Welcome to Common Thinker

The place where I post my interest for all to enjoy.cropped-psx_20180302_132954.jpg

My original goal for this blog was to help motivate myself by providing a daily task to wake up to. During that time in my life I needed an outlet for the way I felt. I remember when I published my first post, I was a bit lost without direction but it felt good to do. After a while it was a success. I had given myself another reason to lessen the sadness in my heart and move on. But the loss of a loved one is never easy.  

Now I have shifted my thoughts from small venting to providing motivation.  

With that being said, if you are in to life stories and experiences then make yourself comfortable. Here you will get little nuggets on bettering yourself along with those around you. To do that there will be motivational videos, entrepreneurship articles, inspiring quotes and interesting random pieces. They might be encouraging, funny, boring and sometimes sad. But I love little bits of information and want to share them. 

We as a community never know how our, or someone else’s, stories can help the person across from us. I might just be posting for my entertainment but hopefully someone can benefit from what they read as much as I do. I believe we were all created to be successful, whether it be in wealth or not, and have the power to change our own lives as well as the lives around us. 

If you enjoy at least one post please stick around for more. Read something interesting, like, follow and don’t be afraid to comment!