Never Stop, Keep It Moving!

Sun. October 7, 2018 

My bones. 

Every bone in my body told me to stay in today. Take this time to rest with this beauty. I could not and my girlfriend would not let me. I ached like a well seasoned man in his 80s. Complaining in my head, and maybe out loud, about not wanting to roll out of bed. But the force is strong in this one, it is.  

I gave myself no other choice. Push until u fall. Fight through the aches and lazy eye lids. Once u get going, there is no stopping you. I knew this of myself and used it to keep moving. 

15 minutes. It took me that amount of time to get ready. It was all I could spare. I had gotten out of bed well after my alarm went off. If there was one thing I was grateful for it was that my girlfriend had the day off to rest. I would prefer one of us get sleep instead of neither.  


Bitmoji ME still alive

On the way to the café I made my usual stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a hot latte. Like yesterday I also order a cup of 10 munchkins and waffle tenders. I am beginning to like this combo of snacks. The tenders for breakfast and the little bites to enjoy throughout the day. They literally last me all day. I pop one in my mouth every now and then just because. 

Waking up now. 

My morning turned out to be busier than normal. I prepped and cooked a lot to be ready for my lunch crowd. Even with all of that I ran out before half of my day even hit. By 3pm I was sold out of 3 trays of steak. I could not believe it was gone as soon as I cooked it. Normally those trays would have lasted most of the day. That was all I had left on hand. Nothing else to cook with. For the rest of the day I only had chicken and pork to serve. 

With half of my menu gone and the crowd dispersed, the rest of my day was a breeze. I even had time to have a chat with my Texas but over Messenger. Today was birthday so I did the friendly thing of showing him some verbal love. His parents on the other hand showed his physical and material love. They took a flight out to see him and go on a family vacation. They made it even better by surprising him with an iPad Pro while he was at work. 


Bitmoji ME birthday

It was exciting to hear. The two of us have been talking about the tablet for a few weeks now. With their support he can sketch for the business and take his skills to a whole new level. I was even going to get it for him if they did not. To add to my excitement, he ended up sending me few sketches he did while sitting on the toilet. They were amazing for his first time using it. I was shocked at how clean the lines were. I definitely have to get myself one. 

My work day is complete. 

By 6pm I began to clean up my area. I was tired of being there wanting nothing more than to feel a breeze. Once 7:35pm hit I was leaving. Since I left early, I decided to stop at the best ice cream parlor in town, OwOwCow. I got myself a blueberry lemon flavored milkshake. It was extremely tasty. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of. I really need to keep the camera on my phone on more often. 


Bitmoji ME ice cream

An hour and 15 minutes later I was home in the shower and then straight to work on the blog. 


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