Why the People in Your Social Circle Often Define Your Net Worth!

If you want to get to a higher level, talk to people at a higher level, says Entrepreneur Network partner Peter Voogd.

At one point in his career, Voogd made the realization that everyone he was interacting with was at the same professional level as him. Eventually, Voogd came to conclusion he should adjust his circle of influence.

As Voogd puts it, if you surround yourself with five confident people, it is most likely you will become the sixth. To put it another way, if you surround yourself with five intelligent people, then it is in your favor to perhaps become more intelligent, as well.

Voogd notes that one of the most life-changing habits you can make is forming relationships with and connecting with people. In a nutshell, your circle of influence can make or break you.

Full article here: Entrepreneur



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