Happy Birthday Little Guy!

Sat. October 20, 2018 


It is Saturday and I should have been working. Instead I took off to spend time with the family. It was a special day that I was not going to miss. But before the fun began there was a whirlwind of activity to get through. 

Starting off my day I woke up woke up early and put on my good clothes. Being off on a Saturday morning meant I could be at the office by 9am. It had been a month, maybe even longer, since I had time to get training in and mingle with my office friends. There was a lot of love regarding my return as if I had been away on vacation and never planned on going back. The people who used to see me often had not in a while and had big smiles when they did. It was a nice warm welcome that left me in awe. 

Then I got home where things got busy.  

The rest of the day consisted of helping prepare for my nephew’s birthday party this evening. He turned 1 on the 6th and it was time to have a nice big party for him. I would gone with more of a barbeque style, close family party but my sister wanted it to be a little more interesting.  


I began by helping cup the cupcakes. Folding pieces of Bubble Guppies cardboard around the bottoms of the little cakes. Moving on to the next project I helping punch holes in the party favor tags. The last thing I helped with was drying little toy buckets my sister wanted to put the table snacks in. It sounds like a little but it took 3 and half hours to do.  


Around 4:25pm I jumped in the shower and got ready to leave. I had errands to run before the actual party started that had a time stamp on them.  

On the road. 

The most important task was done first. I had to pick up my necklace from the jewelers before 6pm. I had been waiting for it to be repaired for about 2 weeks and more excited than ever to get it. Lucky me I made it with 15 minutes to space. Running in and out I was back in my car and on the way to complete my next task, picking up pork roast. I also had to be there before 6. With my driving skills and knowledge of the area I made right on the dot.  

Crazy part is the ladies who work there tried calling the number that was left, the house phone. I honestly do not even know if that number is connected to a functioning phone. I do not even remember the last time I heard it ring. Poor lady might have been calling a phone that has been out of commission for at least a year. 


Enter a caption

Anyway, with food in the car I was ready to head towards the lounge where the party was being held. At that moment in time I realized I had no idea where said lounge was. I forgot to get the address for place and of course no one answered their phones. Quick thinking, I make a call to my girlfriend. She was going to be at the party with her parents so I knew I could get the address from her. Boy did I call at the right time. The place was a mere 9 minutes from where I was when I made the phone call. Any later and I might have missed it. 


Party trouble. 

At the lounge everything was hunky-dory until we realized that some materials, we needed to finish setting up with ran out. Having need it I left with a distant relative to get them.  

We began our journey at Dollar Tree for the little burners that are used to keep food warm in the aluminum trays. From there we took a failed trip to Target for twine. Every color except for pink was sold out. Then straight back to finish helping. It was a quick go around that took a lot of time to do.  


By 9pm the official party started. Everyone was supposed to arrive at 7 but hey, late families. I must say, it was a great party. My only issue was being too focused on making sure that things were taken care of that I did not really enjoy it. Being part host is not party friendly. For me anyway. 

Our time was up. 

Around 10:30pm we started to clean up. An hour later we were packing our cars and leaving shortly after. Once home we unloaded and by the time we finished cleaning and organizing it was 1am.  

In bed by 1:30 to wake up at 7am. Good luck! 

The Best Sunday I Could Of Had!

Sun. October 14, 2018

Lovely morning!

I woke up on my own accord today. Not for work or anything related to it. Just because of my internal alarm at 8am. Once I realized what time it was, I laid back down and went right back to sleep. That is until 8:55 hit and I remembered I forgot to click “publish” on today’s article post. Whoops.

Back to bed I went until around 11:15 when I woke up to feed the rumbling monster I call a stomach. I was starving for some reason. I guess sleeping can be a work out at times. 

For breakfast I sat at the table with the family. I was off today and I wanted to have my face present a little. I do not get everyone around often. But since I was a bit late it was mainly my nephew and I eating. He had small squares of French toast on his plate while I had 2 big pancakes on mine.

Productivity with every minute.

From 1 – 3pm I worked on bolding out a few graphics for the new business. I have been playing around with our logo and products trying to see what best fits where. After a few trial and errors, over the past couple of days, I was finally able to get the images the way I liked them for the product they will be going on. It was truly a challenge trying to get them in a way where it did not differ to much from the original design.

15 minutes later I was in the shower preparing myself to leave. I had plans to spend the rest of the day with my girlfriend. It had been months since the two of us had a day off together. All I had to do was wait for her to finish whatever project she was in the middle of.

Unlockable Apparel


Rushing to leave I was told to wait a little longer. She needed more time to iron out a few details before being ready to go. I was more than happy to take that time to get in another hour of work. I need to prepare one more item but I have been going back and forth on which one. Decisions, decisions.  

By 4:35pm I was walking out of the door to my car in what seemed to be 55 degree weather. What happened to summer?  

She listens well.

Making to my girlfriend’s house I went from my car to hers. We had an hour to make it to the mall before it closed. On the 12th, our monthly anniversary, she decided to go out of her to bring me joy. Not realizing that I had been talking about the iPad Pro so frequently, she went out and bought. It was a complete surprise to me. I even cried my butt off. (FYI: I can be very emotional at times.)

It was her way of saying how proud she was of me for working so hard lately. She said I deserved it and hoped it would help in the future of my new business with my Texas buddy. I believe it will, thank you love.  

But even though I was happy it was not the exact one I wanted. I did not want to seem ungrateful, because I was grateful, extremely, but it was the Wi-Fi version and I needed the cellular version to replace my current iPad Air 2. I planned on passing it on to my mother for further use when I got the Pro. No need to have two.


(photo found on Google images)

This was the reason for our rush to the mall. To exchange it for the cellular version at my cost of course. She spent enough as it was especially since she bought the pencil with it.

The trip.

Getting to the mall we realized we actually had more time than we expected. Instead of it closing at 6 they closed at 7pm. It work out great with our wait time being 20 minutes. Plus we had a reservation for dinner to get to.

Even though the Apple store was packed with people we were taken care of pretty quickly. By 6:20 we had paid the difference and done the exchange. It was very easy. Easier than I could have imagined it would be.

From the mall we made our way to the restaurant. We were 15 minutes early which gave us plenty of time to grab a bottle of wine from up the street. Walking to the door of the store, it was close. Not noticing at first I yanked on the door with brute force to enter. Walking away the owner rushed to let us in. He was a great man for that. Normally owners would not have thought twice about it. He even helped us pick out a bottle and had a conversation with us before heading back the restaurant, Casserole Bistro.

Casserole Bistro

The best ending.

Our night was great. Smiles, laughs, wine, appetizers, entrees and dessert. For an hour and a half, we enjoyed each other’s company. We made up for the past couple of busy months not going out and just enjoying our time. It was truly needed.  

Back at her place by 9:30pm we cuddled up on the couch to keep warm on this cold Autumn night.

Beautiful ending. 

It Rained, But I Had A Great Time!

Tues. September 25, 2018 

I am available. 

To think I had to work today but Mother Nature had other plans. I woke up at 8am to a text message cancelling our day. It was pouring rain outside.  

Back to sleep I went in the comfort of my sheets. Once again awake, this time with much rest. Since I had the day off I took advantage of my new available time. There were a few things I needed to take care of that should have been done sooner.  


First order of action was the Department of Motor Vehicles. I needed to get my car rejected, I mean inspected. My check engine light still shines bright because of a camshaft sensor that is faulty. It stopped reading properly a month ago and I never had it replaced. It is going to cost me a good amount of money to be done that I never wanted to spend.  

Before actually getting it inspected I tried to shut off the light with a code reader I have. I knew it would not last too long but it was shorter than I had hoped. The moment I got to the gate of the inspection site it turned back on. It does not last more than 5 minutes of being off and is always the same code. I appreciate the consistency but I really needed it to stay off. 


(photo found on Google images)

I got my rejection papers pretty quick. I find it very helpful that they even print it out for you. Now I have documentation of the code and hopefully do not have to pay someone to reread it. They usually charge a whopping $100+ just to do so, not including the part or labor to fix it. 

Finished with that I took a 20 minute drive to a jeweler. It is the same person that I always go to every time I need something fixed. This time not only did I need my necklace repaired but one of the medallions as well. I must have broken them both at least four times each over the past 12 years. Within the next 2 weeks it should look brand new. I cannot wait to have it back around my neck. 


From there I decided to see my best friend the Twitch streamer. Luckily, I was going over because he was about to take a long, wet walk to pick up his dog from the groomers. He is used to walking in this weather but today was more of a storm than light rainfall. Instead I picked him up and we went to get her together. On the way to his house we stopped for a snack at Wendy’s to hold us over until dinner. 

Back at his place we ate as he showed me a few new games that will be released over the next year or sooner. Very interesting stuff that I might have to make an investment in. He also introduced me to new rap artists. One that we might go see in concert within the next few months. 

Work has really taken over my life. 

Around 4pm we went up to the kitchen where I watched him cook dinner. It was a great learning experience for me. I now know how to make a thick cheesy white sauce for pasta. Usually I am a red sauce kind of person but what he made was exceptional. It had garlic chicken and diced bacon mixed in that brought the entire dish together. I have to try making it myself. 


Bitmoji Bestie

We all – his parents, brother girlfriend and I – sat around the dining room table and enjoyed the dinner he prepared for us. I have not had that family bonding with them in a very long time. As a child in grammar school and high school I would be over his house almost every day. It was nostalgic to be there once again. 

Me time. 

I left soon after dinner. I pulled into my driveway around 8:30pm. The rest of the night went to me posting on my blog and watching “Blacklist.” With a few more episodes to go I will be moving on to a new show. To what I do not know but the possibilities are endless right now. Netflix has released a lot of the season 2’s that I need to catch up on. 



Almost forgot. I also bought a new game, Transference. Hopefully it is as good as I think it will be. 


(photo found on Google images)

Time To Get Dolled Up!

Sun. September 23, 2018

Today was going to be a busy but fun day. 

I started my day off by waking up early at 7:45am. I knew I only had a few hours to get things done and I had to make the best of it. To begin I threw a load of clothes in the washing machine. I have to work tomorrow but have no clothes. I had been meaning to wash them for a few days now but either never got around to it or was plain lazy.

While my clothes were swimming in a spinning pool of soapy water I left to the bank. I have not put money in my account for about a month being very diligent with my spending. Unfortunately, it is now time for the bills to start rolling in so payment will be required.

Being a Sunday, my bank trip was a breeze. Went in, let the machine eat up my cash and walked out. I must say, deposits by ATM machine are very convenient. No paperwork needed unless a receipt is requested. Simple.


(photo found on Google images)

I got back home within the hour. I believe before my clothes were even done washing. Waiting for them to finish up I jumped on the computer to do some light work. I set up post for tomorrow along with contacting the guys who have been working on the business logo. Once that was done I went into the basement to get my clothes so they could be hung up to dry.

The time had come.

My personal activities for the day had come to an end. I hopped I could do more but it came time to shave my face and shower. The main event for the day was in 2 hours. We were invited to attend a wedding for a friend/coworker of my girlfriend. She were to be married to the love of her life in a mere few hours. Keeping that in mind I prepared myself for the celebration.

My girlfriend picked me up at 1:30pm. The ceremony was being held in a church 25 minutes from where I live. Being close we were 5 minutes late. I chose to drove and in doing so I made us late. I missed the exit to the town we needed to be in making the trip longer.

Walking towards the church I was amazed at how beautiful my girlfriend looked in her lovely blue elegant dress. I had seen her in it once before when she tried it on at the store but it did not compare. Today she was dolled up looking exceptionally magnificent.


(photo found on Google images)

They said ‘I do.’

After the ceremony my girlfriend and I stopped at Wendy’s for a snack. We had 2 hours to wait for dinner but could not make that happen. From there we went to Target in hopes of finding myself a phone charger. My phone was on 10% because I forgot to charge it overnight. The Target I chose was like a mall. I never expected it to be so huge and confusing. It was nothing like I have seen before and I liked it. If we were not pressed for time I would have loved to browse.


(photo found on Google images)

At the reception we first made our way over to the open bar. We did not want to find our seats with empty hands. That’s just an excuse. It was more of a lazy thing so we would not have to walk back to get them. We made it a one-way trip.

Walking through the place I admired the décor and appreciated how spacious the hall was. Shortly after finding our seats things started off as normal. Cocktail hour, salads to pick at and then the main event. The bridesmaids and groomsmen we called out and then the bride and groom themselves.

Sadly, the newlyweds had their first dance interrupted by a technical difficulty. They seemed upset but made due with it. After a few minutes of dancing to a completely random song their choice for the evening was finally played.

It was a nice night.

Dinner was amazing. I chose to get a medium well-done filet mignon. The steak was cooked to perfection. Desert was incredibly filling. There were a lot of options for to choose form, some good but most bad. The taste was off a bit from what I knew it to be. But I still enjoyed myself.

The dance floor was fun. The DJ was not good but we were able to make the best of what he played. The songs were fan favorites so A+ for that. If his transitions were better between songs he would have been the highlight of the night. Instead he chose to play merengue to get the party going and then followed it up with a love song from someone I cannot remember, to hip hop, to the Cha Cha Slide. It really was awful.

maxresdefault (2)

(photo found on Google images)

We partied enough.

By 10:15 we had left and headed back to my place. She was going to spend the night since we both had to be up early in the morning. Her for automotive maintenance and me for work.

At my house there was no parking. We must have driven around for 20 minutes trying to figure out a solution. I tried my best to fit her in the driveway but it was no good. She was not happy with how her car looked, 80% in the driveway, 15% on the sidewalk and 5% in the street. Luckily someone left as soon as I was about give in and have her go home. Thankfully they left because I would have been in trouble if she had gone home because I was frustrated.

Not long after getting inside we were asleep. It was already past 12am and we both had early days in the morning.


I was able to get one logo finalized and another revised. Tomorrow might be the last day working on it and be completed.

A New Place I Plan On Revisiting!

Thurs. August 16, 2018 

Oh man! 

The next few days I will be up early. For today I was up by 8:15am. Last night I planned to wake up and leave as soon as possible so I could get breakfast. I am tired of the normal cereal that I keep in the cabinet and need something else to jolt my mornings.  

Well, I had to cancel that thought. I was certain that I had gotten the timing down. I even left the house early to make it but I did not realize the time I was looking at was wrong. I only looked at it as one trip instead of two. It would have actually taken me way longer to get to the location I was going to work at if I would have stop at the random acai bowl shop I found on Google. I viewed an incomplete trip. Shame on me. 

Instead I had to settle for a Dunkin Donuts that was along the way. If it were not for it being there I would have not eaten the most important meal of the day. I wanted to go with something health but it is hard to do I a rush. So, I went with what I know best and was the quickest, a raisin bagel with butter, hash browns and pistachio latte. It was not what I had my mind set on but it hit the spot. 

No goodness. 

Today the lady I work with and I met at the Verizon headquarters we do about once a month. To our surprise there were only three of us vending today versus the usual five. Going into it I was unaware of that. I noticed when I did not see my favorite little red trailer parked behind us. Tony’s and the best chicken parmesan I have ever had was not around today. Talk about being sad. I look forward to it every time. 


(photo found on Google images)

By 2:30pm we were done. We had a pretty consistent day but compared to the usually number we do, it was slow. You would think that with less trucks there would be more business. That did not work out.

When I sat in my car the time on my phone said 3:45. We were definitely out of there early and I liked it. The rest of the day was mine to enjoy. 

Last minute. 

I made it home fairly quick, 4:15pm. The ride was smooth and traffic-less. After chatting with my father for a bit, I had to let him go so I could shower. Last minute, with the time I was given, my girlfriend and I decided to go out. Originally, we were going to stay in but going out for food persuaded me easily. 

As I waited for her to pick me up I got dressed. I was in charge of finding a place to eat before she got to me. I had plenty of time to do so but got distracted on WordPress and Google News. Lucky I am a pro at using Google Maps so I was able to find something quick.  

Now when I say quick, my girlfriend was already outside waiting for me, 7pm. As I was walking out the door I found it. A place we could eat, drink and have a great time. A place we have never been to or even heard of. It was a bit far but the menu looked good. Not only that but in pictures the place looked big and interestingly entertaining.  

Not too shabby. 

At Blu Alehouse was where we ended up. The pictures did no justice to describe how big it was. Two floors, massive seating areas, decent sized bar, gigantic screens to watch whatever. The place was amazing. A bit shocking actually. 


(photo found on Google images)

The food was okay. Great for the size of the place and volume of people for sure. Typically places like that lose their flavor after serving so many dishes. This place held its ground.

For appetizers we ordered two plates of buffalo shrimp. After the first one we needed another. For my entree I had honey ginger glazed salmon. It was the first time I had ever had my fish flavored that way and it was good. To pair with it I tried two different cups of beer. One was a guava IPA called “Evil Genius” and the second was a hazy, smooth New England IPA loaded with juicy tropical fruit and citrus flavors called “Wet Ticket.” They were SO GOOD! 

With the night ended we headed home. In bed we relaxed before falling out. It was a great for us. Emotional, loving and a close connection.



I had a very proud moment at the restaurant. To the point where I cried. My nephew stood himself up for the time. My sister sent me photo and I just could not help it. Hes growing so fast. 


The Date I Have Been Waiting For!

Sun. August 5, 2018

Nightfall horror.

Last night was a rough one. I got up to pee at least FOUR times and each time whining about the last. When morning came I wanted nothing more than to sleep in until noon. But that could not happen. Today was going to be awesome.

I got out of bed around 9:30am and jump right on the computer. I worked on a few things for about an hour before I got up to use the bathroom. Apparently last night was not enough. Then back to the keyboard as the brain juices mixed.


Bitmoji ME thinking

Around 12:30pm I had myself a cup of coffee as I looked through my closet for 90 degree weather clothing. Today was going to be hot, actually it was already hot. After putting on 3 different pairs of shorts I found one I really enjoyed. I do not wear shorts often so sometimes they feel funny. To go with my chino shorts was a light grey polo and all white Adidas sneakers. A half an hour later I was on the road headed to my girlfriend’s house.

A long overdue date.

Finally, there I let myself in with the spare key I have in my car for emergencies. My girlfriend was doing her sister’s hair and could not let me in. I just made myself comfortable by grabbing a fresh banana and cold bottle of water.

20 minutes later she comes down from her room. The entire time I thought she was in the studio so I did not even bother to check upstairs. I even unlocked the back door because I thought they locked themselves out. I was very surprised. Why were they so quiet!? Apparently her sister was reading a book out loud to them and I just could not hear.

The moment she came down we gather our stuff and headed out. We were going in the city today. New York, New York. There is an eye glass place called Warby Parker with really nice frames. A couple of months ago my girlfriend actually put two pairs on hold. All she needed was her prescription for the order to finalize so today was the day to do it.


(photo found on Google images)

The trip into New York was a ‘sarcastic’ blast. We got lost adding 15 minutes to the GPS and then had to sit in traffic as we made our way to the Holland Tunnel and then through. We did get into New York until 3:30pm. Surprisingly finding parking was not so bad. We drove around the block 3 times and voila, a spot opened up as we pulled into the street. It was only a two block walk away the shop and we were there.

We even visited the Apple store to use their bathroom. After sitting in traffic for 45 minutes our bladders were hurting. Thank you Apple for having clean public bathrooms.

Next on the list.

While my girlfriend got her glasses situated I decided to get myself a pair as well. I needed a new pair with my updated prescription so it worked out. But the purchase was almost on impulse. I needed them but did not really want them. I am glad though. I know when they arrive in a few days I will be more than satisfied.


(found on Warby Parker)

Finished with the glass talk she and I took a walk around for a bit. We were hungry so that was our next mission. Thanks to Google Maps I was able to find a Cuban restaurant about a 7 minute walk away. The name was not very creative, Cuba, but the place was nice. Outside does not do it justice. The food was even better. Nothing like I thought it would be. I had medium well salmon with coconut rice, shrimp and lobster sauce. It was phenomenal! It was also the first time someone ever asked what rarity I wanted my fish.


She and I also shared a pitcher of sangria which I drank most of. I might have left there a bit tipsy. Good thing I was not driving. But on the walk back to the car with the heat and exercise that buzz quickly evaporated. I was a bit sad.

Done in the Big Apple.

Leaving New York was a piece of cake compared to getting in.

On the way back, I even had my girlfriend make a pit stop. I wanted a really good acai bowl from the place that introduced it to me, Tiki Bowls. Compared to the place by my house I would prefer these guys any day. Their bowls taste fresher and the servings are larger.


Back at her house by 7:30pm and ready to relax we dropped ourselves on the couch. For about 2 hours we tried to stream a TV show, “The Missing, but the internet kept dropping forcing me to stop it entirely. I tried my best to keep it going but I was so annoyed and over it. Back to actual cable we flipped through the channels until we found a good movie. The remote landed on SyFy because they were playing “Rush Hour 3.” One of our favorite series of movies and a perfect way to end the night.

Healthy Eating With A Weird Crowd!

Weds. July 25, 2018 

Early morning love. 

My lady slept over the house last night so I was able to wake up next to an angel. Not only that, I received heavenly kisses with the most wonderful smile on this planet.  

After getting dressed we headed out of the door and down the driveway to the car. She let her sister borrow the car so I took her work. I did not have to go in until later tonight for a dinner shift and plenty of time to do a bit of driving.  

Quick stop. 

We got to her job a little after 9am where I kissed her and told her to have a great day. From there I went over to the next town to get acai bowl for breakfast. It was about 10 minutes away from her job, basically straight, where I needed to go. I was even lucky enough to pull into a space someone had just left with 17 minutes still on the meter. As I walked across the street I noticed that the place was dark. Was I early? YesBy a half an hour. Walking back to my car I sat there playing Dragon Ball Legends and Pokémon Go!  

It was 10:20 when I decided to give it another shot. According to the hours of operation The Dancing Blender should have been ready by 10am. I gave them a bit of extra time to prepare. As I waited for my acai bowl, the Bantigo, my best friend, the Twitch streamer, called me to tell a story about how his past Friday went. It was a story I thought I would never hear from him. It was about his first experience with ‘edibles.’ He did not like how it felt and swore never to try it again. I found it pretty funny.  


(photo taken from  The Dancing Blender)

Back home I enjoyed my bowl to its fullest. Organic acai blended with banana, strawberries, blueberries and soy milk, oh my. I loved every bite of it.  

Making moves.  

Around 2pm I went into the fridge to get something to eat. Right away I noticed my girlfriend’s lunch box sitting on the top shelf. I could not believe we had forgotten it. She worked all day, 10am – 10pm, and I knew she needed it. I needed to make sure she ate so right before I left for work I made sure to have it in my hands so I could drop it off. I got to her job at 3pm. Familiar with the layout I ran up to the lunch room to leave it in the fridge. She did not even know I was there.  

I made it to Jersey City within half an hour. As soon as I parked my car I went right to work on it. Under the back side of my car I went. I am afraid of my muffler falling off because it needs to be rewelded so I did my best to tie it down with a string I had in my glove box. I am pretty sure it won’t last long but for now it should be fine.  

Weird night. 

From 5 – 9pm we did something along the lines of work. The lady I work with and I were at a new place that looked promising from the outside but turned out to be worse than what our expectations were. It was as if we were in the Twilight Zone because time felt as if it stood still. Around 7pm I swore it was time to go until I looked at the clock. I was sadly disappointed.  


(photo found on Google images)

I got home around 10:15pm and sat on my floor to have dinner. I was starving. With the iPad in front of me I enjoy a dish of Korean barbeque with white rice. Then I showered and was off to the computer before bed. 

Rain Means I Get A Day OFF!

Tues. July 17, 2018 


I had to wake up early to move my car but it was not the end. As soon as I came back into the house I jumped right back under the covers and went to bed. Three hours later I was awake again. It was now 11:10am and I still felt as if another few hours would have done me justice. I longed for it but needed to start my day. 

Trying to get out of bed I laid on my stomach as I hung my arm off of the bed to play Dragon Ball Legends. After about a half an hour of laying there completing my missions, I got up and went straight to the computer. I was able to get my daily schedule set along with something new from my weekend at the farm. Just a four sentence or so paragraph about a beautiful horse named Dreamcatcher 


Something must be done! 

After finishing with WordPress, I started to get busy. I had racked up a mountain load of dirty clothes from the past month. I have stayed at my girlfriend’s house for 2 weeks, worked doubles and then spent the weekend with the lady I work with. Washing clothes was the least of my worries during those weeks.  

Today I was able to get three loads washed. After the up and down from the first floor to the basement I needed to get going. 5pm came around and I was in shower washing up to head out. The original plan was to see to my girlfriend. I have not seen her in a while, missing her with all of my heart. But I got word that I needed to pick up my nephew. Only problem was that my mother had his car seat. I tried to get in contact with her so I can get it but she was working. I assumed she did not have her phone on since she never responded.  

By 6:15 I was leaving the house for the original planHere I come babe! 

Before getting to her house I stopped at Super Fresh grocery store to pick up a bouquet of flowers. The little lady who sets them up does an amazing job. If anyone could be perfect for a job it is her hands paired with flowers. Her enthusiasm and creative mind work wonders. 


(photo found on Google images)

The reason for the flowers is because we did not celebrate our anniversary together. I figured it was least I could do to show my love since I never wrote a card or took her out for dinner. This being the first year we missed our date was a big disappointment that I intend to make up for 

At her house she was shocked. She figured I would get her a little something so it was not too much of a surprise but enough to make her tear. Not going out we had dinner at her place that was tremendously good. A simple dish of white rice, lentil beans, fried pork chops, pumpkin and a side of salad. To finish off the night we walked over to Carvel for an early night snack before settling in on the couch to watch TV as we held each other tightly.