Family Bonding Is Important!

Sat. September 1, 2018 

The intrusion. 

It is the beginning of the month. I wanted to start it off right. I posted a great article that I think could help a few people. I got the day off from job number 2 so I could relax. I even planned on going into the office to train for job number 1. But after fighting with myself all night and this morning I decided not to.  

Instead I started my month off with my family. Since I work often it is hard for all of us to get together these days and go out as a family. Since I was off, last night I decided to include myself in my parents plans. This morning I included my sister and nephew.  


(photo found on Google images)

My parents enjoy traveling around to visit flea markets. Whenever they hear about one that is interesting they usually go. I figured why not just make it a family event with the five of us – mom, dad, sister, nephew, me. I do not remember the last time we were all in one car headed to one place. It was actually very nice.

The outing. 

The flea market was about an hour and a half away from where we live. It was a nice road trip and we even stopped at McDonalds for lunch. The five of us enjoying the unhealthy pleasures of this county 

maxresdefault (1)

(photo found on Google images)

Back on the road we were at the market within 20 minutes. Nephew strapped to my sister, backpacks on and walking shoes in motion. The sun was hidden in the clouds and the breeze felt pretty good. It might have been the best day for this family adventure. 

Being there brought back so many memories. The last time I was was at a flea market was in my early teen years when my father used take me camping with a big group of family and friends. The good old times.

Back then things under those tents looked a lot nicer and I would always want to leave with something. These days another man’s junk can stay his. Out of the entire market I walked out of there with a file set that I got for $4, it was a steal, and a genuine leather belt that might have been a bit too expansive. I just love the quality and smell of them. They last forever. 


(photo found on Google images)

Family moments come to an end. 

We finished up around 3pm. Our feet were ready for a little relaxation. On the way home we stopped at Stop and Shop so my mother and sister could buy groceries. Then we picked up dinner from the local pizzeria for us to enjoy when we got back in the house. 

All in all it turned out to be a nice day. It did not even rain as it was forecasted too. The sun actually came out instead. 

The rest of the night I went on to do my own thing. I laid in bed watching “Dragon Ball” to relax my feet a bit. I decided to wear wingtip boots for the day. I thought they would be comfortable to use but I guess after 3 and a half hours of walking the feel becomes completely different.  

By 11pm I was done with everything. 

Woke Up For Development & Bonding!

Sat. June 30, 2018 

I have a day off. 

I woke up at 6:30 this morning along with my love. We both had to be out of the house early. She had to be at work and I had to be in the office. It was nice getting up and dressed together. We even walked out of the door together and kissed each other goodbye as we walked to our individual cars.  

On my way to the office I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up breakfast. I woke up with a serious appetite forcing me to get a little more than a drink. I decided to have a toasted raisin bagel with light butter and a pistachio frozen coffee. I have not had it in a while honestly enjoying it more than I thought I would. I might have even forgot that they sold bagels.  


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Personal development. 

The office was great. Not many people showed up for this mornings training. They missed out on a huge chance to bank great information. It was very informative with different perspectives from about six people or so. The beauty about days like these is that you never know which speaker you will connect with more. For me I connect with the ones who struggled to or took longer to achieve their success since I am still working on mine.  

Training finished around 11am. After chit chatting with a few colleagues I did not end up leaving until 11:30 or so. I do not show up to the office on Saturdays like I used to so it is good to see familiar faces.  


(photo found on Google images)

On the way back to my girlfriends house I decided to stop by my place for bit. Before then I quickly pulled into Stop and Shop for a few things. The house needed bread for breakfast, instant coffee for the week and two types of creamers – powdered and liquid. I prefer the powered creamer over the liquid but just me. I also picked up a small bouquet of flowers for my mother. She has been a bit down lately and loves flowers so why not show her some love.  

Home is where the love is! 

Finally home after a couple of days I went straight to wash clothes. I used up all of my work clothes and need them cleaned for tomorrow and next week. As they went through the wash cycle I went outside to hose down my car. The water that came out if it was hot. By mistake I let it slip spraying me with boiling water. It surprised me. Either way I needed to wash off the coffee I spilled on the roof of my Honda so I dragged the hose down the driveway close enough to my car. Brown coffee on a white car will stain and not for the better.  

Back inside the house I set up the flowers in a vase and set them on the table. I wanted them to be the first thing seen as she walked into the kitchen.  

Being in the kitchen I decided to eat something. There was left over pizza in the refrigerator from last night so I heated that up for a late lunch. While I ate I caught up with DashieGames. I am still behind a few videos but I think two a day will get me back on his regular schedule. After having my fill I went to work on my new build. It has been a while since I put some work into it. After analyzing my new parts and finding out I used them wrong, things started to pick up. I got one of the GPUs running which was a great victory. But with that came great disappointment. I thought I was fully ready for operation when I realized that my Internet connection was going to be a problem. The router sits in the living and I do not need the new build over there. For 2 hours I tried to set up, or turn it into, an old Netgear router into a ‘range extender’. Even with the tutorials and videos I could not figure it out. I was so discouraged that I packed it up for night.  

Dinner with the family. 

My girlfriend came over for dinner after work. She arrived at 5:30pm after working her shift ready to eat. There was food in the oven that was waiting to be served if it ever finished cooking. For 20 minutes the chicken sat in the oven without heat. It slipped our minds to check and see if the oven was turned on. I was very upset with myself after discovering nothing was being cooked. 

After dinner I packed my bag and watch my girlfriends favorite YouTube couple, Ace Family. Right after finishing up, my sister shows up with her child, my cousin and her daughter. My father’s birthday was on a he 25th, him turning the big 6 – 0, but we cut him a cake today since we were able to all be together. It was nice seeing them.


Bitmoji Birthday Me 

Ready for bed. 

Around 10:30pm my girlfriend and I left. Dinner was amazing, the family was fun but we were ready for bed. About 25 minutes after getting through her door we went straight up to the bathroom. It was time to wash our sweaty sticky bodies before lying in bed finally dozing off to the sound of a nice cool air conditioner. 

By 12:30am she fell asleep holding my clean foot while laid against the headboard to write this. I’m so tired… 

In & Out On My Day Off!

Tues. June 19, 2018 

Too early, too sunny. 

This morning was not as hot as yesterday when I went out to move my car but I could tell it was going to get there. Back inside I went straight to bed. The air conditioner was on full blast and it felt great. The only downfall of ‘feeling great’ is how high the electric bill is going to be. But I had the day off and not a care in the world. 

On the run! 

To start off my day, 11:30am, I wrote. I sat in front of the computer for an hour. I wanted to spend some time searching the web for new articles to post but errands had to be ran. I got dressed a little before 1pm and headed out to the bank. I needed to deposit money so I could purchase a plane ticket. I will be going away to Atlanta Georgia for a business conference that is being held at the home office. It will be my first time seeing the headquarters and going to Georgia. I’m a little excited!  


(photo found on Google images)

After the bank I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts down the street to pick up a large frozen pistachio coffee. It was about 85 degrees out and I needed something cold. Before heading home, I made one final stop for the most important inquiry of the month.

At PC Richards I went straight to the customer service desk so I could be pointed in the right direction. I needed the person who installed car alarms. I hoped to get my alarm fixed today but the technician was not available. He might have been off today. To be honest I was glad. I was able to speak to the previous technician who gave me some great advice. (If it works out) His plan was for me to buy new remotes off of eBay or Amazon instead of changing the entire system. My alarm was discontinued and he was fairly certain that the remote to my alarm was widely available. It was the cheapest option in his opinion. I appreciate the genuine help. 


(photo found on Google images)


When I got home the first thing I did was search the web for the remote. I searched through Amazon but the prices were too high and only a single control was available. Then I turned to the worker’s other suggestion, eBayand VOILA! I found it. So $40 for two remotes verses $300 for a new system. Right now I am victorious, on Saturday – if it comes – we will get the final score.  

Since I was already purchasing things I switched back over to Amazon. I had to get another computer part to add to the new build. I meant to buy it sooner since I have had the rest of it for a month but finding the time to spend money is rough. But if I want this build to run like it is supposed to I need it. With Amazon Prime one-day shipping I should have it by tomorrow night. That’s one down and one more left to go.  

Once I spent some money I began to build the new system. With the part coming in soon I wanted to get a head start on it. The plan is to have it fully functional by next week. The last part is optional and has no immediate purpose so I will hold off on that. 

Took a minute… 

In the middle of it my mother comes with my grandfather. He was released from the hospital today healthy from what the doctors said. Unfortunately, he laid in bed to long so his motor skills were slightly off. He could barely walk. I had to help get him moving by forcing his legs very gently and slow. I hope it does not last too long. I am used to seeing him walk everywhere and this was a sad sight.  

Back it again I put a few more parts together. Fastened them down and made sure they were secure. When I get the last part all that’s left is to program the software.  

Around 6:45pm I headed out once again.  

This time I went to the liquor to pick up a few drinks for my parents and I. Dinner was just about ready when I left. The problem with knowing that is knowing that I would not be able to eat when it was fully cooked. Work had to be done before I could enjoy it.  


(photo found on Google images)

Back home my pops and I tore down the bathroom wall to fix a leaky faucet. We did not take it completely down but a good portion of it to see the pipes. Unfortunately, we could not just change the knobs but the whole system has to be replaced. Water was dripping into the basement because one of the faucets are busted on the inside. I think it is just a washer but what do I know. A lot more work for the next couple of day. After making a mess I washed the tub from the footprints and sheet rock rubble. 


 Finally, my first meal of the day was at 9:40pm. 

I took a shower at 10.  

Found the software code that I will need online.  

In bed by 12:45am. 

The Thought of Losing Another Grandparent…

Sat. June 16, 2018 

I did it! 

I actually woke up at 6:45 in the morning after going to bed so late. I did not think I would be able to get since I only slept for 4 hours last night. Not that it was easy getting up but I did it. I was so dedicated to waking up this morning. I even layered up on clothing because I was not sure if I had to go straight to work after office training. That meant two pants, two shirts and it was already 70 degrees out pushing 85.  

On my way to the office, the highway lanes were tricky. Imagine a child with a coloring book trying to keep their crayolas inside of the line. That was me driving this morning. I could barely focus on the road. Now that I am writing this I probably should not have driven. But I did and before getting to the office I made a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a little something to wake me up. I order a pistachio hot latte and an apple fritter, a real one unlike the disappointment from Wawa. Then back on track to my destination. 

In the parking of the office, I sat there for a minute to take a sip of the latte and bite of the fritter. Just a tease to keep me going. It was not much but it tasted so good. I hoped that that it would hold me over for a for a few but did not last any longer than an hour. After that my eyes were heavy, attention span short and my body antsy. I wiggled in my seat for 3 hours as I tried my best to focus on the word being spoken.  

All in all, training was great. I can honestly say I would have missed out on a lot if my bed kept hold of me. Once it was over we gather in our Monday night conference room for a surprise. My RVP has been away for medical reasons but returned today. To bring him joy a couple of folks put together a welcome back party. It was a really nice gesture that left him speechless and possibly on the verge of tears.  

I want a truck. 

On our way my mentor showed off his Land Rover Discovery and its 4.6 liter gas guzzling engine. The truck is a real beauty. With the engine recently rebuild and air conditioning reserviced, the truck runs better than some new cars. The only problem with is its gas tank. It takes anywhere from $70 – 100 to fill depending on the gas prices. It is an expensive drive. I would love a truck of my own without the ridiculous fill ups.  

I decided to head home before work. 

By 1:30pm I was glad to be home. As tired as I was I ran straight to the bed. I dropped everything that was in my arms, jumped out of my clothes and tucked myself under the covers. I had an hour to rest before I had to get and leave so I took advantage of every second.  

As I laid in bed fighting to get out from under the covers I received a phone call. The lady I work with had tire trouble again. She was going to be 15 minutes behind schedule because she had no choice but to get it checked. It was fine with me. I was still bed at the time. But then the unexpected happen as I started to sit up to get ready. I could hear a bit of commotion. My sister had ran downstairs and was now in the living room. It was odd. 

When I walked over, the sight was confusing. My father had my grandfather in his arms, my mother looked worried, sister had a serious face on and Grandpa looked like a rag doll. His head to head heavy for him to hold up, arms dangling straight down towards the ground, no movement, no talking, no nothing. After sitting him down my sister did a few manual medical exams, she is the medical person in our family. Immediately she called an ambulance. Possible stroke, heart attack, something worse? We could not tell but it looked bad. He just sat there barely able to keep his eyes open and yawning every couple of seconds. The sight was frightening. 


When the paramedics came I could not tell if they were experienced or were just hired 5 minutes before the call. They were as slow as a turtle. Maybe even slower. I am pretty sure my pizza delivery man moved faster than them. In my mind this was a medical emergency but they might not have thought so. After about 45 minutes they finally left.  

I was supposed to be at work by now but I called to cancel. I knew she had her son with her today so I was not too worried but I still felt bad. I had to care for my nephew during the time my mother and sister were at the hospital. There was not much time to get the baby dressed, pack and bag, and load him in the car. Especially not with the constant questions that were being asked about three times each. It seemed like survey hour. 

From 2 – 8:30pm it was a constant back and forth with text messages. The doctors could not figure out what happened but they were able to rule out heart issues. Thank God! They also discovered that he had contracted a colon infection called C Diff (whatever that it) and were treating that. Just to monitor him they kept him over night. The weight was lifted off of my heart but he is not in the clear yet.

Throughout the entire time I worked on my writing. I was worried that I would not be able to post anything with my crazy schedule leaving no gaps for me time. With this unfortunate event I made the best of it.  

The rest of the night I watched an episode of My Hero Academia” and then off to bed.  



I need to study more! I have a test on July 2 that I am not prepared for it. Plus I am a horrible test taker. 

I Missed You, But I Must GO!

Tues. June 12, 2018

One more month until my 12 year anniversary. 

When I woke up and saw the date the first thing that came to mind was one more month. Next month, to date, will make 12 years that I have been with the woman of my dreams. I always knew that we would have a great life together and so far, I have not been wrong. It makes me smile when I think of it. The big question is what do we do to celebrate it and what do I get her?


Bitmoji ME


I rolled out of bed at 8am to see my nephew. It was finally my day to have and spend some quality time with him. It has been weeks since I spent an entire day with him and since I was off, I volunteered.

Early in the morning he was wide awake as he laid in his playpen and had breakfast. While he ate I laid next to him and stared at his innocence. The only thing he can do right now is eat, poop and say mama. Before he even finished his bottle, he fell asleep. I was glad because I needed some more sleep myself. But when I am next to him I can never truly sleep. I always wake up and roll over to take a peek in his playpen every time he makes a noise. It is hard to ignore a baby who moves around a lot.  

At 10:30, a half an hour before his lunch bottle, he wakes up. I tried to pretend that I was still asleep in the attempt to trick him but he was not buying it. I got up and went straight to kitchen to prepare his meal. First I put his baby mush in a plate of hot water to warm up. Then I prepared a six ounce bottle for him to wash down the mush. But the most important part was changing his diaper so he could enjoy his food in peace.

As cute as he is, he was a pain. He has two more teeth growing, this time on the top, and they really bothering him. Every time I tried to feed him he would cry in between each mouthful. Once the bowl was emptied I gave him a bottle and laid him in the playpen He fell asleep for an hour once his belly filled up giving me time to eat and write about my E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) excitement.


(photo found on Google images)

When he woke up I dedicated my time to him. For 3 hours he sat on my stomach. We either played with his toys or watched TV. It was honestly the only way to keep him front crying or whining, something he rarely does. He was very needy because of his teeth and wanted to be in someone’s arms. Normally he is very independent playing by himself. I do understand, I like to be tended to when feeling ill as well. Besides that, the poor little guy had so many fevers when the first set came though, his new set is not looking any better.

I put him down around 3pm to give him third bottle. It was time for another meal for the hungry monkey. I find it interesting how fast his stomach is growing. I honestly think the hours in between meals has be shortened but I do not see him every day or spend enough time with him to know for sure. By 4 he was asleep once again.

A little company.

My girlfriend came over to kill time while she was on her 3 hour break. She had finished with her work duties but had an after hours meeting. I knew she would coming over so with a ‘pretty please’ I asked her to bring something to eat. As I opened the door to greet her, in her hands was something deliciously needed, pizza. But not just pizza, fries to. My nephew slept the entire time we ate, allowing us to enjoy each other’s company at the kitchen table. We caught up with our days, conversated about what’s to come and right as we wipe our mouths the little one makes a noise. He was awake. From that moment on my girlfriend had him until 5:30pm rolled around and mother took over.

Before my girlfriend left I took a 5 minute nap, literally, on her thigh. I really need that nap. As I walked my her out, so she could head back to work, I got ready myself. Around 2:30 I received a text message asking me if I was available to work. The shift started at 6pm so I said yeah. I knew someone could watch my nephew around that time and frankly I like to make money. I left even though today was supposed to be my day off.


I got to the place we were doing business at by 6:30. It took me a little longer to get to her because of traffic and construction. I will never understand why road work needs to be done during traffic hours. When I got there I could tell she was busy and possibly under pressure. There were people lined up against the wall to the building we were in front of. As soon I showed my face she requested help. More people had arrived than she thought would but held it together long enough for me to get there.

For 2 hours we were pretty steady. It started off rocky but the turnout was a success. Hopefully will be invited back, soon. By 10pm I was on the road back home. It was a short shift. I thought for sure I was going to be there all night.

Home again.

I showered up, heated up food for dinner, and watched anime. I cannot remember the last time I actually saw a show. It felt good to begin my catch-up session with “Hero Academia. Before bed I finished up my Top 6 list of E3 game previews. I got too excited and did not sleep until 2am.



(photo found on Google images)

A True Family Moment!

Sun. June 10, 2018

Early, huh.

My plan for this morning was to sleep in as much as possible and take advantage of my bed. But by 10am I was up and ready to get going. I thought since I went to bed at 2:30am last night I would not be able to get up until noon. Normally on Sundays I am out for the count.

What helped was my best friend texting me in the morning. It was the initial reason for me to open my eyes. Then soon after he called me. I guess my text message took too long to get to him. He was purchasing Comic Con tickets for this October and wanted to get mine before they sold out. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned. Before ticket purchase, my account it is under had to be verified and active. I never read the email and missed the deadline, May 30. Ten days too late. Hopefully they open up a late registration.

My family!

While on the phone I was entertained by the commotion in the background. It was his girlfriend yelling at it him for something. I did not want to ask what was happening but it was juicy. I stayed on the phone longer than I needed to just to listen. After a few minutes I could tell my best friend being on the phone was not helping so I parted ways even though I really did not want to. With that I was definitely awake.

For breakfast I ate with the family. The entire family – mom, pop, sister, nephew. On the table sat eggs, pancakes, milk and Aunt Jemima syrup. Brewing on the counter was a pot of fresh coffee. It was nice having everyone around. It’s been a while.


(photo found on Google images)

Around 1pm my girlfriend comes over to join the bonding session. She had not seen my nephew in I do not know how long and really wanted to see him. Of course, that did not work out right away. The little guy ended up falling asleep about half an hour before.

To start off our night we did something we have not done in months. We sat back and watched a movie. We actually watched a full movie from beginning to end. Coming to theatres June 21 will be latest addition to the wonderful dinosaur franchise, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”


(photo found on Google images)

In preparation to watching it I set up the TV so my lady could get a good understanding of how the second movie came to be. She never saw the first part that released 3 years ago in 2015. She saw the trailer to the second movie and got excited so it was imperative that she watched part one. She loved it so when the new movie releases we will taking a trip to see it. During the end of the movie my nephew wakes up. Happy to see him, the three of us ended up watching it together. It was fun.

Around 6pm things start to get heated.

I mean really heated. My father, outside in a drizzle, had the grill hot and loaded with beef ribs and barbecue chicken. On the side my sister had sweet potato fries, the red and white kinds, cooking in her new Power Air Fryer. Since it was the first time she used it, getting the right temperature set was troublesome. The fries were either undercooked or overcooked. Soon enough she will have it down packed but I took the old-fashioned route. I dropped cut up Idaho potatoes in fresh canola oil on the stove.


(photo found on Google images)

By 7pm we were once again enjoying a meal together, this time with my love included. I also forgot to mention we had corn on the cob. A very important item with barbecued food.

Late night fun.

Afterwards my mother, father, sister, girlfriend and I took the time to cut a birthday cake we had in the freezer from the 28th. It was my sister’s birthday but since our dog passed we never got to enjoy the moment. It did not feel right. While having cake we sat in the living room, minus pop, to watch TV. Family Feud, Kardashian edition, was on and my girlfriend wanted to see it.


(photo found on Google images)

Once finished my girlfriend and I went to do our own thing. To end the night, we had some alone time. When she fell asleep I watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory.” Before I went to sleep I took a shower.


During the movie earlier I had E3 streaming on my computer and a Bluetooth headset in my ear. 2019 games are looking good so far. Cannot wait to see what Day 2 has in store for tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Its Memorial Day! 

Mon. May 28, 2018 

While everyone my age is out partying I am home with the family. 

I slept for a long time. I fell asleep at 1am and did not get up until 12 this afternoon. The depression of losing my four-legged friend is hitting me hard. To try and forget it I hurried myself to work. As soon as I got up I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Back in my room I grab a pair of sneakers that I use for manual labor and out the door. I did not even change out of my sleep ware nor did I eat breakfast.  


The plan for today was yard duty. The lawn needed to be cut and around the house needed some work. The lawn had already been started so I picked up from there. After finishing that I trimmed the hedges on the side of the house. It separates our house from our neighbor’s. Ever since the new couple moved in it has not been taken care of so I did my side of it. It looks funny from a street view. On one side it is nicely cut while on the other it is wild. I also cropped off the branches from our Christmas tree we had this past December. The city never came to get it so once it was in pieces I through it into our firepit.  

With the branches gone I was left with the trunk. My father is a crafty man so he can use it to make a staff. With a bit of forming, sanding and staining it will look amazing. He has made one before and it came out great.  

Finished and time to go! 

Around 3:15pm I packed everything up and ran inside to shower off the sweat, grass, and tree bark. Between tree sap and tar, I am not sure which one sucks more to take off. No matter how much soap I used the sap was stuck to me. I had little brown dots all over my hand. I even used a scraper to loosen it up. It was a pain. 

Note to self: USE GLOVES! 

15 minutes after my shower my girlfriend comes to get me. In her backseat were balloons and a bouquet of flowers for my sister. After bringing those in the house we left to get an ice cream cake from Carvel. On the way we discovered we were both hungry. I completely forget to eat. We tried to get something light from the pizza place next door but it did not look fresh or appetizing. I say ‘something light’ because my father was grilling chicken in the backyard for my sister’s birthday. But since the pizza did not call our attention we went down the street to Applebee’sThis is where we messed up. 

The plan to have something small failed. We thought we would be safe with drinks and appetizers. It sounded safe until our 2 sangria’s, 2 appetizers, and plate of fries came out to us. Way too much food. The appetizers were larger portions than we thought they would be. We were full halfway through it. By the time 6pm rolled around we were staggering out the door with over filled bellies.  

Before heading back to Carvel, we stopped at Payless Shoes. We needed to walk off the food and I needed new work shoes to beat up. After 3 years of not working there the styles have barely changed. At least I found something comfortable. Thank you for the discount lonely worker. 

Back at Carvel we get a cake that said ‘Happy Birthday Jo!, coconut ice cream, vanilla ice cream and a pistachio milkshake for myself.  


(photo found on Google images)

645pm. Back home and waiting for my sister to come home. 

We were all worried. Mom, dad, girlfriend, me. Within 10 minutes she was outside.  

It went as we thought it would. She was parked in the driveway crying in her car. I did not know what to do. My mother was consoling her. I greeted my nephew and brought him inside. I did not want him to hear his mother weeping in the front seat. But when I got inside I realized there was no playpen. I left the baby with my girlfriend as I went back outside for it. This time it was just us. I cried in sorrow with her. Sobbing in her arms. She needed me and yet I was was the one being held. But after a while we calmed down and so I left with the playpen in my hands.  

About an hour and a half later my sister comes in. It was hard to do but she had to use the bathroom. When she finished we all ate dinner – barbeque chicken, white sweet potato, mac and cheese, corn. My girlfriend and I dreaded the food but ate out of respect. We were so stuffed that moving was a challenge.  

Around 10pm we had some alone time. We set “The Good Doctor” up on the big screen and laid out. It felt great. 


Thank you to everyone who has fought for the freedom of this country!


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True Love !

May 15, 2018 

A day off before 4 days of extended hours and long nights. 

I considered taking this day for myself but quickly overwrote that thought after seeing his cute face. Since I work so much it is like I never get to bond with my nephew. I may see him here and there. Give him a kiss goodbye. But it does not compare to the connection we had when work was slow. That is why even with a day off I would rather spend my energy making him happy. He can sometimes be as tiring as a job but at least this boss is adorable. 

He might be growing up. 

This little guy has been changing his sleeping habits little by little. Normally he would fall asleep after after but this morning he was very energetic. After a bunch of giggles and baby talk he finally knocked out at 9:30 on the dot. I was surprised at how punctual that was. Too bad it did not last long. He woke up an hour later which rarely happens. I was a bit sad considering how tired I was. But we were up now and it was almost time for lunch. 

I had my first experience of feeding him something besides a bottle. We had a cool blue bowl of mashed bananas. He loves it so much. Every time the spoon went anywhere near his mouth he tried to grab it and feed himself. To wash it down he did have his bottle but it was not much fun for me. I cannot wait for him to get introduced to more foods. His reactions are priceless. 


Meet My Nephew

While he drank his bottle, I set up my PS4 in the living room. I wanted some entertainment and the TV was not doing it. Granted the DVR was good. Around 4:30pm I packed it all up and put it back in its spot. I could tell he was tired. He has been fighting his sleep all day and is now at the point where he has to be forced down. He was actually crying from exhaustion. Being an awesome uncle, I helped him out. 



I ended up setting him on my chest to calm him down. Once he stopped crying I then laid him down, on my right side, in my arm. Snuggled up next to me with his blanket he fell right to sleep after playing with his hands. Shortly after, with his body heat I ended up falling asleep as well. We were very comfortable. 

That was until the sound of thunder made me jump. 

I thought for sure I woke the baby but when I looked down at him, he was snoring as if nothing happened. There was a rough storm going on outside. I could not believe how hard the rain was hitting the window and how loud the winds were blowing. When I fell asleep there was nothing but a light drizzle. When I woke up it was almost hurricane like. In a matter of 30 minutes the scenery went from a soft glow to darkness. Almost movie like. 

A few moments after, my mother shows up to watch the baby. I had plans to go out since the rest of my week was going to busy. My sister was supposed to get home late but ended up coming home by 6pm. I guess her plans were canceled.  

I left the house at 6:45 as the storm calmed down hoping it was over. Straight to the gas station to fuel up before making my way down to my girlfriend house. Last night I completely drove home on an empty tank. As soon as I parked is when I noticed my fuel light on. Since the highway was not near the station I decided to take the local route to her house. Big mistake. Because of the storm, phone lines were down, trees were knocked over, branched in the middle of roads, streets flooded. All I could think was How bad was this? I slept through majority of it. 

15 minute trip turned into 30.  

The rest of the night calm. The storm had passed leaving a very nice breeze. We spent the night with the window wide open taking in the wonderful smell of rain and watching “The Good Doctor.” I don’t understand how people dislike this show. We enjoy it so much. I also had a great dinner too. A different version of carne guisada with white rice and a pasteles de guineo (basically mashed banana) stuffed with beef. For dessert a slice of homemade flan.  

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I need a stroller.