Get Things Done & Theeen TV !

May 8, 2018

Mornings with a small dog and a loud bark.

Woke up early at 7:15am to move my car. The past couple of days the weather has been amazing and the mornings warm. Today it was different. As soon as I opened the door I closed it. It was chilly out and I needed a jacket before going outside.

Once back inside I laid down to try to get some more Z’s. For about an hour I had no luck. My sister’s dog would not stop barking. It lives with her in the apartment above me so it can be very annoying at times. No matter how much you try to drown it out with the air conditioner or muzzle the bark by covering your ears she always manages to sound through it.

Well rested!

After the dog finally stopped I was able to get some shut eye. I did not wake up until 11:30 feeling great. Up and at it I began to write. While I wrote I had the series “Blindspot” streaming on the TV low in the background. Enough to not feel alone but still be able to fully concentrate. I was able to get tomorrow’s post scheduled and put together a new post that will be going up soon after. It is based off of Maxwell’s use of his schedule that I believe anyone can learn from.


(photo found on Google images)

After getting that done I took an hour break to actually watch an episode while I ate. Then I washed four loads of clothes and gather my quilts and sheets for the laundromat. Unfortunately my dryer is too small for large blankets so I cannot do them at home. Possibly my next investment.

Let’s get going!

Got ready to go around 6pm. I had a few things to do all along the way. Right from my driveway straight to my best friends house I went. I have an old 19 inch VGA Dell monitor that I use to use back in the day when I ran a Pentium 4 and Zotac Gt 610 PCI 512mb graphics card. Fancy stuff. This monitor has been on the top shelf in my closet for about 6+ years. My best friend has been running his gaming channel off of one monitor, which is his TV, and switching between inputs can be troublesome and inconvenient. We would have set it up right there and then but I did not have a spare VGA cable and the the monitors power cable was too short. Either way once it is hooked up it will be better than using his phone to view the chat. Hopefully he can set it up in a way that it will work.

After spending a half an hour chatting and checking out his new gaming computer I headed out. PC games on a 1080 TI is beautiful. Before making my way to the laundromat I stopped at a pizzeria to get a snack. My girlfriend has dinner waiting for me so I did not want to fill up. I got two beef patties to go just to hold me over.

I got to the laundromat by 7:45. Perfect timing. The last wash was at 8pm and I barely made it. I do not normally go washing so I thought it would be open later. After loading the machines my girlfriend shows up with a bag of her own clothes. She lives about 5 minutes away so mind as well, right.

During the dry cycle we decided to take a walk. About two store fronts down there is a Carvel’s ice cream shop. The day was starting to get chilly so before it came to the point where we need jackets we grabbed two soft serve vanilla cones with rainbow sprinkles.

Let’s relax!

We got done around 9:45pm and by the time we got to her house it was 10. The day flew by so quick. The dinner that my girlfriend had put aside unfortunately did not get eaten. I had a small amount of it but after all of the junk that went into my stomach I was not hungry.

We watched a lot of different things tonight. It started with the new History Channel Forged in Fire: Knife or Death” series to Facebook for Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” to YouTube for the Ace Family back again to TV for “Forged in Fire.” We were all over the place.

Computer Talk, a Wedding & Fever !

April 28, 2018 

Time to pick up where I left off. 

I woke up with eagerness to figure out what I was doing wrong with the graphics card,  or video card, last night. I have overclocked at least five of them without ever running into this problem. From the moment my eyes opened at 10:30 until 12:35pm I sat in front of the computer with my thinking cap on. 

I pulled out its companion from within the case just to make sure it was not interfering. Freeing up space, I moved it into a different slot and reinstalled all drivers. Since it was the only graphics card available I was able to test it numerous times. Usually I would not worry about removing other components but there is always a first for everything 

During my testing I realized something interesting. Currently I own four 1050 Ti graphics cards; 3 from ASUS and 1 from EVGA. I assumed, my first mistake, that the new ASUS card could handle the same settings as the other ASUS cards. I was wrong. Every time I tried to get near those settings the new card would reset to below its stock settings. I did not know that could happen.  

My second mistake was not starting from zero. Already having done this a few times I began in the middle. For example, the stock memory clock is set at 7008 but I increased it by 500 to 7508. The reason why I went straight for it is because the all of my other cards are increased by 600. So, in order to actually get it functioning properly I had to lower the settings verses what I thought it could handle being a newer model. Very confusing. 

Either way I figured it out and it surprisingly runs better with a 450 increase in settings.  


ASUS Cerberus 1050 Ti

Breakfast was skipped but I decided to have it anyway for lunch.  

I went with the typical weekend meal of a Portuguese buttered roll with a cup of coffee. Eating this always gives me a feeling of homeyness. It comforts me. Afterwards a took a dose of medicine. Whatever I have really has a hold on me and I cannot shake it. I might actually have to see a doctor. But for now, it will be fought.  

Time to get ready.  

I had to meet the lady I work with at her house at 3pm. We were driving to a wedding that we were invited to serve for. Before I left I had to shave in order to look presentable for the occasion and find something that did not look too wrinkled to wear. By my miscalculations I ran late. It being a beautiful day I did not count on getting stuck in traffic for 15 minutes. I did make my best attempt to get there on time but failed by being late. 

The next hour we spent on the road. Getting to the wedding was a road trip to the shore. Before officially starting our journey, we pulled into a Wawa on the site of the highway to get gas and milkshakes. A good road trip always starts with a full tank and a thick peanut butter Reese’s flavored milkshake. 


(photo found on Google images)

When we arrived, I was in awe by all of the beautiful waterfront homes. When I go to the beach it is one-way path straight to the sand. I never really drive through the outskirts so noticing the real estate is rare. I do remember being at a summer party once about 3 years ago but never again since then.  

Service was quick.

We got there after 4pm, set up and waited for 6:30 to roll around. The wedding planner had it all timed out so we could not start early. Wedding first, social hour at the outdoor bar, then food. While we waited we were able to catch up a friend who was also serving for the wedding. It had been an entire winter since seeing him so it all worked out. He even fed us one of the greatest dishes I have ever had from him – sausage, shrimp and grits with a wonderful gravy and edible orchids on top. Truly a master piece! 


By 8:30 the celebration was over. We said our congratulations, thank yous and good byes. About an hour and a half later the lady I work with and I were back at her house. After a beautiful day it decided to rain as if a bathroom pipe had burst. My drive home was lonely and wet.  

I was home by 11:10pm in the shower warming up from the cold rain. As I was rinsing off the soap my sister rushes me out the bathroom. My nephew had a 102 degree fever. She had to leave immediately to get Tylenol because she had none in house. Out the door she went as I watched this little baby lay in bed with nothing on but a diaper on is butt and a wet cloth across his forehead.   

By the time everything was done I was in bed by 1:30am.