Have You Ever Been In A Funk?

Weds. August 1, 2018

Sometimes I wake up in funk.

Days like these I just want to be in bed and lay there like a rock. I know it is not healthy but it is comforting to be wrapped in my quit. No matter how comfortable I could not stay there. I had to force myself up or else my mood would not change.


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Today was my day off which meant if I really wanted to I could have glued myself to the bed. But I did not and in fact I was up by 10:30am. The plan for today was to take my car in to the mechanic. It is due for maintenance but I could not muster up the will to leave the house. Getting out of bed was more than enough of a challenge.

But that was not all.

For breakfast I decided that coffee would be a great pick me up. A little caffeine to get me going. I made myself two cups that were disastrous. I ended up throwing them both out because they tasted funny. I have no clue as too why since I make my coffee in a specific way. The same way every time. It must have been my taste buds. Maybe they were still asleep. Without the Joe I had waffles pairing it with the only other thing possible, orange juice.

After folding several loads of laundry yesterday I had more to do. This time I needed to wash. Work clothes to be exact. I always wash them separately because I never know what I have on me. Luckily this was a small load with only three outfits and a few pair of socks. Sadly after washing them I never folded them. I was no longer in the mood. I did move on to other projects.

Trying to keep active within the house, I shifted from physical activity to mental. I thought if I could get my mind focused on something else it would help. So I wrote for a bit. Or I tried to. My funk left me not wanting to do a thing. No matter what I did I could find an interest. That led me to not being productive and watching “Arrow.” Then the show hit a ‘cross over’ forcing me to start “Flash.” They really know how to get someone hooked.


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Enough was enough!

I wanted to use my brain so I put it work by trying to turn an old router into a Wi-Fi range extender. The router has the feature or function for it in settings but for some reason I just could not get it. Even YouTube could not help. I failed. Now that I learned how not to get it working I am going to buy one. Much easier.

During the headache of the router my second package from Amazon arrived. My watch bands! I have been waiting for them for days! I was so excited to be able to replace my broken bands that I torn the package in half just to get to it. The bands were very crisp and new. After 10 minutes the watch was looking brand new. I could not tell it was a 10 year old watch. Casio is amazing!


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After putting the watch on my wrist I went onto washing the dishes. I wanted to cook dinner tonight but I needed a somewhat clear sink. Around 5pm is when I began to throw down. Rice, beans, oven baked chicken. I want to say it came tasty but truth be told not so much.

As I ate I could tell that time has gotten between me and the stove. My rice was mushy, the beans missing flavor and the chicken…too much parsley. Way too much. But I had a meal so I grateful.

Night night.

To end the night I watch some more TV before jumping in the showering. All cleaned up talked to my girlfriend for a little while I set up my PS4 to update. It has been off for a couple of months and nothing was playable without an update. Wanted to play something I updated my PC gaming hardware. After getting everything working, I jumped on Fortnite for about an hour. Since I have never played on my PC my skills were below novice. Got a few good shots off but no kills. The games did not last long.

In bed by 1:30am.

Rain Helps More Than The Green!

Fri. July 27, 2018 

Wasting time. 

I was able to sleep in today thanks to work not starting until this afternoon. I even woke up to have breakfast that did not involve a quick bowl of cereal. I actually made myself a cup of coffee with a buttered bagel and jelly as I sat at the kitchen table to eat.  

By 11:15am I was dressed and ready to go. Honestly, I was running a bit behind because the video I was watching was too good to leave without finishing. I had a few minutes left on it and really wanted to see how it ended. So, I traded in being early to see the climax.  

It was alright. 

Today the lady I work with and I were going to be spending the day at the pier. We were asked to vend, along with others, for a business party being hosted there. It was simple request so she took it. Besides that, on Fridays we are normally there anyway for the dinner shift. It all worked out in the end. 

I arrived at Pier 13 by noon and parked my car in the parking lot. I tried to get a space on the street but by the time I actually made it around the corner someone had beaten me. I would have loved to save that $20 fee. If I could have “Bruce Almighty” that guy out of the spot I would have in a jiffy. Just imagine it. It’s pretty funny to think about. 

We began to service our customers around 1pm. The pier had a great system going with wrist bands so we could distinguish who were part of the party and who were not. Anyone with a band was free and the others, well, had to cough up the loot. We continued like that for a few hours until we were forced out. We could see a storm brewing from a few miles away. Hovering over the distant town like a scary shadow. We hoped it would hold up until we finished. The moment 3pm hit the rain came with it. We had an hour left to go but with the rain on and off, the business tab was closed. From then on, we were only serving to the public as they came. 

For about 2 hours we did nothing but prep for tomorrow and enjoy the company of the other vendors. It was like a retreat for us to bond. While it rained we hung out and even took a group photo to remember it with. It was very nice to be a part of it. Not too long after that we were given the ‘ok’ to leave. It was pouring by that time and we were secretly happy for it.  

A lovely short day. 

As I sat in my car the clock read 6:30pm. It felt good to go home before 12am on a Friday. Normally we would have been there all night. Instead I was home in my shower enjoying the warm water over the cold rain. I really need to buy a new raincoat. 

The rest of the night was relaxing. I washed clothes for this weekend, watched a few episodes of “Supernatural” on Netflix and scoured Amazon for a spare USB Type C cable for my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. I need a cable for my car as well as a backup in case one breaks. I plan on pulling the trigger on a set tomorrow, IF I find one I like.   



Not realizing the time, I ended up falling into bed a lot later than I should have. 1am. Good night! 

Today Was A Bit Boring!

Thurs. July 26, 2018 

Back to the usual. 

It has been a while since I had to wake up at 7:30am to move my car. Being at someone else’s house or away in another state has spoiled me. I was a bit upset when I walked outside to have my eyes being burnt out of their sockets. The moment I got back in, it was right to bed for a 30 minute nap.  


Bitmoji version of Me

Officially awake I got dressed for work and had myself a bowl of cereal for breakfast. If there is one thing I miss about the hotel, or the endless places to eat around it, is the variety of food to choose from that I do not have to cook myself. Maybe when I start to live the ‘good life’ I will hire a cook once a week and call it ‘Chefs Day.’ Sounds pretty good. 

Work it out. 

I was out of the house by 9:15 leaving myself with plenty of drive time. Time that I did not need because the highway was clear.  I even got there 15 minutes early. The lady I work with and I were meeting at a Verizon headquarters to service all of those hard-working individuals who keep my internet snappy and phone calls clear. The moment she pulled in, I got right to it. I prepared as much as possible before we decided to open up.  


(photo found on Google images)

From 11 – 2pm we did pretty good business. Not as much as previous times but it was close enough for today. For two of those hours we were swamped with people who all wanted the same thing. It was hard to keep up at one point but we managed to jump on the flow of things, moving the line as quick as the orders would let us. I was able to control the line by taking small breaks in between every two customers or so. Thanks to the intentional delay things worked out. 

The moment our window cleared out we ate. We had food sitting on the counter from another vendor that was just calling our names. Two delicious chicken parmesan sandwiches. These sandwiches are what get me excited to be there. I know at the end of the shift there is one waiting for me to enjoy. It has to be the best chicken parm on this planet. Thank you being in my life Tony’s Traveling Trattoria! 

After filling up our stomachs we packed up and headed off. I was home by 4pm and relaxing in the showering as the water massaged my body.  

End of the night. 

Around 8:30 my girlfriend came over for some quality time. She had a long day at work and was hungry. The feeling was mutual. So, we went out to Chick-fil-A for a really late dinner. But we went through the drive-thru which made eating it even later. By the time we got back to my house it was past 9:30pm. Being as hungry as I was, after eating my chicken sandwich, nuggets and fries I ended up finishing hers because she got full. Where do I out it all, I have no clue. 

While eating I started to watch a Disney movie called “Coco.” I was a bit skeptical about it but was wrong. While digesting my girlfriend ended up falling asleep so I ended up watching it by myself. The movie was amazing. A lot better than what I expected it to be. With the first 10 minutes of the movie it had me laughing. Great way to end the night. 


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Netflix Is Addicting!

April 7, 2018 

Surprise, surprise I actually beat the alarm. On a Saturday morning. Set for 6:45am! 

Up bright and early. I missed Monday night training and was looking forward to heading into the office.  

I have been sick this whole week, sleeping basically, and even though I am not at 100% yet I am ready to get back to it. 

On my way to the office I made my usual stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a coconut caramel latte. I decided to change things up and go for an apple fritter. The design of it was different which caught my attention. Same taste but a lot fluffier. For some reason the extra dough makes it better. I hope they keep this new recipe going and it was not just a mistake.  

Got to the office about 15 minutes early so I sat in my car, listened to some tunes, and sipped on my latte. Just like every Saturday morning I never finish it. I did not even finish the fritter, took one bite. Now in the office, in my seat, eager to learn. I soaked up everything. My main take away was that I need to be a bit more aggressive in order to succeed. The training was great! 

Since I did not show up on Monday I missed out on a big moment. A good friend in the office was promoted to Regional Vice President. He is a great man who worked hard throughout the past year to move up. He is going to become a better leader as time passes. In order to celebrate, after training we had a small congratulatory party with two large cakes and bottled water. Not the best combination of items but at least the sugar gets diluted. 

To the rescue, not so much! 

I was home by 11:30 to help mom out. It is my sister’s weekend to work and my mother is looking after the baby. She is also caring for my grandfather so I did not want her doing too much.  To be honest she had it under control. While walking back and forth throughout the house, checking in every now and then, I was watching “The Chronicles of Frankenstein.” The show is interesting and not at the same time. Not too sure how to feel. I ended up finished my Dunkin’ and 2 hours later having a bowl of Frosted Flakes 

Time to get dinner! 

I got redressed and left around 5:50pm to get dinner. My mother order barbeque for pick-up but I did not have the taste for it. I am still sick and figured something healthy would be better. Instead I picked up my favorite salad, Sedona. The house needed some essentials – toilet paper and toothpaste – so I went to Kings down the street from the salad bar to get them. On the way home I stopped at Burnet BBQ to get the order that my mother placed. As always, this place is packed. Granted there is not a lot of real-estate but it is typically packed from the counter to the exit door. Tables are filled, fridges being blocked, counter busy and doorway occupied. Great people, great food. 

Home by 7 ready to relax in front the TV and eat my salad. I finally, unexpectedly, finished Frankenstein. It was very disappointing that with 2 seasons there were only 12 episodes. In my opinion the show ended abruptly leaving me needed more information. Hopefully the producers keep the show going because if not I will be very sad to had been left clueless. Either way I needed something new to watch so “Van Helsing it was. Let’s keep it in the horror family. First Frankenstein. Now vampires. Maybe after this I will watch Hemlock Grove” for a little werewolf action.  

Sick Chronicles (part 2)

April 1, 2018 

Today is going to be an emotional day. It is Easter Sunday, April Fools and my grandmother’s 1st death anniversary.  

It is day 2 of feeling wacky. I wake up at 10:45am feeling somewhat better. The chills are gone but the sore throat is still in full effect. On top of that my headache is back. I shower and dress up nice for Easter. For breakfast I have a yogurt and I am on a mission to try all of the Yoplait Oui flavors. 

Netflix original shows are starting to catch my attention. Today I began watching “The Frankenstein Chronicles.” Have to love the classic horror story twists. After episode 2 I switch over to “The Walking Dead.” I have not watched this show since season six and decide to catch up. 

Again, not feeling up for driving I ride with my sister and nephew. We head over to the cemetery around 1:30pm arriving an hour later. My grandfather is a veteran so grandma is buried in the lot the VA has saved. The same people from last night’s dinner were there; 2 uncles, mom, dad, grandfather. 

After letting our emotions free the cold starts to penetrate the skin. We headed to a diner about 15 minutes away. I had a waffle that I think was half cooked with a lot of cinnamon apples on top. It was as if they took an apple pie, flipped it over onto the waffle, then whipped a whole can of cream to finish it off. Not very tasty. The Canadian bacon and fries were good. 

On the way back, we made a few stops. The baby needed formula and my sister needed cake mix so Target was first. Surprisingly the company closes down for Easter. I do not remember that happening in the past but I think it is a good thing. So, we try our luck with Stop and Shop. Once again surprisingly not open. Next up, City Supermarket. Bingo! Unfortunately, no formula but they did have cake mix and Halls for my throat. 

Back home by 6:30pm getting very comfortable. My girlfriend comes over to see the baby in his Easter outfit. My sister had all kinds of plans for his First Easter. They made confetti cup cakes with white or green frosting. She bought an egg dyeing kit which my mother, girlfriend and I participated in. Cannot let them have all the fun. And she made him a little Easter basket.  

It was a lot of fun but drained me out completely. Great way to end the night! 

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We started a new Netflix show called “LOVE.” So far pretty good, we will see. 


March 28, 2018 

Getting home late always has its downfalls. It is hard to wake up in the morning. I have to move my car in the blistering cold. The sun is bright. But since I am up early it is time to set up my nephews play pin for his morning nap.  

An hour after digesting his bottle he fell asleep. I was extremely tired myself and decided to take a nap with him. We woke up at 12pm wondering where the time went but feeling really good from resting. It was time for another bottle and a lot of playing. He has an activity play mat that we do not use because it is Winter and the floors get cold. Instead I put it in his play pin for him to use. He loves it! 

I noticed my nephew was energized making his nap time short. I believe he closed his eyes for about 30 minutes before waking up. At this point I leave him playing alone. I was hungry with an idea of a new recipe for some chicken breast that were in the fridge from last night. Making and trying new foods excites me. My recipe for today was: 

Two thinly sliced chicken breast covered in white flour mixed with chili powered, nut meg,  garlic, and black pepper. Dipped into two beaten eggs. Then covered it in crumbled Spicey Sweet Chili Doritos. 

Two things that I learned: 

  1. Too much flour and not enough spices. 
  2. The Doritos are great as a crust! 

I will definitely try it again with buttermilk for extra flavor and crisp. 

I did try to make a side for the chicken but it was a miserable fail. I like making fried rice with vegetables. I thought it would be perfect to go with the chicken so I set a pot for it and started the process. Then I forgot it and it burnt. Oops. Thankfully the chicken tasted good by itself. 

Mail Time! 

On Saturday I order pamphlets from my company to distribute when I go on appointments. It is always good to leave something behind for the client to read. It was exciting to receive the package more than the pamphlets. Isn’t it funny how people get excited for packages no matter what it is. It could be paper in a box but we still want to open it. 

Around 6pm my mother comes from work to watch the baby. I had some chores to do but since the baby did not sleep, except for his cat nap, nothing got done. After cleaning up a bit I wanted to game. Watching other people play on Twitch is as close to gaming as I have gotten. I jumped on Fortnite and was even lucky enough to play with my best friend from Texas. It is hard for us to communicate these days but when we do it feels great. 

No more playing, dinner time! 

It is Wednesday which means my girlfriend gets out of work late. She came over with pizza which was not supposed to be my dinner. My father had bought Spanish food from a place we always eat at; rice, beans, pernil. There were also sweet plantains that could not go to waste. So, I did what any other person would do and mixed them together. I had a pepperoni slice with pernil and sweet plantains on top. Oddly it tasted great! 

The rest of the night we watched a Netflix movie called “Benji“. It is based off of several older films dating back to 1974 and was such a great movie. 

(photos found on Goolge images)

What Did I Do?

March 23, 2018

What a short day! 

Woke up at 8am a bit chilly not knowing why since the heater was set to 75 degrees. To warm up I had a warm bowl of Quaker oatmeal – Apple Cinnamon mixed with Cinnamon Spice – as I sat in front of  the computer watching YouTube.

Before work I stopped at the mall for Starbucks to get my new favorite drink, Matcha Green Tea Latte.

Where I was working today was interesting. Back in 2013 I interned for a company called Dun and Bradstreet. Today I returned but a quarter mile across the lot at the building next to it. It felt good to reminisce about interning there. It was a great experience that me taught me a lot. One of the things I learned was how much working in an office setting sucked. For me. I like fast paced work, hands on, somewhere a little more upbeat.

We finished up around 3pm and as I headed home I realized a mistake was made. I forgot to get gas before jumping on the highway. My luck was being tested. Having very little gas to the point where the light flickers on and off is scary. It is especially scary when you have to drive 10 miles in traffic watching it flicker. I considered many thing, getting off the nearest exit, jumping the barrier, cutting people off, but none of that was done. The nearest exit was not close enough, my car is too low for the barrier, and cutting people was impossible as well as pointless. Slow and steady I rode until the highway opened up. Then I took off! 

I want to say Thank You to Honda. Your fuel delivery is amazing. I sat in traffic for 25 minutes with my fuel gauge pointing to E and a flickering indication of trouble but still made it to the gas station. I love my car! 

I got home around 3:30. Showered up and put a cheese steak sandwich from earlier in the oven. Now having a sandwich without chips is like a flower without dirt. It is a necessity! So, I lay out some barbecue chips on a plastic plate for easy picking. While I eat, Netflix is loaded up with the series “Dark”. I have to say, I am completely confused. This rarely happens which has me hooked like a fish on a four-pound line. For the rest of the night my eyes are glued to the TV until I get too tired to even sit. Off to bed!

Well Rested!

March 15, 2018 

I woke up feeling fresh! 

My morning went as usual. Up at 7:30am, I grabbed my Bluetooth, brushed my teeth, and sat in front in of the computer. Mom is feeling worse than ever so since I am off from work my nephew and I get to spend the day together.  

As he laid in his play pin and drank his bottle I laid on the couch reading the book How Successful People Think by Maxwell. He was a very tired baby today. So tired that he didn’t even finish his bottle, only having enough energy to get through 2 ounces. I even tried to hold the bottle for him because sometimes he just wants a hand. No luck, he’s out. While he slept I worked on new ideas for the blog. I typed up some topics that I plan on introducing and did some edits on future post.  

When my nephew woke up for his second bottle we had breakfast together. Since my wisdom teeth removal, I have not had a bowl a cereal. It has been an exact week without eating the one thing I love the most for breakfast. Afterwards I had a cup of lemon tea to sooth and warm myself up. 

My nephew fought his nap for about an hour. Typically, he puts himself to sleep but today he need some help. It has been a while since I actually had to rock him to bed. It felt comforting to the both of us. So comforting that I ended up falling asleep with him. I laid him his play in and got comfortable on the couch to make sure he fully fell asleep not knowing that I would wake up 2 hours later to the sound of his nails scratching the mesh wall that surrounded him. Crap, there goes my time! 

My sister got home around 6:30pm. It was perfect timing because I needed to shower and get ready to leave. I wanted to leave the baby with my mother but she was avoiding him all day to keep him from getting sick I could not do that. I let my sister settle in and then gathered my clothes. I quickly hoped in the shower, shaved my face and took off.  

My girlfriends mother was cooking dinner tonight. I have not had one of her meals in a while so I was excited! I got to her house an hour later said my hellos and was ready to chow down. On my plate sat yellow rice, beans, pernil (slow-roasted marinated pork), and sausage of some kind. Truly delicious! 

After dinner I hooked up my girlfriend’s laptop to the 55 inch TV in the living room and logged into Netflix. Of course, we had to watch itSeven Seconds has become our small addiction. Every time were together that is the main event and we cannot wait. We watched two episodes and called it a night. 

I left a little before 12am getting home shortly after that. Now I am ready for bed!