Be Successful, Accomplish Your Goals!

To be successful we need to think outside of the box. Forget about the average way of living and focus on becoming the best versions of ourselves. If you have a long-term goal or dream, as we all should, there might be things that must be done that are intimidating. In order to achieve the things we seek, we must break through the wall(s) that block our success. The easiest way to get ahead is awareness.

Make a list of 5 things that make you uncomfortable that will help bring you success and execute them. 

One could be talking to people, networking, in order to promote a business or idea. Maybe making calls, asking someone to spare 10 – 20 minutes of their time to hear you out. Or even asking someone for something as simple as help. We all have a ‘thing’ that stops us. Let’s push through those fears and let this be the first step in achieving our goals and dreams.


“Money does not bring happiness but it helps bring a better life to you and the ones around you.”

5 Secrets!

For a More Productive Workday!

A few days ago, I received the April edition of MONEY magazine in the mail. As I flipped through the pages I read what stood out the most or what interested me. Not too far into the magazine, page 22, I come across an article in the ‘Work’ section by Mike Ayers. He talks about the Shark Tank investor, Daymond John’s new book “Rise and Grind.” I have not read the book myself but it seems very interesting after reading the five tips for a more productive workday that Daymond provided MONEY.

Here they are exactly as I read:

1. Find a State of Being

“Your frame of mind can often be ‘I gotta go out there and do it.’ It’s always the numbers, the numbers, the numbers. Before you can even get to that, what are your disciplines that gets you up every day? So it’s a state of being. It’s how you maximize your 24 hours a day that every one of us has. Why would you be more successful if we all have the exact same 24 hours? What are our methods that we’re accomplishing that? That all starts with your mind.”

2. Go on the Offense, Avoid Defense

“I notice that a lot of people [in the book] who get up in the morning, they won’t touch their emails. They look at all the emails coming in as doing what everybody else wants. That’s their defense. Instead, they won’t answer them or they will put them in different areas. Instead, they will send out stuff — that’s their offense. They just want to send things out.”

3. Find Alone Time

“People don’t realize, they need time alone. We’re so connected. There’s no place where we can talk to ourselves and find out what we want to do. We get up in the morning and there’s a million emails, the family is running around. You get on your transportation going to work, the world is blowing up. And you get to work, you’re dealing with everybody there and social media. You’re not taking time for yourself at all. What I notice is a lot of people find the time, daily, to [be alone]. You end up being on the hamster wheel when you do that.”

4. Seek Disconnect

“I also need to look at more places to find disconnect [from technology]. You can never get enough of it. It’s like a team. If a team is playing whatever type of sport and you don’t have time to warm up and you don’t have a half time, when the hell do you have time to go over strategy? You’re just playing all day.”

5. Live Life Like a Kung Fu Master

“A kung fu master could be the ultimate at 40 years old, and you think he doesn’t need to learn any more moves. But a kung fu master needs to learn a different set of moves at 70, when his muscle retention and reflexes aren’t the same. To still be a master, he has to find other things to do to replace what is gone. And so I think [work] is a constant learning curve.”