The Final Consecutive One…

Wed. October 10, 2018 

It’s going to be great! 

These are the days I wish for. The days that are short and sweet. The days where I go into work and a few hours I am home. These are the days that keep me going.  

I woke up at 8:30am happy to know I will be going to work and back home early. I even had a bowl cereal to start off my day before leaving the house to take a short 20 minute drive. The lady I work with and I were going to be at a new location upon request. It is always nice to be somewhere that people actually look forward to seeing us. It adds a little more passion to the job.   


Bitmoji ME happy

One job and done. 

Driving onto the property I was amazed. It was well taken care of and at first I thought I was at a park. From the entrance no buildings are visible except for the security booth at the gate. Almost national park like. If it were not for the business logos stationed on a mason wall, I might have missed it entirely. 

We set up within an hour and got started right after. For 2 hours it very consistent business. First it was one, then 3, then a crowd. We moved the orders out of the window as fast as possible trying to please the people waiting patiently. By 2pm not a single soul was around. Once the crowd died down, we were finished.  

While walking around her trailer I stumbled upon good fortune. I found a $5 bill tucked away at the bottom of a thorn bush. Reaching in for it felt like that scene on “Lion King” when Simba was trying to escape his homeland. Just like he I came out victorious. Then she found $10 bill by the rear of her truck in a different part of the bush. We called it The Magic Money Bush. 


(photo found on Google images)

Sweet home. 

Before heading home, I stopped at the bank to make a deposit. My account was getting low and I have a few bills that I need to pay. One is a ticket I got on Sunday and the other is my credit card. 

Finally home I showered while a load of laundry washed up in the machine. Waiting for the machine to stop I ended up taking a 2 hour nap. During my drive home I could barely focus. Even with my glasses on my eyesight was blurred.  

I think I might be pushing too hard. But I only need to last till the end of the season. After October things will die down and I might be able to rest. Today I took advantage of the time I had. IT FELT GREAT! 

Once up I played with my nephew, had myself some dinner, and around 9:45pm started to write.

At this point I realized that I need to slow down. At least temporary. My days are usually non-stop and my stamina is wearing down. I love writing these to release stress and hopefully entertain someone but I need to focus on resting as well as my new business. I do not plan on stopping completely but making it less consistent. Instead of every day, maybe I will sleep when I should and write when it does not feel like a burden. The articles will continue, for sure, but the journals will become sporadic, for now.  



Bitmoji ME soon


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