the floor to show off. My sister wanted me to see his attempt at crawling. At first I was worried he might hurt himself but he had it down packed. He sits up, turns over onto his knees and hands, pushes over onto his belly, rolls over, sits up and repeats the whole process. Surprisingly he cleared about half of the house like that. It was funny to watch but you could see the excitement in his face from getting that face. Once he actually learns how to crawl we won’t be able to keep up.

What an ending.

When he left my girlfriend and I had dinner. I actually had two plates. For some reason I was very hungry today. Right after I topped it off with watermelon. I just could not resist. Moments later my sister came back with a cake she had baked. Of course, I had to have that too. My stomach was like a black hole. Where was it going?

Around 10pm I could not handle being awake. My girlfriend and I took an hour and change nap. Then I got up to walk her out fighting every bone in my body to stay in bed. I even tried to convince her to stay but that did not work.

As she made her way home I prepared my journal for tomorrow.

It is now late, 1:20am, and I must be up at 8 to take my drive to the café.

A Blast-tastic Day!

Thurs. August 9, 2018

A decent start.

I woke up at 7:30 in the morning to move my car. As much as I wanted to stay up, I could not. I needed an extra 30 minutes of sleep. I did not end up going to bed until 2am last night playing a game called Word Crossy. My girlfriend introduced me to it and now I am hooked.

Screenshot_20180811-180225_Word Crossy

A bit tired I left the house early so I could get breakfast. I Googled acai bowls around the area I was going to be working at that way I would not steer too far from my path. To my surprise there was a place 2 minutes away. How much closer could it have been? Thanks to Dean’s Natural Food Market I was able to get a delicious bowl. It was different from the usual bowls I get. They called it a Berry Bowl – acai, raspberries, apple juice, banana, granola, agave, kiwi, blueberries. I have no idea what agave was but I liked it. The only downfall was the apple juice they use to mix with the acai.  Usually I get my bowl with soy milk but it was not an option here. I think the apple juice watered it down too much losing the thickness of the acai mix.


(photo found on Google images)

At the site we were going to vend I found myself a nice spot under a few trees to enjoy my breakfast. With my windows down, I was able to get a nice breeze. While I ate I watched an episode of Dragon Ball that I downloaded to my phone. I love how android phones allow you to save things right from the web. It was a great morning!

A very easy and quick work day.

Work was also great. We had a busy but entertaining day. The crowd was big and friendly. While people waited they enjoyed their conversations with each other. It was truly a pleasure to see everyone mingling rather than stand around on the phone. By 3pm we were finished and moving onto our own separate tasks for the day.

Once home I sat on my bedroom floor in front of the TV watching Dragon Ball with a bowl of pork Japanese curry in my hand. I have not eaten it in a few months and missed its taste. I had forgotten how good it was. About 30 minutes later I was in the shower washing up. I have a wedding to go tomorrow and needed to get a shirt. I actually have three in total over the next 2 months so I figured that getting the shopping down all at once would be beneficial and more productive.

Let the shopping begin.

First up I tried to see if Men’s Warehouse would have anything worth buying. The selection of blazers online looked really nice especially since a few of them were on sale. When I got the store, I was disappointed. It was a smaller outlet more focused on rentals, I think, so they probably only had about 10 blazers. I walked out just as fast as I went in.

Second was the mall. In order to get there, I had to wait in traffic for half an hour just to make it down the parkway. To make it worse a guy with a little red Honda had a loud exhaust system that annoyed me. And his rear bumper was missing which annoyed me even more. I love 1992 – 2000 Honda Civics because of their looks. He ruined his. 

At the mall I walked through Macy’s since it was the door I went in through. I figured taking a peek around the blazers, to see what sales they had going on, could not hurt. After walking around for 45 minutes I impulse bought a suit. A very lovely blue suit from Ryan Seacrest. It was not a slim fit suit, which I prefer, but the entire thing came out to $186. The suit was 50% off and the person at the register even through on another 25%. My day was made.


(photo from Macy’s)

From there I went on a belt hunt. I like genuine leather belts because they last longer but nowhere I went in the mall had any. The belts we either synthetic or partial. I even tried looking for a leather store but I could not find it. I must have gotten the mall mixed up with another. It is hard to find good quality these days.

Last stop was H&M for what I originally went to the mall for, a shirt. They did not have what I was looking for but I was able to find a shirt I needed back in January for an outfit. Now that I have it, I can put it together and even wear it for one of the weddings I will going to. Definitely not tomorrow. I have other plans in mind.

No more spent money.

I was home by 9pm happy as ever with my new suit in hand. After hanging it up I went back outside to clean out my car. I want it to be dropped off to the family/friend mechanic in the morning but I had too many water bottles in the backseat. I was ashamed. While out there I took out the trash for the morning. Then back in the house to enjoy a few slices of pepperoni pizza for dinner.

The rest of the night will be spent relaxing enjoying coconut crunch Dang chips.

Up & Down The Highway Shopping!

Thurs. July 19, 2018 


I woke up at 9:30am to get things done for tomorrow. My flight takes off at 11 and I have yet to pack. First on the agenda was to stop at the bank. I needed to deposit money for my trip so I did not have to walk around with a wad of cash in my pocket. I prefer plastic when I travel even though cash does come in handy when trying to bargain. 

Right after I made my way through traffic to Woodbridge Mall where I planned on spending a good amount of money on clothing for my trip. Sad to say but I became frugal the moment I started. I wanted to buy a blazer from Express but there were no sales for the particular one I wanted. It was either $300 or walk out. After trying it on and several others, I walked out. I just put money in my account and could not come to terms with spending it so fast. I made a deal with myself to use only what was it my pocket so I had to keep to it.  


(photo found on Google images)

I did end up getting a white button up from H&M that I desperately needed. If they more than one I would have gotten three. The shirts I have now are beginning to loose their shine. On the way out of the mall I searched around for sneakers. It has been about a month now that I have been on the hunt for a pair. 

Right before leaving I ordered a Cinnabon to go so I could enjoy its deliciousness when I got home. Walking through Sears to where my car was parked I spotted white polo shirts. I got two of them along with a funky blue one. Not sure how to wear it but I will figure it out.  

I should have stopped! 

On the road back home I decided to stop at a DSW that was less than 30 feet from the exit I needed to take. This was my third attempt of the day to find sneakers. I left with none. Next to it was a Marshalls. Since I was there already I figured I give them a shot too. Leaving the store I was 0 for 5. 

On the highway headed home I remembered another Marshalls was about 10 minutes out. The only thing that went through my mind was ‘why not.‘ I left there 0 for 6 but I found a really cool shirt that I had to have not really sure if I would wear it or not. Then I made a mistake. I drove across the lot to a Target where I walked in and purchased two pairs of shorts. The mistake was an impulse buy on a pair of JBL headphones just because they were rated IPx7 waterproof. Man did those $50 hurt my pocket. Hopefully they work well. 


(photo found on Google images)

After all this, work? 

Finally home I set myself up in the living room and ate my Cinnabon with a cup of milk before I started to pack. I was almost finished when my alarm went off to get ready for work.  

It was 3pm and I had a half an hour to leave. On the way to the site I stopped at a 7-Eleven for a drink and snack. I wanted an iced coffee but what they had was not tasty in the slightest. I ended up getting a slushy and Monterey jack chicken roll with it. When I got outside I through out the coffee very quickly.  

At the site I was amazed. It was a lovely gated apartment complex with plenty of space and a nice sized pool. The lady I work with was already there so we set up and got right to work.  

For 2 hours, 6-8pm, we were destroyed. Everyone flocked over to us like flies on a brown banana. We were popular and not in a good way. At one point we wished they would go entertain the other vendors instead. But at the end of the day it was fun and coordinator was awesome. By 8:45 we left. 

I was home late because of 1. me taking the wrong exit and 2. construction. I was held up and not happy about it. 10pm showed on my clock and it was time for a shower. I had to shave, wash up and still finish packing.  

1:45am bed time. 

Just Drive Around & Shop!

Tues. July 3, 2018 

What a nap. 

It was around 1:30am when I finally fell asleep. I knew pretty soon my eyes would be opened once again but I needed a short nap. It was not to long before the 4am alarm went off having my rest disturbed. We had to leave the house by 4:30 in order to make to the airport with enough time for the ladies to check in. Being up so early I needed to grab a bite to eat. My energy was low with no sleep. In the fridge was half a bowl of an acai mix that my girlfriend left it for me last night. She had gotten full and could not finish it all but I had no problem devouring it. In with acai mix were strawberries, blueberries, coconut shavings and granola. Not too sure what acai is but it was good. I also do not know where she got it from but I would not mind going back. 

In the car most of us sat, waiting. My girlfriend in the driver’s seat, her cousin in the back seat and me on the passenger side. The only one we needed was the sister. She decided to take a last-minute shower knowing we were pressed for time. Thankfully not many people were on the road. We made right at 5am giving them about an hour to get settled. As I said my goodbyes I wished my girlfriend would stay. I have had a blast with her this past week only to have it end in a rush. The airport is no place for social hour with the craziness of cars trying to drop off bodies at the door. I got a quick hug and kiss before they scurried off. 

Need more sleep!  

Back at her place by 5:30am I desperately wanted to be back in bed. I fought it in order to get a post ready for this morning. I forgot to set up a scheduled time and needed to make sure it was good go. Shortly after I made my way up the bedroom where I slept for 3 hours. 

I was awake by 11:30am ready for breakfast. I had left the dog sleeping downstairs so I knew he was waiting for me hungry. The moment I stepped from out of the hall he walks up to me and stretches. Like great partners we walked to the kitchen together to get our grub on. As he had his bowl of dog food mixed with sweet potato, I had my cup of coffee and cinnamon raisin swirl toast.  

After breakfast we headed to the living room where I had my Chromecast set up. Season 3 of “Supernatural was released on Netflix a few months back and I was more than excited to get the opportunity to start watching it. After a few technical difficulties and router replacement, it streamed smoothly.


(photo found on Google images)

There was a small storm. 

Around 3:45pm my mother text me wondering if I could pick up a few things for the house. Since I was not working I figured being a good son and bring her what she asked for without complaining would be nice. It was rough especially since I was beyond comfortable doing nothing. But I got dressed and headed out. 

On the way to Stop and Shop the skies were scary looking. Lighting shimmered throughout the dark grey clouds. Thunder let loose every so often. It was going to pour. As I walked through the super market collecting the items requested, and filling my cart with more things than needed, I could hear the rain hitting the roof hard. Within minutes the power in the whole building shuts down. I was in the back of the store with no windows in the pitch black.



It is a bit blurry.

Immediately I pulled out my phone to turn on its flashlight feature. As I turned mine on the people around me did the same. Throughout the store for about 10 minutes there were people walking around shopping with their flashlight lit phones in one hand and cart in the other. It was pretty cool.  

Finally out I headed to home in the what seemed to be a torrential storm. The rain fell heavy smacking on my windshield. The traffic was horrendous, bumper to bumper with no space for even a mouse. It took me 30 minutes to get home when normally it is a 15 minutes ride.  

Once home I unloaded the trunk. Water, soda, chicken, beef, crackers, etc. The moment I walked through the door my face lit up with happiness. My nephew was home with my mother and grandfather. I was more thrilled to see him than anything. For about a half an hour I played with him until I called it quits and left. The rain had stopped and it was the perfect time to leave.  

On my way back to my girlfriend’s house I decide to take a detour.  

I was off today and already on the road so I took a trip to see my favorite aunt. She was working at the time so I knew it would be a nice surprise.  

As I walked into Kmart I had a nostalgic feeling. Back in 2010 working there was my first job and lasted for 3 years until I found more money somewhere else. It brought back great memories being there. Making my way to see my aunt I could see she was in the middle of a conversation with old co-worker of mine. That gentleman has been working there for years. It was nice to know that he was still moving strong. When my aunt turned around I could see the joy in her face. I have not seen her in a few months because of how crazy my schedule has been between working and me wanting a nap. For a few hours we talked while I helped her fold clothes like back in the day. I still cannot fold properly but it looked good.  

Since I was already in Kmart, I decided to buy three V-neck T-shirts since I folded a few of the good-looking ones. With my Shop Your Rewards card, my total went from $15 to $2.50. Great day to shop! Win! 


Sitting in the car I checked around to see what I wanted to eat. No being food, I remembered Target was 10 minutes away so I went to check out their pants selection. I ended up finding a pair of jeans that I was too lazy to try on so hopefully they fit. I also picked up some forming cream by American Crew to try out with my hair. Why are they so expensive? 

Going back! 

On the way home, I needed food. My last meal was around noon so by 9pm I was starving. Along my route was a Bonchon Chicken so I pulled in front of it to order take out. At the register I ended ordering $22 worth of food just for myself. What was I thinking!? 


Back at her place I dug in with the dog next to me. We had a great meal that afterwards put us out. As we laid on the living room couch I another episode of “Supernatural” playing. Keeping my eyes open were a challenge. The dog fell asleep right away in between my legs. 

We went upstairs around 12am so I could write this and shower. I hope to be in bed soon. 

Good night!