Back To Work & Got A New Phone!

Tues. July 24, 2018 

Phone struggles. 

I tried to sleep last night but I was too concerned about my phone. I had it on the wireless charger but I was not really sure if it was going to overheat and catch on fire. I know that the charging port itself started to burn. It even fried the charging cable when I tried to see if it would work. Bad idea to experiment.  


Just became a media device. No longer travel worthy.

At 7:15am I woke up to check my phone to make sure I was not oversleeping. I had to work today but I did not know what time to be there. I got in late last night and by the time my phone was actually charged I could not text the lady I work with find out. It so happened that around 8:30 she sent me a message letting me know what time to meet her. I thought we would have had a later shift, preferably dinner, but it turned out I had to meet her a lot sooner than that. 

On the way to the building we were meeting at I stopped at Teixeira’s Bakery to pick up two dozen hoagie rolls. Before actually making my way to meet her I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up myself a frozen pistachio coffee and apple crumb donut. I was not really hungry but I wanted something to snack on and I definitely needed a coffee. 

Interesting day. 

Finally, at the building around 10am, it looked like a warehouse center. There forklifts and trucks driving around in front of a big building that I honestly had no clue as to whether or not was the right spot. About a half hour later lady I work with showed up to confirm and we got right to work. 

When I looked at the clock time had flown way past our scheduled time. It was 4pm when we officially packed up and got ready to go. We should have left at 2pm but unforeseen circumstances occurred and people just kept coming out of nowhere. It’s all right though because we ended up making a little extra money and I did not get home too late. Luckily the drive there was only a half an hour away. 

Keep the progress going. 

After taking my shower I had to attend to important business. I had to wash clothes since I had nothing ready for the week and I have a long week ahead of me. Soon after my mother and I left to Target to do a bit of shopping. Mainly to get myself a new phone. Worrying about my safety and the inconvenience of no communication is not something I enjoy. What I did not know is that Target, the one that I went to, actually stopped selling phones only keeping the prepaid ones in stock. Luckily, I planned it out just right in case something like that happened. There is a Verizon Wireless right across the highway. Man, I am smart, sometimes. 


I was able to go in there and spent about an hour trying to have the sales person not waste his breath by trying to sell me things that I did not need. When I left there, I left with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in my hand and a screen protector because I felt bad that he kept talking. I just did not want anything. That was a $50 screen protector that I got 10% off of but I really did not want. He even tried to sell me a $45 case that I figured would be cheaper if I got it from the Walmart down the highway. And it wasI even ended up getting the same one that he showed me for twenty bucks which was half the price. Lovely. 

Going home! 

The final two stops of the night were Chipotle and 7-Eleven. My mother and I were picking up food for dinner and some milk for whatever. I got home around 8pm where my girlfriend sent me a text letting me know she was going to be coming on over. I have not seen her in a while so I figured ‘hey, why not come sleep over. It was actually her idea but I took the credit.  

She ended up arriving a lot later than expected, around 9:30, but it was okay because I have not been around for about a month, with work and all. Due to that I, sadly, have not really had the opportunity to straighten up. I definitely took advantage of her lateness. I plan on cleaning more tomorrow just to have it looking a little bit nicer.  

With her sitting next to me, I actually ate my Chipotle. I did not eat it earlier because I wanted to make sure I had straightened up first. It was delicious. Not soon after we ended up lying in bed talking for a little bit, watching a DashieGames video and then going straight to bed. 

My Weekend In Georgia! (Pt. III)

Mon. July 23, 2018

Day 4, the last!

I was woken up at 7:20 by my teammate so I could take him to the head office. We agreed on it last night but I hoped he would have left me sleeping. In my pajamas I put sneakers on, brushed my teeth and we headed out. As soon as I dropped him off I returned just to hop back in bed for another few hours.

When I reawoke I could hear my mentor and his wife questioning where my teammate had gone. Fully opening my eyes, I explained to them how stealthy I was leaving and returning so I would not bother their sleep. I swear I was like a ninja. They never heard a thing.


(photo found on Google images)

Last few hours in Georgia.

Around 11am we left the hotel and made our way to the head office ourselves. There was going to be a live broadcast done for all of the company men and women to watch. A special featuring the head of our office, his wife and a few power players in our branch. It was a great experience to witness the greatness on stage and in front of the cameras. I could not believe how close I was to being on TV. It was like a sitcom with the audience being told when to clap and when to hush up.

Around 2pm my mentor and I left with his wife and kids to the mall. I was starving and so was he. We never made it for breakfast this morning. Honestly, we were not too worried about it either. The hotel we were staying in did not serve free breakfast and it was pricey for a little plate of home fries and bacon. The wife and children had just eaten so their stomachs were content. The only thing they requested were drinks to quench their dried-out throats from the 90 degree hotness that the sun provided. I on the other hand enjoyed an amazing plate of Japanese food that I was not fully convinced was authentic. It was in a mall food court so I questioned it. Either way Hibachi-San was good!


(photo found on Google images)


I left them around 4:30pm to head the airport. My flight back home was scheduled to take off at 7:30 and I needed to return my rental. It was an hour and change drive between traffic and stopping to fill up the tank. Once there I felt just a bit closer to my comfort.

Finally making it through baggage check and the pat down I was sitting on the floor at the gate with a Hibiscus Sangria, non-alcoholic, while I waited to board. As I sat there I spoke to my girlfriend on FaceTime and started to watch a few episodes of “Supernatural that I downloaded from Netflix before I left Jersey. They were supposed to be for the flight down but I ended up reading part of book instead.

Fully engaged in my episode, someone from my office who had the same flight patted me on my shoulder. He informed me that the flight was delayed about 45 minutes. That was a real bummer.

When we actually made onto the plane we sat for another 30 minutes before taking off. Those 30 minutes were heaven to me. I took the most peaceful nap I had all weekend. I woke up right as the plane was lifting off into a storm that we flew right through until the skies became clear. For the entire 2 hour flight I watched “Supernatural” while I ate a bag chips that were given to me from the gentleman at the airport. It not being enough I also had the complementary pretzels and coffee the flight provided.


Taken from my iPad so a bit fuzzy.

My lovely home.

I landed around 10:30pm, with no phone or Uber app I was picked up by mother. Thankfully she was able to get me. I was home by 11ish, showered and in bed by 12:30am.


I love to travel but not the traveling part. I love to fly but not the ear popping effect. Ouch.

My Weekend In Georgia! (Pt. II)

Sat. July 21, 2018

Day 2 begins!

I woke up at 8:30 in the morning to get ready for today’s events. It was the first day of our Leadership Development School but before then we were going to take a tour. A tour of our headquarters. Our corporate office. It was my first time actually seeing it in person. I must say it was a lot cooler then in pictures.


(photo found on Google images)

The building was wide and had three floors. The tour took us about 2 hours to complete. We were shown the conference room, had a sneak peak of the server room, the executive offices and so much more. It was truly amazing. 

After the tour we had 45 minutes to grab a bite to eat. We missed out on breakfast in order to get to headquarters on time so for lunch we had Chick-fil-A. Accompanying me was my mentor and teammate – he showed up as we were walking out. I destroyed a spicy chicken deluxe sandwich, waffle fries, nuggets and a milkshake. My stomach was more than happy when we left.

The next 5 – 6 hours were great!

Back at the office we made our way into the auditorium where we sat for 3 hours as the convention went on. There were many speakers with many thoughts and much motivation. During a 15 minute break we took a walk to the bathrooms where we discovered the line so long we would never getting in. Since I took the tour earlier I knew there were a few more bathrooms around but ones I needed access to. Thankfully the lady with the access key was friendly enough to let us through. Even better she let my colleague and I into the break room so we could use the vending machines. It was very nice of her.

Back in the auditorium we finished up the last two hours and then headed out. My mentor’s child was ill and needed medication. The closest pharmacy was Walgreens where they had nothing fit for a child except for one bottle MotrinSo, we took it. Then we made our way to the hotel to drop it off before headed out to dinner. There were reservations set at Marlow’s Tavern by the head of our office. We were a bit late but he squeezed in none the less.


(photo found on Google images)

For dinner I has grilled Atlantic salmon with jumbo couscous, broccoli, red onion, golden raisins, parsley, toasted almonds and port wine reduction. I have had better but it hit the spot.

The night ended upsetting.

After dropping off my mentor, his son, and two of my colleagues I took a solo drive to Ross. I bought sneakers yesterday but they did not fit. I did not realize the size I was looking at was UK. I tried to exchange them but I had no luck finding something I liked. To make the night worse, my phone stopped charging so I was left with nothing more than my iPad and really crappy hotel Wi-Fi. Hopefully I can figure out how to post.

Before heading back to the hotel, I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a late night 10pm coffee. I sat in the car for 20 minutes enjoying it.

Sun. July 22, 2018

Day 3 and I barely slept last night. 

In the hotel room were two females, three males and two children. Out of us all, two of them snored so loud that I was unable to sleep. I even got up to put earplugs in and they blew right past it.

By 8am I was waking up not wanting to get out of bed. Today was Day 3 of the Leadership Development School. At the corporate office my mentor, two colleagues and I sat there until 3pm when we broke off for intermission. To my surprise we actually ended earlier than what was scheduled. An hour earlier finishing at 5. It was an amazing event that left me wanting to do more. I need to do more. I need to make the time to do more. I need a better action plan in preparing my future.

Soon after chatting, my mentor, one of my teammates and I headed back to hotel to relax for a bit. We had half the day left to enjoy. I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and left with my teammate to a Verizon Wireless store to have phone checked. I needed to know what was wrong and if it could be fixed.

No Bueno! The charging port was busted and could not be repaired. Thankfully the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a wireless charging feature. Too bad I did not have a wireless charger.

The hunt!

After getting my phone diagnosed we went on a hunt to get a cheap wireless charger. The one Verizon had was too expensive and bulky. I needed something slim to fit in my bag. We went into Marshalls, T.J.Maxx and walked out with no luck. To make myself feel better I stopped at a Paris Baguette that I found on accident driving the highway. I was glad to have found it because I needed a pick me up. I had myself a mascarpone cheesecake tiramisu and green tea latte for that moment. To take home I had a fruit pastry in my hand. Yum!


(photo found on Google images)

Back at the hotel we meant with our mentor at the pool with his kids. They were having a bit of daddy-son time. After looking at the room next door, the gym, my teammate went in to work out so I left once again. I did not feel like swimming, definitely did not want to work out and I knew the bed would get the best of me. To the mall I went. I hoped to find a charger while there.


When I got there, I was disappointed. Today is Sunday and everything was closed up. I walked in to 90% of the stores gated and dark. Looking for a directory I read the mall hours. It shut down at 6m, I was reading it at 6:30.

Back at the hotel, I was forced relaxed for an hour or two. Nothing around was open expect for a few restaurants. With being aid at 9:15 all six of us left, we were down one person because she was invited out somewhere else, but we went out to dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood KitchenIt was delicious! Had shrimp gumbo with a side of grilled asparagus.


(photo found on Google images)

After stuffing our faces, we were back at the hotel. I took a shower and went right to bed.

My Weekend In Georgia! (Pt. I)

Fri. July 20, 2018

Day 1 in Georgia.

The moment I woke up I got ready. It was 7 in the morning. I finished packing my ‘carry on’ with the important chargers and such before calling my Uber to take me to the airport. It would have been great if I could get a ride from family or friends but my flight time interfered with their work time. Honestly it did not bother me. I enjoy the adult struggle of getting around. 

I was at the airport by 10am right on my mark. My driver was a really awesome guy who taught me about selling chip routes. As in potatoes chips and finger desserts. It was actually very interesting. It was the first time I have ever heard of such a thing. He even described it as flipping houses. Clean up the route and sell it. Basically, build relationship by being punctual, having the products they need and during the time they need them.


Hello ATL!

Skipping breakfast, I decided to have something at the airport. I ordered a ‘power bow’ – Greek yogurt, blueberries, bananas, chia seeds – except it was not a bowl. More of a rectangular tray. I was deceived.


My flight was not a long after. It took about 2 hours to land in Atlanta, Georgia. It was such a smooth flight with the only one turbulence scuffle 10 minutes before landing.

After waiting for 15 minutes for my luggage bag to come I headed to Alamo to pick up my rental. I thought it was on site but in fact I had to take a really cool unmanned train to it. Once there they actually let me choose my own car. Bad move on them because I ended up taking something a bit bigger than what I believe they wanted me too. But I was given specific instructions on where to pick so oh well.

The ride to the hotel took me an hour. Traffic on those highways are no joke. I could not believe it. I enjoy no tolls but with 5 – 6 lanes there should not be much of a backup.


Finally finding my hotel I made a 180 and left. There was a BBQ joint close by, called Jim ‘N Nick’s, that I wanted to eat from. I had not eaten since the power bowl and was starving.

Back at the hotel I called my mentor to see what he was doing. We are sharing a room for the weekend and I wanted to drop off my bags. The moment he answered the phone I knew I was not going up. He was taking a nap. His flight landed in Georgia at 9 this morning and he was beyond tired. Understanding his position, I told him to go back to sleep for another 2 hours. While I waited I went over to a nearby mall. It was honestly one of the best I have been to. I bought a pair of sneakers that I really liked, it has a massive airsoft field and interesting stores that I do not see in Jersey. I could not even walk it all before my mentor called me. I plan to go back before I leave to finish my exploration.

Instead of letting my mentor leave with his family I decided to drive them to their destination. He has relatives down in Georgia that he planned to see and it was next to a national park that I wanted to see. I just did not want to drive myself so they were a great excuse to go. After dropping them off I headed to Stone Mountain that was about 18 minutes away.


At the park I took a mile hike straight up the mountain. Completely straight up. I have done 6 mile hikes before with no problem but this one was too intense. It beat me down like no other. That kind of steepness I have never experiences before. When I made it back to the parking lot I was so happy. I loved the view but the hike up killed me.

Finished the night!

I picked up my mentor and his family around 9:30pm. From there we made a stop at Walmart for snacks before heading back to the hotel. Once back we showered up, had hot chocolate and went right to bed.

Taking An Unwanted Break!

Unfortunately, my phone has completely died while I am out in Atlanta, Georgia. If I can get it fixed I will see you soon. If not I will see you in few days when I get back home to my computer in New Jersey. All of my data is backed up there so stay tuned for updates. Sorry for leaving so sudden.

Thank you for reading!

I will miss you all…

Up & Down The Highway Shopping!

Thurs. July 19, 2018 


I woke up at 9:30am to get things done for tomorrow. My flight takes off at 11 and I have yet to pack. First on the agenda was to stop at the bank. I needed to deposit money for my trip so I did not have to walk around with a wad of cash in my pocket. I prefer plastic when I travel even though cash does come in handy when trying to bargain. 

Right after I made my way through traffic to Woodbridge Mall where I planned on spending a good amount of money on clothing for my trip. Sad to say but I became frugal the moment I started. I wanted to buy a blazer from Express but there were no sales for the particular one I wanted. It was either $300 or walk out. After trying it on and several others, I walked out. I just put money in my account and could not come to terms with spending it so fast. I made a deal with myself to use only what was it my pocket so I had to keep to it.  


(photo found on Google images)

I did end up getting a white button up from H&M that I desperately needed. If they more than one I would have gotten three. The shirts I have now are beginning to loose their shine. On the way out of the mall I searched around for sneakers. It has been about a month now that I have been on the hunt for a pair. 

Right before leaving I ordered a Cinnabon to go so I could enjoy its deliciousness when I got home. Walking through Sears to where my car was parked I spotted white polo shirts. I got two of them along with a funky blue one. Not sure how to wear it but I will figure it out.  

I should have stopped! 

On the road back home I decided to stop at a DSW that was less than 30 feet from the exit I needed to take. This was my third attempt of the day to find sneakers. I left with none. Next to it was a Marshalls. Since I was there already I figured I give them a shot too. Leaving the store I was 0 for 5. 

On the highway headed home I remembered another Marshalls was about 10 minutes out. The only thing that went through my mind was ‘why not.‘ I left there 0 for 6 but I found a really cool shirt that I had to have not really sure if I would wear it or not. Then I made a mistake. I drove across the lot to a Target where I walked in and purchased two pairs of shorts. The mistake was an impulse buy on a pair of JBL headphones just because they were rated IPx7 waterproof. Man did those $50 hurt my pocket. Hopefully they work well. 


(photo found on Google images)

After all this, work? 

Finally home I set myself up in the living room and ate my Cinnabon with a cup of milk before I started to pack. I was almost finished when my alarm went off to get ready for work.  

It was 3pm and I had a half an hour to leave. On the way to the site I stopped at a 7-Eleven for a drink and snack. I wanted an iced coffee but what they had was not tasty in the slightest. I ended up getting a slushy and Monterey jack chicken roll with it. When I got outside I through out the coffee very quickly.  

At the site I was amazed. It was a lovely gated apartment complex with plenty of space and a nice sized pool. The lady I work with was already there so we set up and got right to work.  

For 2 hours, 6-8pm, we were destroyed. Everyone flocked over to us like flies on a brown banana. We were popular and not in a good way. At one point we wished they would go entertain the other vendors instead. But at the end of the day it was fun and coordinator was awesome. By 8:45 we left. 

I was home late because of 1. me taking the wrong exit and 2. construction. I was held up and not happy about it. 10pm showed on my clock and it was time for a shower. I had to shave, wash up and still finish packing.  

1:45am bed time. 

Fresh New Cut & More Work!

Weds. July 18, 2018 

Move it, move it! 

After 4 days of waking up at 4:30 in the morning I love shifting over to dinner. I like getting out early but not at the cost of my sleep. Being able to wake at 11am will win every time. I do not mind working night shifts. 

When I woke up I continued my laundry quest from yesterday. I had two more loads to complete but only got through one. Unfortunately the basement to my house has a slight electrical issue that we cannot figure out. For many many years the washer and dryer were able to run simultaneously without a hiccup. For the past year or so that has all changed. Now whenever both machines are running the first floor to the house loses power. A breaker shuts down or fuse blows. It is the weirdest thing. Either way it is manageable but slightly annoying.  


Around 12:50pm I left the house to head into town about 15 minutes away from where I live. I went to visit my girlfriend’s salon, where she works, to get a haircut. It has been a while since I have been in a seat for a cut. So long that I fell in love with one of the best hair clips I have ever used. It looks a bit weird when I tie my hair with it since I am a dude but it worked so well that I could care less about what people thought. Having told that to my stylist, she made sure I could not use it again. It was pretty funny.  

Before actually getting my haircut I stopped in a Starbucks for a coffee and snack. I have not eaten all day and was starving. With 20 minutes to spare I ordered a triple mocha frappe with a slice of pumpkin bread. Once I actually sat down and got comfortable it was time for me to go. I had half of my bread, a few sips of coffee and read about 3 line from a book I started to read a few days ago. I miss reading so much. Now days I am either too busy or too tired to understand what’s in front of me. My goal is to read even if it is a page a day. “Invisible Man” keep me entertained!  


(photo found on Google images)

Hunger pains! 

I left the salon around 2pm and sat in my car. While there I contemplated about what to do about food. I thought my girlfriend would have had time to grab a bite to eat with me but she was too busy for it. She ended up eating the lunch she brought from home. I left alone with a growling stomach. My choices were to go home and cook or pick something up. After consulting with my GPS, I realized the sushi place I like was only 8 minutes away. Ding ding. We have a winner! 

As I buckled my seat belt I placed an order for pick up. My plan was to drive by, walk in to get it and go. When I got there things changed. It is the perfect place to play Pokémon Go! with three gyms and about six PokéStops. I wanted to be quick but had to play.  


(photo found on Google images)

I walked around the area for about 10 minutes collecting items and catching Pokémon. During my walk I stumbled upon a small farmers market in the middle of a busy parking lot. The locals were showing their support but I did not see anything I liked or needed. I did have the pleasure of meeting many people behind the tables that were amazingly nice. Especially this one lady who smiled at me with so much joy that I almost bought a bottle of lotion. 

Back at the sushi place, Pandang, I walked into a warm welcoming. I eat there often and always order the same thing so they are very familiar with me. The order was ready and waiting for me right by the register. I am quite fond of the hospitality and appreciate it every time. 

I was home by 2:45pm setting up a small foldable table in the living room in front of the TV. I have not watched ‘actual’ TV that I liked in a while. As I dug into my meal, spicy crab roll and salmon tempura, I watched Diesel Brothers. It is a show about a bunch of guys who tear down and build diesel trucks with a lot of flair. The work they do is amazing. I used to watch the show when it first came out but lost interest. After today I might get back into it since a new season is coming soon.  


(photo found on Google images)


Time to get busy! 

At 3:30pm I left my house to head to work. We were providing our service to the folks of a luxury apartment building. It was cool because the lady I work with had her son. I really enjoy working with the kid. He brings me joy with his witty remarks and random information. There is always something new.  

The shift was pretty simple. The people that stopped by had big orders that the three of us could push out in minutes. Bulk orders for one person verses single orders for multiple people always work out for the best. At the end of day, we dealt with the least amount of people and made the most amount of money. By the end of our 3 hour shift we had made more money than the lady I work with had thought. She was shocked to have done the numbers she saw on the report with her phone. She asked me a few times if I could believe it saying, ‘Yes, because they were big orders.’ All she kept thinking about was how few people actually came out.  

Once 9:30pm hit I was on the road home. It was an early night and I loved it. As soon as I got home I showered and went straight to the kitchen. It was time for dinner. I was so hungry after working those 3 hours. I needed to replenish my energy before hitting the pillow. It is now 11:55 and I plan on sleeping early tonight. 

Rain Means I Get A Day OFF!

Tues. July 17, 2018 


I had to wake up early to move my car but it was not the end. As soon as I came back into the house I jumped right back under the covers and went to bed. Three hours later I was awake again. It was now 11:10am and I still felt as if another few hours would have done me justice. I longed for it but needed to start my day. 

Trying to get out of bed I laid on my stomach as I hung my arm off of the bed to play Dragon Ball Legends. After about a half an hour of laying there completing my missions, I got up and went straight to the computer. I was able to get my daily schedule set along with something new from my weekend at the farm. Just a four sentence or so paragraph about a beautiful horse named Dreamcatcher 


Something must be done! 

After finishing with WordPress, I started to get busy. I had racked up a mountain load of dirty clothes from the past month. I have stayed at my girlfriend’s house for 2 weeks, worked doubles and then spent the weekend with the lady I work with. Washing clothes was the least of my worries during those weeks.  

Today I was able to get three loads washed. After the up and down from the first floor to the basement I needed to get going. 5pm came around and I was in shower washing up to head out. The original plan was to see to my girlfriend. I have not seen her in a while, missing her with all of my heart. But I got word that I needed to pick up my nephew. Only problem was that my mother had his car seat. I tried to get in contact with her so I can get it but she was working. I assumed she did not have her phone on since she never responded.  

By 6:15 I was leaving the house for the original planHere I come babe! 

Before getting to her house I stopped at Super Fresh grocery store to pick up a bouquet of flowers. The little lady who sets them up does an amazing job. If anyone could be perfect for a job it is her hands paired with flowers. Her enthusiasm and creative mind work wonders. 


(photo found on Google images)

The reason for the flowers is because we did not celebrate our anniversary together. I figured it was least I could do to show my love since I never wrote a card or took her out for dinner. This being the first year we missed our date was a big disappointment that I intend to make up for 

At her house she was shocked. She figured I would get her a little something so it was not too much of a surprise but enough to make her tear. Not going out we had dinner at her place that was tremendously good. A simple dish of white rice, lentil beans, fried pork chops, pumpkin and a side of salad. To finish off the night we walked over to Carvel for an early night snack before settling in on the couch to watch TV as we held each other tightly.