Busy Body Even When I’m Off!

Wed. October 17, 2018 

Self-care first! 

At 8:30am I was up getting ready for my visit to the chiropractor. I had a 10am appointment that I was not going to miss. I have been looking forward to it for a month, since my last session. 

Walking into the doctor’s office I was greeted with a warm welcome. Catching up with the time that had passed I informed or a great cause. I donated $10 to a breast cancer fund the office was having. Also received a nice pink shirt from it. 


Getting worked on felt amazing. The soothing part was the massage that given to me by one of the therapists. While getting my muscles loosened, we got the talking about the our recent activates. I told her about my new adventure with the business my Texas buddy and I started a month ago.  

She was very excited to hear about it and told me she has a promotion business with a few people that was started to help creators get their art out. She even offered to help me promote once we officially opened shop. It was a nice offer that came with her Instagram information and phone number. I will be taking her up on that offer once we finalize everything. 


Back in my car I made a decision to be an adult instead of going home to nap. I called my local Pep Boys to see if an opening was available for me to have my car maintenance. Luckily there was. About 30 – 40 minutes later I was at the desk handing over the keys.  

I had an hour to wait so while sitting in my seat I pulled out my new iPad Pro and started to test the Apple Pencil. I have had these devices for a few days now but with work have not had the time to truly experience them. I must say the pair is amazing. 


Being longer than an hour I was able to test the different functions in Autodesk SketchBook with the Pencil. I created a pretty cool design on my first shot. I never did complete it though. I started to get antsy from hunger and sitting so long. 2 hours had gone by and I had yet to have anything in stomach. Not able to wait I made my first meal of the day a bag of Hot Fries.  

By 2:15pm, 2 and a half hours later, my car was finally done and I was able to move on with my day. The next task to do was meet my girlfriend at her job.  

Pat on my back. 

Last night my girlfriend caught a flat somewhere near her job. After putting air in it, she slowly made her way to my house. Good thing we planned to see each other tonight and I was home. When she got to the house I changed it in 50 degree weather. It felt good working on a car. I miss having that moment with a vehicle. It had been a while since I did it without rushing and was able to take my time. After checking the tire I could see a huge nail in it. What I did not notice was how low the spare was.  


Thanks to the gas station air meter I was able to see that the tire was a whole 20 psi (Pounds per Square Inch) off. I guess at night everything looks better than it seems. Filling it up made a huge difference in the feel of the ride.  

Back at her job I dropped off her car and was back in mine. 

All me. 

Throughout my day of driving I had a blast collecting the new Pokémon in GO! I even caught the new raid Pokémon Shinx. And believe it or not I was able to hatch three on top of that. The mileage I put in today was insane. 


Finally back in the house I was able to actually have a meal. A Cuban sandwich and coffee with a side of hot Utz chips. I had the life restored back to me.  

Feeling good about myself I set up “Dragon Ball” to stream on my TV while I cleaned up my living space. From 4:10 to 8:30pm I threw things out, tied up boxes, vacuumed, straightened up and rearranged. The only thing I did not get to was dusting the counters and shelves. That is another project for another day. I was beat and ready to relax.  

Hoped in shower and got out to a little R&R with Word. It feels good writing this. 

Ending the night, I played a little Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and drew on my iPad. Still did not finish the drawing from earlier but instead started a new one. 






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