The Continuous Path To…?

Mon. October 8, 2018 

Another achy day.  

I missed my first 2 alarms this morning. Good thing I had a third one set for that ‘in case’ moment. If not, I would have never made it into work. Luckily, I hear it because I needed to be at the café today and with an hour drive ahead of me the more time I had the better. But if I did over sleep the lady I work with was going to be there with me so she could have handled it for a few. 

Before getting to the café I stopped at Dunkin’ DonutsBeing tired still I started to fall asleep on the road and ever since the last time I actually experience that scare, I have become paranoid and afraid to do it again. I got lucky by running over a bottle that woke me before hitting a highway divider but I am not confident it will happen again. 


Bitmoji ME coffee

At the café I set up everything while I waited for the lady I work with to arrive. She had the meat I needed to cook with so I was not completely ready. When she showed up, we unloaded her truck and finished getting everything ready for the day. While I washed her dishes from last night she cooked. 

Decisions to be made. 

A little after noon we met with a lovely couple. Parents of a friend she has. We hoped the retired father would be willing to help us run the café with any spare time he had. It would be even better if his wife could aid as well. We could really use the help and it is either that or we take the next two weeks off to focus on the jobs the other business has lined up. 

After they left we talked about how to make it work. The retired man seems interested but not fully. While talking it over I had one of the best acai bowls ever. It has been a while since I had one and today was the best yet. Thick and packed with flavor. Blueberries, kiwi, granola, coconut and honey. 


Around 3pm the lady I work with left. She had stuff to do in preparation for the next few days. She really needs a day off but the workload is heavy. She is mentally, physically and emotional drain to the point where it is affecting her health. The same goes for me but a little less.  

I am actually considering taking a break from the journal for a bit. I want to keep posting motivational articles but my daily story has become time consuming. I appreciate its therapeutic abilities but there is much on my plate right now that I do not know how to handle. Should I take a break or not? What should I do? 


After she left the rest of the day was slow. I did not do much more than write with my spare time and watch “Dragon Ball.” I began to clean up around 5:30pm, the earliest yet. Out of 10 vendors there were only 3 present. The others either did not open or left early. Walking to the restrooms I could see one was ready to leave which meant either I was going to be the last out or they were.  

I made sure to leave first. 


Bitmoji ME go time

By 7:20pm I was sitting in my car getting ready to go. On the way home I stopped at Advanced Auto Parts to get a new windshield wiper. The other day it broke and I have been using it as is. I did not want to risk scratching my window so I took a detour for a new one. While there I also picked up air fresheners to keep the car smelling nice and a new steering wheel grip. The one I had on was 8 years old and sheading up. It was time for a change. 

More to be done. 

I was home at 8:45pm sitting in the driveway trying to put the steering wheel cover on. It took me 15 minutes to stretch it out enough to fit around my wheel. At one point I thought it was the wrong size. I was sure to measure it before purchase so it could not have been. It was truly a work out. I like the tight fit but it was a pain to get on.  

In the house I went straight to wash a load of clothes while I showered.  

Then I ate with my nephew before gathering the garbage to take out.  

Back inside I jumped on the computer. 

I planned on being in bed by 11:30 but it is way after that now. 



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