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If you are in to life stories and experiences then make yourself comfortable. Here you will read all about how I live my days. They might be inspiring, funny, boring and sometimes sad. But I love the little things and want to share them. You will have VIP access to my journal. An insight on my life. Along with a few random thoughts.

I was never into writing but it has a lot of power. I never understood why people wrote in a book to themselves. Thanks to the Netflix show ‘The Mortified Guide’ I was able to gain a new perspective on it. Whether it is writing in a diary, keeping a journal, or even getting sentimental in a letter. I never realized how much stress it releases. I also started picking up more books. From motivation authors like John Maxwell to fictional authors like Dan Brown. So, as I confine in you expect the same from me.

My goal here is to inspire those who need to get some things off their chest to write about it. I was a bit lost without direction and motivation. It was getting harder and harder to get up in the morning but writing has helped. We as a community never know how our stories can help someone else. Sometimes I feel like I am just venting but hopefully someone can benefit from it.

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