A Beautiful Thursday To Be Alive!

Thurs. October 25, 2018 

Sleep deprived. 

Last night was pretty intense. I was so tired that I woke up 6 times thinking I had overslept. Each time I woke up the first thing I did was check the time to make sure it was not time to get up for work. 


Bitmoji alarm ME

Around 7:30 is when my mind decided to rest only to fight the alarm going off at 8am. When my mind and body were ready to get up it was 8:30. Getting up late left me with only half an hour to rush and leave the house.  

By 9:15, a bit later than I wanted, I was on the road headed it work. Normally I leave myself with more time to drive but that was not an option today. During my drive the night I had was the only thing on my mind. I could not figure out why I woke up so many times. The only conclusion I came up with was fear. Fear that I would not wake up from the exhaustion the night before. It was a valid explanation since I have done it several times in the past. 

Before meeting with the lady I work with, I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to get us breakfast. She had called me to let me know that she was running late due to traffic. During the conversation she mentioned she was hungry and did not have time to stop for anything. Being in the lead at this point, I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick stop. For her I got a bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant sandwich with a side of hash browns. For myself a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter. Along with that a vanilla swirl latte and Dunkaccino.  

Excitement to be. 

Finally making it to the location we were meeting at, I pulled right up to the front gate to check in. With a simple good morning and mention of my being there I drove off to the section of the property where we normally set up. We were at Verizon today and the moment I came around the bend where I park my car, my face lit up with joy. My favorite place to get the best chicken parmesan sandwich was there. I knew exactly what lunch was going to be.  


(photo found on Google images)

From 11 to 1:30pm we were consistently busy. It was slower than normal but it was understandable due to the weather. It was about 50 degrees with strong gusts of wind. Not a good day to be outside but the people had to eat and they wanted our food.  

During the end of shift I sat down and enjoyed the spoils on this job. Like I said earlier I knew what was for lunch, the best chicken parmesan I have ever had. Even better than mine, and I make a mean sandwich. To pair with it were, I believe, garlic parmesan fries. A delicious meal. 

After eating we cleaned up and headed out.  

Great caught and a lesson. 

When I got into my town, I took a detour. I went for a small Pokémon hunt and fought a Shinx that sat high in a gym. At the moment, finding it in a gym is the only way to obtain it unless I hatch it from a 10k egg. Unfortunately, the odd of egg hatching are low so searching for gyms is easier. It is now my second one and I am excited for more to come. Honestly, I just cannot wait for the official release of all of Gen 4.  


Once home I showered and then took a nap. 

 2 hours later I woke up feeling great. I lack sleep with how my days go so a nap makes it better. It makes me feel whole again. I watched a video that for a productive day a person needs to do 3 things: 

  1. Get 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night. 
  2. Stay hydrated because it helps a person think more clearly. 
  3. Find a way to exercise before the day officially starts. 

Knowing these three things should help me a lot. I just need to move my schedule around and get into bed sooner. 

Play and practice. 

After getting my body moving, for about an hour I played Call of Duty: Black of Ops 4. From there I went and turned on my iPad Pro to get in some drawing practice while “Dragon Ball” streamed in the background. That lasted until 10:30pm when I put the iPad down to continue watching the show. It was really good. Too good. I had to give it all of my attention.  


My first time using the Apple Pencil

Around 11:30 is when I called it quits. I went to straight to bed where I laid there for half an hour on my phone until my eyes shut down for the night. 


Happy Birthday Little Guy!

Sat. October 20, 2018 


It is Saturday and I should have been working. Instead I took off to spend time with the family. It was a special day that I was not going to miss. But before the fun began there was a whirlwind of activity to get through. 

Starting off my day I woke up woke up early and put on my good clothes. Being off on a Saturday morning meant I could be at the office by 9am. It had been a month, maybe even longer, since I had time to get training in and mingle with my office friends. There was a lot of love regarding my return as if I had been away on vacation and never planned on going back. The people who used to see me often had not in a while and had big smiles when they did. It was a nice warm welcome that left me in awe. 

Then I got home where things got busy.  

The rest of the day consisted of helping prepare for my nephew’s birthday party this evening. He turned 1 on the 6th and it was time to have a nice big party for him. I would gone with more of a barbeque style, close family party but my sister wanted it to be a little more interesting.  


I began by helping cup the cupcakes. Folding pieces of Bubble Guppies cardboard around the bottoms of the little cakes. Moving on to the next project I helping punch holes in the party favor tags. The last thing I helped with was drying little toy buckets my sister wanted to put the table snacks in. It sounds like a little but it took 3 and half hours to do.  


Around 4:25pm I jumped in the shower and got ready to leave. I had errands to run before the actual party started that had a time stamp on them.  

On the road. 

The most important task was done first. I had to pick up my necklace from the jewelers before 6pm. I had been waiting for it to be repaired for about 2 weeks and more excited than ever to get it. Lucky me I made it with 15 minutes to space. Running in and out I was back in my car and on the way to complete my next task, picking up pork roast. I also had to be there before 6. With my driving skills and knowledge of the area I made right on the dot.  

Crazy part is the ladies who work there tried calling the number that was left, the house phone. I honestly do not even know if that number is connected to a functioning phone. I do not even remember the last time I heard it ring. Poor lady might have been calling a phone that has been out of commission for at least a year. 


Enter a caption

Anyway, with food in the car I was ready to head towards the lounge where the party was being held. At that moment in time I realized I had no idea where said lounge was. I forgot to get the address for place and of course no one answered their phones. Quick thinking, I make a call to my girlfriend. She was going to be at the party with her parents so I knew I could get the address from her. Boy did I call at the right time. The place was a mere 9 minutes from where I was when I made the phone call. Any later and I might have missed it. 


Party trouble. 

At the lounge everything was hunky-dory until we realized that some materials, we needed to finish setting up with ran out. Having need it I left with a distant relative to get them.  

We began our journey at Dollar Tree for the little burners that are used to keep food warm in the aluminum trays. From there we took a failed trip to Target for twine. Every color except for pink was sold out. Then straight back to finish helping. It was a quick go around that took a lot of time to do.  


By 9pm the official party started. Everyone was supposed to arrive at 7 but hey, late families. I must say, it was a great party. My only issue was being too focused on making sure that things were taken care of that I did not really enjoy it. Being part host is not party friendly. For me anyway. 

Our time was up. 

Around 10:30pm we started to clean up. An hour later we were packing our cars and leaving shortly after. Once home we unloaded and by the time we finished cleaning and organizing it was 1am.  

In bed by 1:30 to wake up at 7am. Good luck! 

Busy Body Even When I’m Off!

Wed. October 17, 2018 

Self-care first! 

At 8:30am I was up getting ready for my visit to the chiropractor. I had a 10am appointment that I was not going to miss. I have been looking forward to it for a month, since my last session. 

Walking into the doctor’s office I was greeted with a warm welcome. Catching up with the time that had passed I informed or a great cause. I donated $10 to a breast cancer fund the office was having. Also received a nice pink shirt from it. 


Getting worked on felt amazing. The soothing part was the massage that given to me by one of the therapists. While getting my muscles loosened, we got the talking about the our recent activates. I told her about my new adventure with the business my Texas buddy and I started a month ago.  

She was very excited to hear about it and told me she has a promotion business with a few people that was started to help creators get their art out. She even offered to help me promote once we officially opened shop. It was a nice offer that came with her Instagram information and phone number. I will be taking her up on that offer once we finalize everything. 


Back in my car I made a decision to be an adult instead of going home to nap. I called my local Pep Boys to see if an opening was available for me to have my car maintenance. Luckily there was. About 30 – 40 minutes later I was at the desk handing over the keys.  

I had an hour to wait so while sitting in my seat I pulled out my new iPad Pro and started to test the Apple Pencil. I have had these devices for a few days now but with work have not had the time to truly experience them. I must say the pair is amazing. 


Being longer than an hour I was able to test the different functions in Autodesk SketchBook with the Pencil. I created a pretty cool design on my first shot. I never did complete it though. I started to get antsy from hunger and sitting so long. 2 hours had gone by and I had yet to have anything in stomach. Not able to wait I made my first meal of the day a bag of Hot Fries.  

By 2:15pm, 2 and a half hours later, my car was finally done and I was able to move on with my day. The next task to do was meet my girlfriend at her job.  

Pat on my back. 

Last night my girlfriend caught a flat somewhere near her job. After putting air in it, she slowly made her way to my house. Good thing we planned to see each other tonight and I was home. When she got to the house I changed it in 50 degree weather. It felt good working on a car. I miss having that moment with a vehicle. It had been a while since I did it without rushing and was able to take my time. After checking the tire I could see a huge nail in it. What I did not notice was how low the spare was.  


Thanks to the gas station air meter I was able to see that the tire was a whole 20 psi (Pounds per Square Inch) off. I guess at night everything looks better than it seems. Filling it up made a huge difference in the feel of the ride.  

Back at her job I dropped off her car and was back in mine. 

All me. 

Throughout my day of driving I had a blast collecting the new Pokémon in GO! I even caught the new raid Pokémon Shinx. And believe it or not I was able to hatch three on top of that. The mileage I put in today was insane. 


Finally back in the house I was able to actually have a meal. A Cuban sandwich and coffee with a side of hot Utz chips. I had the life restored back to me.  

Feeling good about myself I set up “Dragon Ball” to stream on my TV while I cleaned up my living space. From 4:10 to 8:30pm I threw things out, tied up boxes, vacuumed, straightened up and rearranged. The only thing I did not get to was dusting the counters and shelves. That is another project for another day. I was beat and ready to relax.  

Hoped in shower and got out to a little R&R with Word. It feels good writing this. 

Ending the night, I played a little Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and drew on my iPad. Still did not finish the drawing from earlier but instead started a new one. 





The Best Sunday I Could Of Had!

Sun. October 14, 2018

Lovely morning!

I woke up on my own accord today. Not for work or anything related to it. Just because of my internal alarm at 8am. Once I realized what time it was, I laid back down and went right back to sleep. That is until 8:55 hit and I remembered I forgot to click “publish” on today’s article post. Whoops.

Back to bed I went until around 11:15 when I woke up to feed the rumbling monster I call a stomach. I was starving for some reason. I guess sleeping can be a work out at times. 

For breakfast I sat at the table with the family. I was off today and I wanted to have my face present a little. I do not get everyone around often. But since I was a bit late it was mainly my nephew and I eating. He had small squares of French toast on his plate while I had 2 big pancakes on mine.

Productivity with every minute.

From 1 – 3pm I worked on bolding out a few graphics for the new business. I have been playing around with our logo and products trying to see what best fits where. After a few trial and errors, over the past couple of days, I was finally able to get the images the way I liked them for the product they will be going on. It was truly a challenge trying to get them in a way where it did not differ to much from the original design.

15 minutes later I was in the shower preparing myself to leave. I had plans to spend the rest of the day with my girlfriend. It had been months since the two of us had a day off together. All I had to do was wait for her to finish whatever project she was in the middle of.

Unlockable Apparel


Rushing to leave I was told to wait a little longer. She needed more time to iron out a few details before being ready to go. I was more than happy to take that time to get in another hour of work. I need to prepare one more item but I have been going back and forth on which one. Decisions, decisions.  

By 4:35pm I was walking out of the door to my car in what seemed to be 55 degree weather. What happened to summer?  

She listens well.

Making to my girlfriend’s house I went from my car to hers. We had an hour to make it to the mall before it closed. On the 12th, our monthly anniversary, she decided to go out of her to bring me joy. Not realizing that I had been talking about the iPad Pro so frequently, she went out and bought. It was a complete surprise to me. I even cried my butt off. (FYI: I can be very emotional at times.)

It was her way of saying how proud she was of me for working so hard lately. She said I deserved it and hoped it would help in the future of my new business with my Texas buddy. I believe it will, thank you love.  

But even though I was happy it was not the exact one I wanted. I did not want to seem ungrateful, because I was grateful, extremely, but it was the Wi-Fi version and I needed the cellular version to replace my current iPad Air 2. I planned on passing it on to my mother for further use when I got the Pro. No need to have two.


(photo found on Google images)

This was the reason for our rush to the mall. To exchange it for the cellular version at my cost of course. She spent enough as it was especially since she bought the pencil with it.

The trip.

Getting to the mall we realized we actually had more time than we expected. Instead of it closing at 6 they closed at 7pm. It work out great with our wait time being 20 minutes. Plus we had a reservation for dinner to get to.

Even though the Apple store was packed with people we were taken care of pretty quickly. By 6:20 we had paid the difference and done the exchange. It was very easy. Easier than I could have imagined it would be.

From the mall we made our way to the restaurant. We were 15 minutes early which gave us plenty of time to grab a bottle of wine from up the street. Walking to the door of the store, it was close. Not noticing at first I yanked on the door with brute force to enter. Walking away the owner rushed to let us in. He was a great man for that. Normally owners would not have thought twice about it. He even helped us pick out a bottle and had a conversation with us before heading back the restaurant, Casserole Bistro.

Casserole Bistro

The best ending.

Our night was great. Smiles, laughs, wine, appetizers, entrees and dessert. For an hour and a half, we enjoyed each other’s company. We made up for the past couple of busy months not going out and just enjoying our time. It was truly needed.  

Back at her place by 9:30pm we cuddled up on the couch to keep warm on this cold Autumn night.

Beautiful ending. 

The Final Consecutive One…

Wed. October 10, 2018 

It’s going to be great! 

These are the days I wish for. The days that are short and sweet. The days where I go into work and a few hours I am home. These are the days that keep me going.  

I woke up at 8:30am happy to know I will be going to work and back home early. I even had a bowl cereal to start off my day before leaving the house to take a short 20 minute drive. The lady I work with and I were going to be at a new location upon request. It is always nice to be somewhere that people actually look forward to seeing us. It adds a little more passion to the job.   


Bitmoji ME happy

One job and done. 

Driving onto the property I was amazed. It was well taken care of and at first I thought I was at a park. From the entrance no buildings are visible except for the security booth at the gate. Almost national park like. If it were not for the business logos stationed on a mason wall, I might have missed it entirely. 

We set up within an hour and got started right after. For 2 hours it very consistent business. First it was one, then 3, then a crowd. We moved the orders out of the window as fast as possible trying to please the people waiting patiently. By 2pm not a single soul was around. Once the crowd died down, we were finished.  

While walking around her trailer I stumbled upon good fortune. I found a $5 bill tucked away at the bottom of a thorn bush. Reaching in for it felt like that scene on “Lion King” when Simba was trying to escape his homeland. Just like he I came out victorious. Then she found $10 bill by the rear of her truck in a different part of the bush. We called it The Magic Money Bush. 


(photo found on Google images)

Sweet home. 

Before heading home, I stopped at the bank to make a deposit. My account was getting low and I have a few bills that I need to pay. One is a ticket I got on Sunday and the other is my credit card. 

Finally home I showered while a load of laundry washed up in the machine. Waiting for the machine to stop I ended up taking a 2 hour nap. During my drive home I could barely focus. Even with my glasses on my eyesight was blurred.  

I think I might be pushing too hard. But I only need to last till the end of the season. After October things will die down and I might be able to rest. Today I took advantage of the time I had. IT FELT GREAT! 

Once up I played with my nephew, had myself some dinner, and around 9:45pm started to write.

At this point I realized that I need to slow down. At least temporary. My days are usually non-stop and my stamina is wearing down. I love writing these to release stress and hopefully entertain someone but I need to focus on resting as well as my new business. I do not plan on stopping completely but making it less consistent. Instead of every day, maybe I will sleep when I should and write when it does not feel like a burden. The articles will continue, for sure, but the journals will become sporadic, for now.  



Bitmoji ME soon

What An Eventful Day!

Tues. October 9, 2018 

Productive morning and afternoon. 

I did not wake up for the conference call today. My mind was done for. I even slept through two alarms not noticing until 8:30am when I went looking for my phone. Luckily, I did not have to be at the café today. Instead I had to meet the lady I work with around 10am for our lunch shift. The first job of the day.  


Bitmoji version of Me

With the time I had, I set up two articles that interested me and saved a cool video I want to post for Saturday morning. I also got two quotes posted before having breakfast. While I ate, I watched a 5 minute video on YouTube for entertainment right before leaving the house. 

At the first site we were busier than the last time being there. I assume we were too new the first time so this go around people were curious. Usually we get more interest the first day we arrive but at least people came to us. 


45 minutes later we were at the second location for dinner. After driving into the apartment complex, we realized we were ahead of schedule. The place we needed to park was not available. At the time the building was receiving a series of deliveries. Since we had no space, we drove over to Mitsuwa, the best Asian market I have entered, to pick up a few things. 

After filling the cart with a variety of things from fish cakes to dessert cakes, we went to have an early lunch. Ramen with a side bowl of shredded salmon over rice. It also had these weird delicious salmon juicy balls. With every bite they added a burst of flavor to the dish. I forgot what they were called, might have been salmon eggs, but it was phenomenal.  

Ikura Don

(photo found on Google images)

Second job of the day. 

Making our way back to the complex the lady I work with basically stopped me in the middle of the road so I could get her coffee. She was really in the mood for a hot cup so I pulled over to get two, one for her and one for me, from Starbuck. I had my first Blonde since it was released. Well kind of. The lady I work with ended up getting a coffee that was too sweet so we mixed our cups together to create a new flavor. I will have to retry it one day. 

Back at work, our dinner shift turned out to be a lot more intense than I expected it to be. Being at this location always keeps us on our toes but I felt as if today was a little more than normal. Since it is for dinner the orders usually consist of 2 – 5 meals per person. It makes the time go by quicker, so I like it, I just expected it to be a bit less. Either way it was good for business which is always a plus.  

More money, easier life, bigger smiles. 

Needed more snacks. 

By 8:30pm we were done and by 9 pulling off of the premises. I had a nice 45 minute drive home. During the drive I had a very tasty pumpkin ban from our trip to Mitsuwa early. Not knowing how it would taste I only chose to take one. With my first bite I wish I had another. 


Once home I played with my nephew for a bit before showering and writing this. 



The Continuous Path To…?

Mon. October 8, 2018 

Another achy day.  

I missed my first 2 alarms this morning. Good thing I had a third one set for that ‘in case’ moment. If not, I would have never made it into work. Luckily, I hear it because I needed to be at the café today and with an hour drive ahead of me the more time I had the better. But if I did over sleep the lady I work with was going to be there with me so she could have handled it for a few. 

Before getting to the café I stopped at Dunkin’ DonutsBeing tired still I started to fall asleep on the road and ever since the last time I actually experience that scare, I have become paranoid and afraid to do it again. I got lucky by running over a bottle that woke me before hitting a highway divider but I am not confident it will happen again. 


Bitmoji ME coffee

At the café I set up everything while I waited for the lady I work with to arrive. She had the meat I needed to cook with so I was not completely ready. When she showed up, we unloaded her truck and finished getting everything ready for the day. While I washed her dishes from last night she cooked. 

Decisions to be made. 

A little after noon we met with a lovely couple. Parents of a friend she has. We hoped the retired father would be willing to help us run the café with any spare time he had. It would be even better if his wife could aid as well. We could really use the help and it is either that or we take the next two weeks off to focus on the jobs the other business has lined up. 

After they left we talked about how to make it work. The retired man seems interested but not fully. While talking it over I had one of the best acai bowls ever. It has been a while since I had one and today was the best yet. Thick and packed with flavor. Blueberries, kiwi, granola, coconut and honey. 


Around 3pm the lady I work with left. She had stuff to do in preparation for the next few days. She really needs a day off but the workload is heavy. She is mentally, physically and emotional drain to the point where it is affecting her health. The same goes for me but a little less.  

I am actually considering taking a break from the journal for a bit. I want to keep posting motivational articles but my daily story has become time consuming. I appreciate its therapeutic abilities but there is much on my plate right now that I do not know how to handle. Should I take a break or not? What should I do? 


After she left the rest of the day was slow. I did not do much more than write with my spare time and watch “Dragon Ball.” I began to clean up around 5:30pm, the earliest yet. Out of 10 vendors there were only 3 present. The others either did not open or left early. Walking to the restrooms I could see one was ready to leave which meant either I was going to be the last out or they were.  

I made sure to leave first. 


Bitmoji ME go time

By 7:20pm I was sitting in my car getting ready to go. On the way home I stopped at Advanced Auto Parts to get a new windshield wiper. The other day it broke and I have been using it as is. I did not want to risk scratching my window so I took a detour for a new one. While there I also picked up air fresheners to keep the car smelling nice and a new steering wheel grip. The one I had on was 8 years old and sheading up. It was time for a change. 

More to be done. 

I was home at 8:45pm sitting in the driveway trying to put the steering wheel cover on. It took me 15 minutes to stretch it out enough to fit around my wheel. At one point I thought it was the wrong size. I was sure to measure it before purchase so it could not have been. It was truly a work out. I like the tight fit but it was a pain to get on.  

In the house I went straight to wash a load of clothes while I showered.  

Then I ate with my nephew before gathering the garbage to take out.  

Back inside I jumped on the computer. 

I planned on being in bed by 11:30 but it is way after that now. 



Never Stop, Keep It Moving!

Sun. October 7, 2018 

My bones. 

Every bone in my body told me to stay in today. Take this time to rest with this beauty. I could not and my girlfriend would not let me. I ached like a well seasoned man in his 80s. Complaining in my head, and maybe out loud, about not wanting to roll out of bed. But the force is strong in this one, it is.  

I gave myself no other choice. Push until u fall. Fight through the aches and lazy eye lids. Once u get going, there is no stopping you. I knew this of myself and used it to keep moving. 

15 minutes. It took me that amount of time to get ready. It was all I could spare. I had gotten out of bed well after my alarm went off. If there was one thing I was grateful for it was that my girlfriend had the day off to rest. I would prefer one of us get sleep instead of neither.  


Bitmoji ME still alive

On the way to the café I made my usual stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a hot latte. Like yesterday I also order a cup of 10 munchkins and waffle tenders. I am beginning to like this combo of snacks. The tenders for breakfast and the little bites to enjoy throughout the day. They literally last me all day. I pop one in my mouth every now and then just because. 

Waking up now. 

My morning turned out to be busier than normal. I prepped and cooked a lot to be ready for my lunch crowd. Even with all of that I ran out before half of my day even hit. By 3pm I was sold out of 3 trays of steak. I could not believe it was gone as soon as I cooked it. Normally those trays would have lasted most of the day. That was all I had left on hand. Nothing else to cook with. For the rest of the day I only had chicken and pork to serve. 

With half of my menu gone and the crowd dispersed, the rest of my day was a breeze. I even had time to have a chat with my Texas but over Messenger. Today was birthday so I did the friendly thing of showing him some verbal love. His parents on the other hand showed his physical and material love. They took a flight out to see him and go on a family vacation. They made it even better by surprising him with an iPad Pro while he was at work. 


Bitmoji ME birthday

It was exciting to hear. The two of us have been talking about the tablet for a few weeks now. With their support he can sketch for the business and take his skills to a whole new level. I was even going to get it for him if they did not. To add to my excitement, he ended up sending me few sketches he did while sitting on the toilet. They were amazing for his first time using it. I was shocked at how clean the lines were. I definitely have to get myself one. 

My work day is complete. 

By 6pm I began to clean up my area. I was tired of being there wanting nothing more than to feel a breeze. Once 7:35pm hit I was leaving. Since I left early, I decided to stop at the best ice cream parlor in town, OwOwCow. I got myself a blueberry lemon flavored milkshake. It was extremely tasty. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of. I really need to keep the camera on my phone on more often. 


Bitmoji ME ice cream

An hour and 15 minutes later I was home in the shower and then straight to work on the blog.