What An Eventful Day!

Tues. October 9, 2018 

Productive morning and afternoon. 

I did not wake up for the conference call today. My mind was done for. I even slept through two alarms not noticing until 8:30am when I went looking for my phone. Luckily, I did not have to be at the café today. Instead I had to meet the lady I work with around 10am for our lunch shift. The first job of the day.  


Bitmoji version of Me

With the time I had, I set up two articles that interested me and saved a cool video I want to post for Saturday morning. I also got two quotes posted before having breakfast. While I ate, I watched a 5 minute video on YouTube for entertainment right before leaving the house. 

At the first site we were busier than the last time being there. I assume we were too new the first time so this go around people were curious. Usually we get more interest the first day we arrive but at least people came to us. 


45 minutes later we were at the second location for dinner. After driving into the apartment complex, we realized we were ahead of schedule. The place we needed to park was not available. At the time the building was receiving a series of deliveries. Since we had no space, we drove over to Mitsuwa, the best Asian market I have entered, to pick up a few things. 

After filling the cart with a variety of things from fish cakes to dessert cakes, we went to have an early lunch. Ramen with a side bowl of shredded salmon over rice. It also had these weird delicious salmon juicy balls. With every bite they added a burst of flavor to the dish. I forgot what they were called, might have been salmon eggs, but it was phenomenal.  

Ikura Don

(photo found on Google images)

Second job of the day. 

Making our way back to the complex the lady I work with basically stopped me in the middle of the road so I could get her coffee. She was really in the mood for a hot cup so I pulled over to get two, one for her and one for me, from Starbuck. I had my first Blonde since it was released. Well kind of. The lady I work with ended up getting a coffee that was too sweet so we mixed our cups together to create a new flavor. I will have to retry it one day. 

Back at work, our dinner shift turned out to be a lot more intense than I expected it to be. Being at this location always keeps us on our toes but I felt as if today was a little more than normal. Since it is for dinner the orders usually consist of 2 – 5 meals per person. It makes the time go by quicker, so I like it, I just expected it to be a bit less. Either way it was good for business which is always a plus.  

More money, easier life, bigger smiles. 

Needed more snacks. 

By 8:30pm we were done and by 9 pulling off of the premises. I had a nice 45 minute drive home. During the drive I had a very tasty pumpkin ban from our trip to Mitsuwa early. Not knowing how it would taste I only chose to take one. With my first bite I wish I had another. 


Once home I played with my nephew for a bit before showering and writing this. 



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