Here’s How to Tell Whether a Job Applicant Fits Your Business!

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars speaks with Thomas Patterson, the CEO and Founder of Motivate, about some of the best experiences he’s had conducting interviews and hiring employees.

A particularly memorable interview for Patterson consists of a candidate delivering a thorough presentationto prove he learned from the interview process. Patterson shares this display of initiative earned him extra points.

Moreover, when you are hiring, keep a look-out for for what areas your candidates get energy from. The CEO recommends, when hiring, to pose hypothetical questions in which you can test a person’s proficiences. If a job requires minute attention to detail, try to pose questions that encourage the candidate to react to in-depth detail work. In this way, you can properly determine if an interviewee will derive enjoyment from their job and perform well in the role.

Full article here: Entrepreneur



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