Happy Birthday Little Guy!

Sat. October 20, 2018 


It is Saturday and I should have been working. Instead I took off to spend time with the family. It was a special day that I was not going to miss. But before the fun began there was a whirlwind of activity to get through. 

Starting off my day I woke up woke up early and put on my good clothes. Being off on a Saturday morning meant I could be at the office by 9am. It had been a month, maybe even longer, since I had time to get training in and mingle with my office friends. There was a lot of love regarding my return as if I had been away on vacation and never planned on going back. The people who used to see me often had not in a while and had big smiles when they did. It was a nice warm welcome that left me in awe. 

Then I got home where things got busy.  

The rest of the day consisted of helping prepare for my nephew’s birthday party this evening. He turned 1 on the 6th and it was time to have a nice big party for him. I would gone with more of a barbeque style, close family party but my sister wanted it to be a little more interesting.  


I began by helping cup the cupcakes. Folding pieces of Bubble Guppies cardboard around the bottoms of the little cakes. Moving on to the next project I helping punch holes in the party favor tags. The last thing I helped with was drying little toy buckets my sister wanted to put the table snacks in. It sounds like a little but it took 3 and half hours to do.  


Around 4:25pm I jumped in the shower and got ready to leave. I had errands to run before the actual party started that had a time stamp on them.  

On the road. 

The most important task was done first. I had to pick up my necklace from the jewelers before 6pm. I had been waiting for it to be repaired for about 2 weeks and more excited than ever to get it. Lucky me I made it with 15 minutes to space. Running in and out I was back in my car and on the way to complete my next task, picking up pork roast. I also had to be there before 6. With my driving skills and knowledge of the area I made right on the dot.  

Crazy part is the ladies who work there tried calling the number that was left, the house phone. I honestly do not even know if that number is connected to a functioning phone. I do not even remember the last time I heard it ring. Poor lady might have been calling a phone that has been out of commission for at least a year. 


Enter a caption

Anyway, with food in the car I was ready to head towards the lounge where the party was being held. At that moment in time I realized I had no idea where said lounge was. I forgot to get the address for place and of course no one answered their phones. Quick thinking, I make a call to my girlfriend. She was going to be at the party with her parents so I knew I could get the address from her. Boy did I call at the right time. The place was a mere 9 minutes from where I was when I made the phone call. Any later and I might have missed it. 


Party trouble. 

At the lounge everything was hunky-dory until we realized that some materials, we needed to finish setting up with ran out. Having need it I left with a distant relative to get them.  

We began our journey at Dollar Tree for the little burners that are used to keep food warm in the aluminum trays. From there we took a failed trip to Target for twine. Every color except for pink was sold out. Then straight back to finish helping. It was a quick go around that took a lot of time to do.  


By 9pm the official party started. Everyone was supposed to arrive at 7 but hey, late families. I must say, it was a great party. My only issue was being too focused on making sure that things were taken care of that I did not really enjoy it. Being part host is not party friendly. For me anyway. 

Our time was up. 

Around 10:30pm we started to clean up. An hour later we were packing our cars and leaving shortly after. Once home we unloaded and by the time we finished cleaning and organizing it was 1am.  

In bed by 1:30 to wake up at 7am. Good luck! 


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