Have You Ever Been In A Funk?

Weds. August 1, 2018

Sometimes I wake up in funk.

Days like these I just want to be in bed and lay there like a rock. I know it is not healthy but it is comforting to be wrapped in my quit. No matter how comfortable I could not stay there. I had to force myself up or else my mood would not change.


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Today was my day off which meant if I really wanted to I could have glued myself to the bed. But I did not and in fact I was up by 10:30am. The plan for today was to take my car in to the mechanic. It is due for maintenance but I could not muster up the will to leave the house. Getting out of bed was more than enough of a challenge.

But that was not all.

For breakfast I decided that coffee would be a great pick me up. A little caffeine to get me going. I made myself two cups that were disastrous. I ended up throwing them both out because they tasted funny. I have no clue as too why since I make my coffee in a specific way. The same way every time. It must have been my taste buds. Maybe they were still asleep. Without the Joe I had waffles pairing it with the only other thing possible, orange juice.

After folding several loads of laundry yesterday I had more to do. This time I needed to wash. Work clothes to be exact. I always wash them separately because I never know what I have on me. Luckily this was a small load with only three outfits and a few pair of socks. Sadly after washing them I never folded them. I was no longer in the mood. I did move on to other projects.

Trying to keep active within the house, I shifted from physical activity to mental. I thought if I could get my mind focused on something else it would help. So I wrote for a bit. Or I tried to. My funk left me not wanting to do a thing. No matter what I did I could find an interest. That led me to not being productive and watching “Arrow.” Then the show hit a ‘cross over’ forcing me to start “Flash.” They really know how to get someone hooked.


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Enough was enough!

I wanted to use my brain so I put it work by trying to turn an old router into a Wi-Fi range extender. The router has the feature or function for it in settings but for some reason I just could not get it. Even YouTube could not help. I failed. Now that I learned how not to get it working I am going to buy one. Much easier.

During the headache of the router my second package from Amazon arrived. My watch bands! I have been waiting for them for days! I was so excited to be able to replace my broken bands that I torn the package in half just to get to it. The bands were very crisp and new. After 10 minutes the watch was looking brand new. I could not tell it was a 10 year old watch. Casio is amazing!


(photo found on Google images)

After putting the watch on my wrist I went onto washing the dishes. I wanted to cook dinner tonight but I needed a somewhat clear sink. Around 5pm is when I began to throw down. Rice, beans, oven baked chicken. I want to say it came tasty but truth be told not so much.

As I ate I could tell that time has gotten between me and the stove. My rice was mushy, the beans missing flavor and the chicken…too much parsley. Way too much. But I had a meal so I grateful.

Night night.

To end the night I watch some more TV before jumping in the showering. All cleaned up talked to my girlfriend for a little while I set up my PS4 to update. It has been off for a couple of months and nothing was playable without an update. Wanted to play something I updated my PC gaming hardware. After getting everything working, I jumped on Fortnite for about an hour. Since I have never played on my PC my skills were below novice. Got a few good shots off but no kills. The games did not last long.

In bed by 1:30am.