Busy Body Even When I’m Off!

Wed. October 17, 2018 

Self-care first! 

At 8:30am I was up getting ready for my visit to the chiropractor. I had a 10am appointment that I was not going to miss. I have been looking forward to it for a month, since my last session. 

Walking into the doctor’s office I was greeted with a warm welcome. Catching up with the time that had passed I informed or a great cause. I donated $10 to a breast cancer fund the office was having. Also received a nice pink shirt from it. 


Getting worked on felt amazing. The soothing part was the massage that given to me by one of the therapists. While getting my muscles loosened, we got the talking about the our recent activates. I told her about my new adventure with the business my Texas buddy and I started a month ago.  

She was very excited to hear about it and told me she has a promotion business with a few people that was started to help creators get their art out. She even offered to help me promote once we officially opened shop. It was a nice offer that came with her Instagram information and phone number. I will be taking her up on that offer once we finalize everything. 


Back in my car I made a decision to be an adult instead of going home to nap. I called my local Pep Boys to see if an opening was available for me to have my car maintenance. Luckily there was. About 30 – 40 minutes later I was at the desk handing over the keys.  

I had an hour to wait so while sitting in my seat I pulled out my new iPad Pro and started to test the Apple Pencil. I have had these devices for a few days now but with work have not had the time to truly experience them. I must say the pair is amazing. 


Being longer than an hour I was able to test the different functions in Autodesk SketchBook with the Pencil. I created a pretty cool design on my first shot. I never did complete it though. I started to get antsy from hunger and sitting so long. 2 hours had gone by and I had yet to have anything in stomach. Not able to wait I made my first meal of the day a bag of Hot Fries.  

By 2:15pm, 2 and a half hours later, my car was finally done and I was able to move on with my day. The next task to do was meet my girlfriend at her job.  

Pat on my back. 

Last night my girlfriend caught a flat somewhere near her job. After putting air in it, she slowly made her way to my house. Good thing we planned to see each other tonight and I was home. When she got to the house I changed it in 50 degree weather. It felt good working on a car. I miss having that moment with a vehicle. It had been a while since I did it without rushing and was able to take my time. After checking the tire I could see a huge nail in it. What I did not notice was how low the spare was.  


Thanks to the gas station air meter I was able to see that the tire was a whole 20 psi (Pounds per Square Inch) off. I guess at night everything looks better than it seems. Filling it up made a huge difference in the feel of the ride.  

Back at her job I dropped off her car and was back in mine. 

All me. 

Throughout my day of driving I had a blast collecting the new Pokémon in GO! I even caught the new raid Pokémon Shinx. And believe it or not I was able to hatch three on top of that. The mileage I put in today was insane. 


Finally back in the house I was able to actually have a meal. A Cuban sandwich and coffee with a side of hot Utz chips. I had the life restored back to me.  

Feeling good about myself I set up “Dragon Ball” to stream on my TV while I cleaned up my living space. From 4:10 to 8:30pm I threw things out, tied up boxes, vacuumed, straightened up and rearranged. The only thing I did not get to was dusting the counters and shelves. That is another project for another day. I was beat and ready to relax.  

Hoped in shower and got out to a little R&R with Word. It feels good writing this. 

Ending the night, I played a little Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and drew on my iPad. Still did not finish the drawing from earlier but instead started a new one. 






The Last Wedding of The Year!

Fri. October 5, 2018 

The day to come… 

I have to say this morning a bad was sign.

I tried to wake up 3 different times. With a different alarm for each one. The first alarm I slept straight through. I did not feel it vibrate, sound or notice it move. This never happens! When I did get up I was shocked but completely dismissed it setting a new alarm for a later time. I still too exhausted to roll out of bed. For the last alarm I set I actually got up. It was 11am and there were thing I had to take of.  


Bitmoji ME sleeping

First order of action was the blog. I went straight from the bed to the computer to set up a post for today and tomorrow. I had a long night ahead of me and was not sure if I would be home in time to get the schedule going.

Afterwards I worked on the business getting a few designs ready to print on the merchandise we want to bring out. My goal to sample products is still on the table. I was supposed to set the order today but the guidelines for the prints confused me delaying the actual order. 

Then I had to get ready for a wedding we were invited to attend. It was close by so I was not in much of a rush to get going. I even took an hour to shave my face getting every little out of place hair I could find before jumping in the shower.  

I should have rushed. 

My girlfriend showed up at my house around 2pm and flipped my whole world upside down. Apparently, the invitation was not read too clearly. We thought it was to begin at 2:30 giving us just enough time to make it to the church. After receiving a text message from a friend, we were informed of our mistake. The wedding was to start at 2. We were very wrong. 

In a rush to get ready we did our best to look presentable. We left my house within 20 minutes and a short ride later were walking in the church. Thank goodness for multitasking. During the drive we finished getting ourselves together. Every red light was a beauty session.  


Bitmoji ME

We literally made it by pure luck. The mass had been a bit delayed giving us time to walk in through the back, not interrupt anyone and grab a seat. I was glad to have made it. The service was great and the bride had the most beautiful dress I have seen yet. 

We just had to. 

From the church we went headed over to the mall for a light snack along with a few necessities. Since I had missed breakfast and lunch my stomach was achy. It had nothing in it but a few sips of water and the flavor of my gum. As you could image that is not enough to sustain anyone. My girlfriend had also skipped her lunch to get out of work early so she was just as hungry as I was. 

After having the worst Nathan’s Famous experience yet, we went on our hunt. We had inquiries for two things. First was a new pair of dress pants for my tuxedo jacket. When I originally bought it, I did not know the pants were required. This was during my pre-blazer interest. With my recent obsession of them, I found out I made a grave mistake. The pants I had on did not quite match the jacket needing a darker pair to bring the entire look together. Unfortunately, I could find any that matched.  

The good new was my girlfriend was able to find a push-up bra to go with her dress. She had meant to buy one beforehand but never had the chance too. At least one of us came out victorious. 


45 minutes later we at the reception. Right in time for cocktail hour like the last wedding we attending. Just as that one we went right to the open bar to begin our night.   

I must say. This was the most enjoyable wedding I had attended yet. We had a great time! The DJ was amazing and kept the whole night moving. There were probably only a handful of songs that I did not like. The rest just kept me on my feet. It was truly a blast. 


Bitmoji ME dancing

By 1:30am we were back at my house tired and worn out. The killer part is that we have to wake up at 7:20am for work.  

Good times. 

 An Interesting Time At The Café!

Tues. August 7, 2018 

Last night was rough.  

I woke up at 3:30am to the power going down for seconds. I am a light sleeper and heard it in my sleep. I knew the air conditioner had shut down along with my computer because the room had gotten quiet. Then I woke again at 6am thinking it was time to go soon realizing I was an hour ahead of my alarm. When it did go off I was basically already awake. My mind was focused on not sleeping through it. 


Bitmoji alarm ME

I had to meet the lady I work with at 9 so we could head into New Hope, Pennsylvania. We were going to set up the café as best as possible with the appliances we had from the delivery on Friday. Today we had even guests, her son and his friend, to help us move things around. The more we muscle the merrier.  

Getting things set! 

On the way to New Hope, we stopped at Panera Bread for breakfast. I order a Superfruit smoothie again but instead of a butter-less bagel I chose a new item in the pastry window, triple berry scone. It was my first time eating a scone and I have to say, it was good. It was a bit thick so next time I will grab a coffee to pair with it. I think a hot cup of joe would make it better. 

In PA we got right to it. Well as best as possible. After tearing half of the box from the refrigerator we could see an issue. I looked slightly bigger than we hoped. Even the contractor as he left us said, “I hope the fridge fits.” At the time we paid it no mind but taking a few measurements it was very obvious that the refrigerator she order was too big.  


Bitmoji ME, confused

Scrambling for ideas the only option the lady I work with could think of was to call the contractor back as reinforcements. Our minds – the lady I work with, her son, his friend and I – could not find a way to get it in. Besides that, we could not even figure out how to get it off of the double pallet it was on. We were in a serious bind.  

Thankfully the contractor and his buddy were not too far from us. After waiting about 20 minutes they showed up and were the most help. Right from the door they started to plan out how they were going to get it off the double pallet and possibly squeeze the 54 in stainless steel refrigerator through a 44 in walkway, to then get it past the door frame.  

As they planned, most of it worked. We were able to eliminate one pallet getting it onto a platform with wheels. From there the contractor and his buddy tried to wiggle their way through the door frame only to wedge it tight letting the fridge prove its point, too big. After that we tried to remove all padding but that did not work. The last option was to have all six of us – the contractor, his buddy, the lady I work with, her son, his friend and I – hoist that 519 pound beast over the counter. That was a no-no. Way to heavy. She called the retailer to return it right it away. We tried our best. 

After the contractor and his buddy left we handled the rest since the refrigerator was no longer in our way. the two boys and I unboxed and built a hot table while the lady I work with took off to meet a local realtor. She is the market for a closer home to the café and for her mother. We also throw out the trash from the torn boxes and broken pallets. 

Café project ceased 

Around 2:30pm all of us left the place as clean as possible. On the way back to her house we stopped at a place in Hopewell with good fresh food, Brick Farm Market. I had a teriyaki sandwich with spicy pickled cucumber salad on top. Very good. 


(photo found on Google images)

Back at her house a bit before 4pm. I stayed for a short time to talked about the fridge situation. We need plans to replace it but cannot afford to make the same mistake. We thought of a few ideas but what to do, what to do? 

On my way home, I had the biggest scare. It was well into the 90s today with the sun beaming down on earth as if it were trying to roast my side of the equator. It affected me big time. I ended up slightly falling asleep coming close to the highway divider. If it were not for an empty bottle that I ran over I would have definitely hit it. The bottle woke me up in shock with just enough time to react. 

Finally home I went straight to bed. I needed some rest. 

I ended up being woken to the sound of thunder and rain hitting the side of the house. It was very frustrating to be up because I could have really used another hour of shut eye. I even planned on it by setting my alarm beforehand. But since I was up I decided to eat. Pepper steak with white rice. As I ate I listen to a few mixtapes. Artists that I used to listen to in the past came out with new music. I was excited but, in the end, they were not good. 

Then I watched two episodes of Dragon Ball, the original, before getting on Fortnite.


(photo found on Google images)

The Date I Have Been Waiting For!

Sun. August 5, 2018

Nightfall horror.

Last night was a rough one. I got up to pee at least FOUR times and each time whining about the last. When morning came I wanted nothing more than to sleep in until noon. But that could not happen. Today was going to be awesome.

I got out of bed around 9:30am and jump right on the computer. I worked on a few things for about an hour before I got up to use the bathroom. Apparently last night was not enough. Then back to the keyboard as the brain juices mixed.


Bitmoji ME thinking

Around 12:30pm I had myself a cup of coffee as I looked through my closet for 90 degree weather clothing. Today was going to be hot, actually it was already hot. After putting on 3 different pairs of shorts I found one I really enjoyed. I do not wear shorts often so sometimes they feel funny. To go with my chino shorts was a light grey polo and all white Adidas sneakers. A half an hour later I was on the road headed to my girlfriend’s house.

A long overdue date.

Finally, there I let myself in with the spare key I have in my car for emergencies. My girlfriend was doing her sister’s hair and could not let me in. I just made myself comfortable by grabbing a fresh banana and cold bottle of water.

20 minutes later she comes down from her room. The entire time I thought she was in the studio so I did not even bother to check upstairs. I even unlocked the back door because I thought they locked themselves out. I was very surprised. Why were they so quiet!? Apparently her sister was reading a book out loud to them and I just could not hear.

The moment she came down we gather our stuff and headed out. We were going in the city today. New York, New York. There is an eye glass place called Warby Parker with really nice frames. A couple of months ago my girlfriend actually put two pairs on hold. All she needed was her prescription for the order to finalize so today was the day to do it.


(photo found on Google images)

The trip into New York was a ‘sarcastic’ blast. We got lost adding 15 minutes to the GPS and then had to sit in traffic as we made our way to the Holland Tunnel and then through. We did get into New York until 3:30pm. Surprisingly finding parking was not so bad. We drove around the block 3 times and voila, a spot opened up as we pulled into the street. It was only a two block walk away the shop and we were there.

We even visited the Apple store to use their bathroom. After sitting in traffic for 45 minutes our bladders were hurting. Thank you Apple for having clean public bathrooms.

Next on the list.

While my girlfriend got her glasses situated I decided to get myself a pair as well. I needed a new pair with my updated prescription so it worked out. But the purchase was almost on impulse. I needed them but did not really want them. I am glad though. I know when they arrive in a few days I will be more than satisfied.


(found on Warby Parker)

Finished with the glass talk she and I took a walk around for a bit. We were hungry so that was our next mission. Thanks to Google Maps I was able to find a Cuban restaurant about a 7 minute walk away. The name was not very creative, Cuba, but the place was nice. Outside does not do it justice. The food was even better. Nothing like I thought it would be. I had medium well salmon with coconut rice, shrimp and lobster sauce. It was phenomenal! It was also the first time someone ever asked what rarity I wanted my fish.


She and I also shared a pitcher of sangria which I drank most of. I might have left there a bit tipsy. Good thing I was not driving. But on the walk back to the car with the heat and exercise that buzz quickly evaporated. I was a bit sad.

Done in the Big Apple.

Leaving New York was a piece of cake compared to getting in.

On the way back, I even had my girlfriend make a pit stop. I wanted a really good acai bowl from the place that introduced it to me, Tiki Bowls. Compared to the place by my house I would prefer these guys any day. Their bowls taste fresher and the servings are larger.


Back at her house by 7:30pm and ready to relax we dropped ourselves on the couch. For about 2 hours we tried to stream a TV show, “The Missing, but the internet kept dropping forcing me to stop it entirely. I tried my best to keep it going but I was so annoyed and over it. Back to actual cable we flipped through the channels until we found a good movie. The remote landed on SyFy because they were playing “Rush Hour 3.” One of our favorite series of movies and a perfect way to end the night.

What An Interesting Day !

Tues. July 31, 2018 

Early for a bit. 

I woke up at 7:30am to check my phone for a text. I knew I had to work today but I did not have a time or address to be there. Knowing the lady I work with, I expected nothing less than an early morning message with the details. 

After reading and responding to her, I made a grave mistake. I thought I could fall back to sleep for an extra 30 minutes. Well, I got plenty of rest but a whole hours’ worth. When I opened my eyes to check the time I let out a single curse word to express my emotions at that time. I had 15 minutes to get ready and leave. No time to do my hair, write, eat breakfast, nothing.  


Bitmoji ME, wth!

Moving along. 

Along the way to meet the lady I work with, a pitstop was made. I needed coffee if I was going to make it through our shift. A 10 minute ride away stood a Starbucks. I could see it glowing in the sun. It was my safe haven. Two large cups of iced coffee and pumpkin bread to go. I was all set and back on track. With coffee in my system I had a little ‘umph’ to me. I was ready to start.  

Finally at the location we had a big of a hiccup finding a place to park. There was a large industrial dumpster blocking the path. After the organizer made the crew move it we were golden. Speaking of the organizer, she might have been sending me a few mixed signals. Signals that I was not interested in but were obvious, maybe. It could be in my head and she could have been one of those really friendly type but this is how it started. 

I pulled up in front of her as she denied me a place to park until I told her I was with the lady. After double parking and chatting I went to open my door for more air flow. My air conditioner is busted so it gets hot quick. She then grabbed my door, opened it all the way and stood there in front of it as if she was blocking me in. We must have become close buddies in those 5 minutes of chatting. As I made my way past her, leaving my car in its place, she hung out at it until I came back to park. After parking we chatted some more where she started to fidget in place playing with her dress.  


Bitmoji ME, confused

I am very bad at reading ‘flirt.’ Sometimes it has to be explained to me so I might have imagined it all. But when the lady I work with brought it up, describing everything that happened in detail, I guess it was not in my head. She was watching from afar enjoying the show the entire time 

Short shift. 

We set up and got right to it. By 11am we were ready to go. After sitting there for 45 minutes, waiting, we then got busy. In waves of 10 people at a time we kept a nice pace going. In between the waves a few people looked at us and walked away. It was sad because 90% of them did not even say hello. Eventually, the shift was over. I hoped more people would come but they never did. By 2pm I was packing up because the crowd was no longer around.  

I was home by 3:45 and right back to work. The fence that divides my property from the neighbors had grown vines on it that irrigated me every time I walked down the driveway to my car. They would brush up against me like a creepy old man try to get a feel. I had enough of it so I handled it. I cut it all down. The vines, weeds, some flowers, new growth trees. All of it.  

When I got home the original plan was to work on my car. After finishing with the distractions, I focused on it. It needs a good mechanic but I did what I could. A simple oil check and spark plug change. Then I made my way into in the house for a shower. The sun was beaming on me the entire time turning my body into a giant sticky pad. I had grass stuck to my legs and arms and grease marks all over my hands. I probably should have hosed myself down out back first. 


Bitmoji ME, showering

Time to end it. 

For dinner I heated up left over cheese ravioli from Olive Garden while I started to watch season 6 of “Arrow.” While watched and once dinner was finished, I folding 3 bags of laundry that I had piled up in a corner. I did a big wash the other day and left it in the bag after drying them.  

Around 8:30pm my girlfriend came over to hang out. She was glad to see my nephew. He’s has gotten big over the past 10 months. I remember him being so small and sleeping all the time. Now he has a walker that he loves and six teeth that he tries to use for everything. They grow up so fast. 

The rest of the night she and I laid in bed relaxing. 


I opened up an Amazon package that I was expecting for the past 2 day. My USB Type-C cables finally arrived. 1 x 4ft and 1 x 0.5ft. Excited for the spare cables!  

20180801_121241 (1)

I Had A Grand O’Day Doing ME!

Mon. July 30, 2018

Just the beginning.

Man do I look forward to my days off. The best part is that this is one of two for the week. I was able to wake up late at 10:30am with peace and comfort. I did not have to worry about rushing to leave or putting clothes on. I even had breakfast when I felt hungry rather than when I needed to. A lovely fresh pot of coffee and a cranberry cream cheese pastry. Living the life. 


Bitmoji ME

My afternoon home.

From 1 – 3pm I read multiple articles actually setting one for this Wednesday. I also found quotes that were interesting and started to stockpile a few for the future. Sometime I read these quotes and I just cannot relate to them forcing me to search through pages until one truly connects. Today I actually found a bunch that I enjoyed so much I could not let go.

The article as well was amazing. It comes from a man by the name Scott Oldford, who would not let failure get the way of accomplishing his goals and helping others around him do the same. The article is called “This Is Why You Need to Build a 7-Figure Business” and is about how money, even though it does not bring happiness, can allow one to break past their norm and discover who they truly are. I found it enlightening and hope every else does too.

In the middle of it all – the quotes, articles, blogging – I took time to watch an episode of “Supernatural.” The season is coming to an end and it makes me sad. So many twists have accrued that I just want it to continue. Waiting around for more is almost torturous. Thankfully I have not gotten to the end yet.

My evening out.

Around 3:15pm I took a shower. My girlfriend was supposed be with a client today but the appointment was canceled leaving me with enough time to see her before going into the office. Along the way to her house I stopped at one of my favorite pizzerias. I do not like them for their pizza but for their cheeseburgers. But not the normal kind. It is a double Italian cheeseburger with French fries stuffed inside. The best I have had so far. Probably the only if I think about it.


(photo found on Google images)

At my girlfriend’s house I devoured the sandwich. I was so hungry because of the little breakfast I had. I enjoyed sipping my coffee and munching on my pastry but it was not filling in the slightest. After stuffing my face, I had the itis. Too much went down in too short of a time. From that moment on we laid on the couch watching TV as we cuddled. Then I had to get ready to leave.

Monday night means office night and boy, have I missed it. Along the way I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a refresher. I wanted something cold so what better than a frozen pistachio coffee. Perfect for waking me up a bit and keeping me cool. By 7:20pm I was pulling into the parking lot with my music blasted enjoying the classics from 101.1, WCBS-FM. Man was I feeling good!


(photo found on Google images)

My night.

After such a great training session I was fired up more than ever. I was able to hear the story of a man I look up to about his 30+ years in the business and his respect for the company we work with. The way he spoke you could hear the passion and gratitude with every word. He is a humble man and someone I want to follow. I really missed being surrounded by achievers and dreamers. Thanks Mike H! 

We ended around 9pm but I stayed for an hour talking to team about building our businesses and increasing incomes. What are the odd that I read an article about 6 figures this afternoon and today it was verified in a short talk. Today proved that money can help people just as much as it could destroy them. I am grateful to be around people who can teach me to do right in life and business.


(photo found on Google images)

On the way home I stopped at McDonalds for a quick meal. Chicken nuggets, fries and a sprite. Not a fan but I was too tired to stop anywhere else. It was more of a convivence thing since it was on the route I take home. Everything else was either in town or the town over.

Finally home I watched YouTube while I ate and off to bed.

My Weekend In Georgia! (Pt. III)

Mon. July 23, 2018

Day 4, the last!

I was woken up at 7:20 by my teammate so I could take him to the head office. We agreed on it last night but I hoped he would have left me sleeping. In my pajamas I put sneakers on, brushed my teeth and we headed out. As soon as I dropped him off I returned just to hop back in bed for another few hours.

When I reawoke I could hear my mentor and his wife questioning where my teammate had gone. Fully opening my eyes, I explained to them how stealthy I was leaving and returning so I would not bother their sleep. I swear I was like a ninja. They never heard a thing.


(photo found on Google images)

Last few hours in Georgia.

Around 11am we left the hotel and made our way to the head office ourselves. There was going to be a live broadcast done for all of the company men and women to watch. A special featuring the head of our office, his wife and a few power players in our branch. It was a great experience to witness the greatness on stage and in front of the cameras. I could not believe how close I was to being on TV. It was like a sitcom with the audience being told when to clap and when to hush up.

Around 2pm my mentor and I left with his wife and kids to the mall. I was starving and so was he. We never made it for breakfast this morning. Honestly, we were not too worried about it either. The hotel we were staying in did not serve free breakfast and it was pricey for a little plate of home fries and bacon. The wife and children had just eaten so their stomachs were content. The only thing they requested were drinks to quench their dried-out throats from the 90 degree hotness that the sun provided. I on the other hand enjoyed an amazing plate of Japanese food that I was not fully convinced was authentic. It was in a mall food court so I questioned it. Either way Hibachi-San was good!


(photo found on Google images)


I left them around 4:30pm to head the airport. My flight back home was scheduled to take off at 7:30 and I needed to return my rental. It was an hour and change drive between traffic and stopping to fill up the tank. Once there I felt just a bit closer to my comfort.

Finally making it through baggage check and the pat down I was sitting on the floor at the gate with a Hibiscus Sangria, non-alcoholic, while I waited to board. As I sat there I spoke to my girlfriend on FaceTime and started to watch a few episodes of “Supernatural that I downloaded from Netflix before I left Jersey. They were supposed to be for the flight down but I ended up reading part of book instead.

Fully engaged in my episode, someone from my office who had the same flight patted me on my shoulder. He informed me that the flight was delayed about 45 minutes. That was a real bummer.

When we actually made onto the plane we sat for another 30 minutes before taking off. Those 30 minutes were heaven to me. I took the most peaceful nap I had all weekend. I woke up right as the plane was lifting off into a storm that we flew right through until the skies became clear. For the entire 2 hour flight I watched “Supernatural” while I ate a bag chips that were given to me from the gentleman at the airport. It not being enough I also had the complementary pretzels and coffee the flight provided.


Taken from my iPad so a bit fuzzy.

My lovely home.

I landed around 10:30pm, with no phone or Uber app I was picked up by mother. Thankfully she was able to get me. I was home by 11ish, showered and in bed by 12:30am.


I love to travel but not the traveling part. I love to fly but not the ear popping effect. Ouch.