What An Interesting Day !

Tues. July 31, 2018 

Early for a bit. 

I woke up at 7:30am to check my phone for a text. I knew I had to work today but I did not have a time or address to be there. Knowing the lady I work with, I expected nothing less than an early morning message with the details. 

After reading and responding to her, I made a grave mistake. I thought I could fall back to sleep for an extra 30 minutes. Well, I got plenty of rest but a whole hours’ worth. When I opened my eyes to check the time I let out a single curse word to express my emotions at that time. I had 15 minutes to get ready and leave. No time to do my hair, write, eat breakfast, nothing.  


Bitmoji ME, wth!

Moving along. 

Along the way to meet the lady I work with, a pitstop was made. I needed coffee if I was going to make it through our shift. A 10 minute ride away stood a Starbucks. I could see it glowing in the sun. It was my safe haven. Two large cups of iced coffee and pumpkin bread to go. I was all set and back on track. With coffee in my system I had a little ‘umph’ to me. I was ready to start.  

Finally at the location we had a big of a hiccup finding a place to park. There was a large industrial dumpster blocking the path. After the organizer made the crew move it we were golden. Speaking of the organizer, she might have been sending me a few mixed signals. Signals that I was not interested in but were obvious, maybe. It could be in my head and she could have been one of those really friendly type but this is how it started. 

I pulled up in front of her as she denied me a place to park until I told her I was with the lady. After double parking and chatting I went to open my door for more air flow. My air conditioner is busted so it gets hot quick. She then grabbed my door, opened it all the way and stood there in front of it as if she was blocking me in. We must have become close buddies in those 5 minutes of chatting. As I made my way past her, leaving my car in its place, she hung out at it until I came back to park. After parking we chatted some more where she started to fidget in place playing with her dress.  


Bitmoji ME, confused

I am very bad at reading ‘flirt.’ Sometimes it has to be explained to me so I might have imagined it all. But when the lady I work with brought it up, describing everything that happened in detail, I guess it was not in my head. She was watching from afar enjoying the show the entire time 

Short shift. 

We set up and got right to it. By 11am we were ready to go. After sitting there for 45 minutes, waiting, we then got busy. In waves of 10 people at a time we kept a nice pace going. In between the waves a few people looked at us and walked away. It was sad because 90% of them did not even say hello. Eventually, the shift was over. I hoped more people would come but they never did. By 2pm I was packing up because the crowd was no longer around.  

I was home by 3:45 and right back to work. The fence that divides my property from the neighbors had grown vines on it that irrigated me every time I walked down the driveway to my car. They would brush up against me like a creepy old man try to get a feel. I had enough of it so I handled it. I cut it all down. The vines, weeds, some flowers, new growth trees. All of it.  

When I got home the original plan was to work on my car. After finishing with the distractions, I focused on it. It needs a good mechanic but I did what I could. A simple oil check and spark plug change. Then I made my way into in the house for a shower. The sun was beaming on me the entire time turning my body into a giant sticky pad. I had grass stuck to my legs and arms and grease marks all over my hands. I probably should have hosed myself down out back first. 


Bitmoji ME, showering

Time to end it. 

For dinner I heated up left over cheese ravioli from Olive Garden while I started to watch season 6 of “Arrow.” While watched and once dinner was finished, I folding 3 bags of laundry that I had piled up in a corner. I did a big wash the other day and left it in the bag after drying them.  

Around 8:30pm my girlfriend came over to hang out. She was glad to see my nephew. He’s has gotten big over the past 10 months. I remember him being so small and sleeping all the time. Now he has a walker that he loves and six teeth that he tries to use for everything. They grow up so fast. 

The rest of the night she and I laid in bed relaxing. 


I opened up an Amazon package that I was expecting for the past 2 day. My USB Type-C cables finally arrived. 1 x 4ft and 1 x 0.5ft. Excited for the spare cables!  

20180801_121241 (1)

I Had A Grand O’Day Doing ME!

Mon. July 30, 2018

Just the beginning.

Man do I look forward to my days off. The best part is that this is one of two for the week. I was able to wake up late at 10:30am with peace and comfort. I did not have to worry about rushing to leave or putting clothes on. I even had breakfast when I felt hungry rather than when I needed to. A lovely fresh pot of coffee and a cranberry cream cheese pastry. Living the life. 


Bitmoji ME

My afternoon home.

From 1 – 3pm I read multiple articles actually setting one for this Wednesday. I also found quotes that were interesting and started to stockpile a few for the future. Sometime I read these quotes and I just cannot relate to them forcing me to search through pages until one truly connects. Today I actually found a bunch that I enjoyed so much I could not let go.

The article as well was amazing. It comes from a man by the name Scott Oldford, who would not let failure get the way of accomplishing his goals and helping others around him do the same. The article is called “This Is Why You Need to Build a 7-Figure Business” and is about how money, even though it does not bring happiness, can allow one to break past their norm and discover who they truly are. I found it enlightening and hope every else does too.

In the middle of it all – the quotes, articles, blogging – I took time to watch an episode of “Supernatural.” The season is coming to an end and it makes me sad. So many twists have accrued that I just want it to continue. Waiting around for more is almost torturous. Thankfully I have not gotten to the end yet.

My evening out.

Around 3:15pm I took a shower. My girlfriend was supposed be with a client today but the appointment was canceled leaving me with enough time to see her before going into the office. Along the way to her house I stopped at one of my favorite pizzerias. I do not like them for their pizza but for their cheeseburgers. But not the normal kind. It is a double Italian cheeseburger with French fries stuffed inside. The best I have had so far. Probably the only if I think about it.


(photo found on Google images)

At my girlfriend’s house I devoured the sandwich. I was so hungry because of the little breakfast I had. I enjoyed sipping my coffee and munching on my pastry but it was not filling in the slightest. After stuffing my face, I had the itis. Too much went down in too short of a time. From that moment on we laid on the couch watching TV as we cuddled. Then I had to get ready to leave.

Monday night means office night and boy, have I missed it. Along the way I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a refresher. I wanted something cold so what better than a frozen pistachio coffee. Perfect for waking me up a bit and keeping me cool. By 7:20pm I was pulling into the parking lot with my music blasted enjoying the classics from 101.1, WCBS-FM. Man was I feeling good!


(photo found on Google images)

My night.

After such a great training session I was fired up more than ever. I was able to hear the story of a man I look up to about his 30+ years in the business and his respect for the company we work with. The way he spoke you could hear the passion and gratitude with every word. He is a humble man and someone I want to follow. I really missed being surrounded by achievers and dreamers. Thanks Mike H! 

We ended around 9pm but I stayed for an hour talking to team about building our businesses and increasing incomes. What are the odd that I read an article about 6 figures this afternoon and today it was verified in a short talk. Today proved that money can help people just as much as it could destroy them. I am grateful to be around people who can teach me to do right in life and business.


(photo found on Google images)

On the way home I stopped at McDonalds for a quick meal. Chicken nuggets, fries and a sprite. Not a fan but I was too tired to stop anywhere else. It was more of a convivence thing since it was on the route I take home. Everything else was either in town or the town over.

Finally home I watched YouTube while I ate and off to bed.

Day 2 At The Vineyard & No Balloons!

Sun. July 29, 2018

Today started like every other day. 

I woke up at 8:15am to get ready for work. I had to leave at 8:45 but left later than I should have. I had a half an hour to get to the lady I work with.

Unlike yesterday, everyone was making their way down the parkway. I assume to the shore but the weather, yesterday, was way better for it than today. The forecast was about the same but the air felt less hot. I guess that would be less humid.

I got to her house right on time. Pulling into her driveway at 9:30am. I could tell from the looks of things that she was ready to go. When she walked out of the house, she had nothing more than a purse across her body and phone in hand. The truck was already loaded and set. It was just missing our bodies and the key to be put in the ignition.


(photo found on Google images)

Today was day two of being at Unionville Vineyards. We were invited to vend for their Summer Artisan Market where they had craft and gourmet vendors along with live music and wine tasting. It was truly an honor to be asked to stay for the two days. But before actually getting there, we made a few stops for the important items we were going to need. For example, we went to Target because they had a Starbucks. It is hard to start a day without a good cup of joe. Like I said yesterday, Dunkin’ Donuts was not an option. Next, right across the lot, we walked into Costco for cases of water. We learned that water was a very important product to have since everyone was outside.

Then from there we continued our course.

We’re back baby!

We made it to the winery at 11am, way before the estimated time of arrival. With an hour to set up, we were ready within 30 minutes. We even opened up earlier than we had to. It was a beautiful sunny day without the heat and she wanted to get started as soon as we could. I would have preferred to prepare more but I was okay with it.

Just as yesterday, a few towns over, was a balloon festival.  Once again, we assumed most people would be there instead of hanging out with us. Not to blame them because if I had the opportunity I would have loved to see a few hot air balloons take off in their mysterious fashion. I have only seen it in video but I have heard in person is much better.


(photo found on Google images)

Today’s business was just about the same as it was yesterday. We were on and off. We would get short burst of people come and order to then go dead for minutes. The upside was that she left her son home so it was not too crowded and air could flow nicely. I did miss his company though.

The other vendors knew a secret that we did not.

We could see a few of them start to pack up. We wondered why did not look too hard into it. We just figured they had sold out or simply had to be on their way. It was not until 4:50pm that we informed of the secret by a customer. A customer who paid close attention their newsletters. He was the one to let us know that the winery actually closed early on Sundays. Instead of it closing at 6pm, like yesterday, it closed at 5 today. At that point we shocked. 10 minutes till closing?

We headed out around 6pm back her house. If we would have known about the hours sooner we could have left sooner. Once there I unloaded her truck with the help of her son. I was glad to see him but he had this heavy aura on him that made it seem like he did not want to be bothered. Not wanted to force a conversation out of him, I left and went straight home to shower.

The rest of the night I sat in front of the computer looking up USB Type-C charging cable and articles to post on the Motivation page. I might have found a few that I like.


(photo found on Google images)

At The Vineyard & IHOB!

Sat. July 28, 2018

No office.

After having such a motivating weekend in Georgia, I wanted nothing more than to be at the office creating some activity. Unfortunately, the other job has to take priority right now.


Bitmoji alarm ME

I woke up at 7:30am to get ready for my day. I had to meet the lady I work with by 9. After fighting to get out bed I had less than a half an hour to walk out of the house. I think if I did not have to wake up for work I would never get out of bed in the mornings. But today was not the day so I had to leave.

Too soon.

I left earlier than I needed to pulling over and parking a few houses down from hers. Normally I am early, she expects it, but today I was 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I thought people would be headed down to the beach since it was going to be a hot day but the parkway was clear. Maybe I was up too early for them.

When I finally pulled into her driveway I could see her son getting things ready. They were basically set to leave. All I did was adjust her truck in a way for us to finish loading and by the time she came out we were set to go.


On the way to Unionville Vineyards we stopped at Panera Bread for breakfast. The lady I work with was tired of eating the usual Dunkin’ Donuts and wanted a change of taste. I was more than happy with it because I love their Superfruit smoothies. I do not know how they make them but I taste Greek yogurt.


(photo found on Google images)

Finally, at the site we set up in between a wooden fence opening, with the best view of their property. Open field, nicely stained picnic table, beautiful tree line, it was an ‘awing’ moment. After taking it in we started our shift at noon with a slight concern if whether or not we would be busy. There was a balloon festival happening not too far from where we were and expected most people to be there. On top of that the forecast had a slight chance of rain that we really did not want to see come down.

With those thoughts in mind the three of us pressed on. We serviced the customers the best we could and were grateful for each one that came out. Even the other vendors with the ‘knick knack’ tents enjoyed what we had to offer. Since it was a bit slow we even enjoyed a few things they had. Now that I think about it, I wish I would have saved the name of what I ate. All I know is that it was a peach bread with 90% of it being peaches and the rest of it flour to hold it together. This cake or bread was so moist and delicious I hope she is back tomorrow.

Time to leave the beauty for the day.

Around 5pm we started to clean up. The crowd died down substantially. When 5:30 came we could see the vendors packing up, getting ready to head out. We knew that was our cue. At that moment we started to move a bit faster so we would not be left behind. The lady I work with, her son and I packed up so fast that we actually left before a few of the other vendors. It was great.

On the way back to her house we made a group decision to stop and have dinner. It was actually her son’s idea but we had no objections. I was tired, wanting to go home, but I knew I needed something in my stomach. It was such a hot day that for 6 hours I did not eat except for the piece of peach bread and a chocolate chip cookie.

To fill our stomachs, we stopped at IHOP. It was along the way and sounded good. There is nothing quite like breakfast for dinner. I had the stuffed French toast with strawberries. My ‘go-to’ meal. It never fails to keep me entertained one fork after the other.


(photo found on Google images)

Back at her house, her son and I unloaded the truck before I left. I was exhausted wanted nothing more than a cool shower. Having my want fulfilled I then sat in front of the computer looking through Amazon for a charging cable for my new phone. I might need a spare wall brick as well.

Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Rain Helps More Than The Green!

Fri. July 27, 2018 

Wasting time. 

I was able to sleep in today thanks to work not starting until this afternoon. I even woke up to have breakfast that did not involve a quick bowl of cereal. I actually made myself a cup of coffee with a buttered bagel and jelly as I sat at the kitchen table to eat.  

By 11:15am I was dressed and ready to go. Honestly, I was running a bit behind because the video I was watching was too good to leave without finishing. I had a few minutes left on it and really wanted to see how it ended. So, I traded in being early to see the climax.  

It was alright. 

Today the lady I work with and I were going to be spending the day at the pier. We were asked to vend, along with others, for a business party being hosted there. It was simple request so she took it. Besides that, on Fridays we are normally there anyway for the dinner shift. It all worked out in the end. 

I arrived at Pier 13 by noon and parked my car in the parking lot. I tried to get a space on the street but by the time I actually made it around the corner someone had beaten me. I would have loved to save that $20 fee. If I could have “Bruce Almighty” that guy out of the spot I would have in a jiffy. Just imagine it. It’s pretty funny to think about. 

We began to service our customers around 1pm. The pier had a great system going with wrist bands so we could distinguish who were part of the party and who were not. Anyone with a band was free and the others, well, had to cough up the loot. We continued like that for a few hours until we were forced out. We could see a storm brewing from a few miles away. Hovering over the distant town like a scary shadow. We hoped it would hold up until we finished. The moment 3pm hit the rain came with it. We had an hour left to go but with the rain on and off, the business tab was closed. From then on, we were only serving to the public as they came. 

For about 2 hours we did nothing but prep for tomorrow and enjoy the company of the other vendors. It was like a retreat for us to bond. While it rained we hung out and even took a group photo to remember it with. It was very nice to be a part of it. Not too long after that we were given the ‘ok’ to leave. It was pouring by that time and we were secretly happy for it.  

A lovely short day. 

As I sat in my car the clock read 6:30pm. It felt good to go home before 12am on a Friday. Normally we would have been there all night. Instead I was home in my shower enjoying the warm water over the cold rain. I really need to buy a new raincoat. 

The rest of the night was relaxing. I washed clothes for this weekend, watched a few episodes of “Supernatural” on Netflix and scoured Amazon for a spare USB Type C cable for my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. I need a cable for my car as well as a backup in case one breaks. I plan on pulling the trigger on a set tomorrow, IF I find one I like.   



Not realizing the time, I ended up falling into bed a lot later than I should have. 1am. Good night! 

Today Was A Bit Boring!

Thurs. July 26, 2018 

Back to the usual. 

It has been a while since I had to wake up at 7:30am to move my car. Being at someone else’s house or away in another state has spoiled me. I was a bit upset when I walked outside to have my eyes being burnt out of their sockets. The moment I got back in, it was right to bed for a 30 minute nap.  


Bitmoji version of Me

Officially awake I got dressed for work and had myself a bowl of cereal for breakfast. If there is one thing I miss about the hotel, or the endless places to eat around it, is the variety of food to choose from that I do not have to cook myself. Maybe when I start to live the ‘good life’ I will hire a cook once a week and call it ‘Chefs Day.’ Sounds pretty good. 

Work it out. 

I was out of the house by 9:15 leaving myself with plenty of drive time. Time that I did not need because the highway was clear.  I even got there 15 minutes early. The lady I work with and I were meeting at a Verizon headquarters to service all of those hard-working individuals who keep my internet snappy and phone calls clear. The moment she pulled in, I got right to it. I prepared as much as possible before we decided to open up.  


(photo found on Google images)

From 11 – 2pm we did pretty good business. Not as much as previous times but it was close enough for today. For two of those hours we were swamped with people who all wanted the same thing. It was hard to keep up at one point but we managed to jump on the flow of things, moving the line as quick as the orders would let us. I was able to control the line by taking small breaks in between every two customers or so. Thanks to the intentional delay things worked out. 

The moment our window cleared out we ate. We had food sitting on the counter from another vendor that was just calling our names. Two delicious chicken parmesan sandwiches. These sandwiches are what get me excited to be there. I know at the end of the shift there is one waiting for me to enjoy. It has to be the best chicken parm on this planet. Thank you being in my life Tony’s Traveling Trattoria! 

After filling up our stomachs we packed up and headed off. I was home by 4pm and relaxing in the showering as the water massaged my body.  

End of the night. 

Around 8:30 my girlfriend came over for some quality time. She had a long day at work and was hungry. The feeling was mutual. So, we went out to Chick-fil-A for a really late dinner. But we went through the drive-thru which made eating it even later. By the time we got back to my house it was past 9:30pm. Being as hungry as I was, after eating my chicken sandwich, nuggets and fries I ended up finishing hers because she got full. Where do I out it all, I have no clue. 

While eating I started to watch a Disney movie called “Coco.” I was a bit skeptical about it but was wrong. While digesting my girlfriend ended up falling asleep so I ended up watching it by myself. The movie was amazing. A lot better than what I expected it to be. With the first 10 minutes of the movie it had me laughing. Great way to end the night. 


(photo found on Google images)

Healthy Eating With A Weird Crowd!

Weds. July 25, 2018 

Early morning love. 

My lady slept over the house last night so I was able to wake up next to an angel. Not only that, I received heavenly kisses with the most wonderful smile on this planet.  

After getting dressed we headed out of the door and down the driveway to the car. She let her sister borrow the car so I took her work. I did not have to go in until later tonight for a dinner shift and plenty of time to do a bit of driving.  

Quick stop. 

We got to her job a little after 9am where I kissed her and told her to have a great day. From there I went over to the next town to get acai bowl for breakfast. It was about 10 minutes away from her job, basically straight, where I needed to go. I was even lucky enough to pull into a space someone had just left with 17 minutes still on the meter. As I walked across the street I noticed that the place was dark. Was I early? YesBy a half an hour. Walking back to my car I sat there playing Dragon Ball Legends and Pokémon Go!  

It was 10:20 when I decided to give it another shot. According to the hours of operation The Dancing Blender should have been ready by 10am. I gave them a bit of extra time to prepare. As I waited for my acai bowl, the Bantigo, my best friend, the Twitch streamer, called me to tell a story about how his past Friday went. It was a story I thought I would never hear from him. It was about his first experience with ‘edibles.’ He did not like how it felt and swore never to try it again. I found it pretty funny.  


(photo taken from  The Dancing Blender)

Back home I enjoyed my bowl to its fullest. Organic acai blended with banana, strawberries, blueberries and soy milk, oh my. I loved every bite of it.  

Making moves.  

Around 2pm I went into the fridge to get something to eat. Right away I noticed my girlfriend’s lunch box sitting on the top shelf. I could not believe we had forgotten it. She worked all day, 10am – 10pm, and I knew she needed it. I needed to make sure she ate so right before I left for work I made sure to have it in my hands so I could drop it off. I got to her job at 3pm. Familiar with the layout I ran up to the lunch room to leave it in the fridge. She did not even know I was there.  

I made it to Jersey City within half an hour. As soon as I parked my car I went right to work on it. Under the back side of my car I went. I am afraid of my muffler falling off because it needs to be rewelded so I did my best to tie it down with a string I had in my glove box. I am pretty sure it won’t last long but for now it should be fine.  

Weird night. 

From 5 – 9pm we did something along the lines of work. The lady I work with and I were at a new place that looked promising from the outside but turned out to be worse than what our expectations were. It was as if we were in the Twilight Zone because time felt as if it stood still. Around 7pm I swore it was time to go until I looked at the clock. I was sadly disappointed.  


(photo found on Google images)

I got home around 10:15pm and sat on my floor to have dinner. I was starving. With the iPad in front of me I enjoy a dish of Korean barbeque with white rice. Then I showered and was off to the computer before bed.