Working On My Nephew’s First B-Day!

Sat. October 6, 2018

What a night!

I woke up next to the most beautiful person on this Earth this morning. It was a tough one to do with my body feeling weird but I was glad to have been able to open my eyes.

I was not glad for the part when I stood up. I might have woken up a bit tipsy, a little wobbly on my feet. After recounting my night I realized why. I never truly let myself enjoy the buzz of a few drinks. I usually stop after about 3 but last night I let myself out of the cage a bit. The DJ did a really good job last keeping everyone entertained. 


(photo found on Google images)

Too bad we both had to be at work early this morning. She earlier than me. We could have used the day to recover. Just a little more sleep and I think we would have been good to go for the day. No stopping us though. Work was calling along with the check attached.

Always push through!

On my way to work I stopped Dunkin’ Donuts for a little pick me up. I was groggy, sluggish and all of the above. The pumpkin spice latte I order did wonders on my mood. Because of the espresso I felt a little more life come back to me. I also stuffed my face with an order of waffle tenders and a cup of 10 munchkins. I needed to soak up whatever I had left in my system from last night before work.

Making it to the café, I was ready for nothing. If I had a blanket and pillow I might have fallen asleep on the floor. The coffee helped a little but I was still more tired than not sleeping for 2 days. But I smacked myself up and got right to it.


(photo found on Google images)

Since I was a bit sluggish for most of the day my activities consisted of me sitting down whenever I got the chance. I would serve a customer, sit, serve a customer, sit, serve a customer, wash a dish, sit…. and that went on the entire day.

I could not wait to get home!

By 8:25pm I was walking out the door on my way home in the wet mess the sky provided for this Earth. The best part of it was the discovery I made along the way. Since it was raining I decide to turn my windshield wiper on as I should. At that time I realized one of the blades were broken. Thankfully it was on the passenger’s side of the car but I was annoying to see a strip of rubber wiggle across the window.

With excitement I rushed through the door. Today is my nephew’s first birthday. One year ago the little guy was born on this wonderful planet into the lives of loving and caring individuals. Since I had to work I could not celebrate it with the family but he stayed up for me.

The love!

My girlfriend and family had already shown him a bunch of love on his special day. He was the cutest thing ever eating his banana pancakes, playing his birthday balloons and digging into his cake. I was getting pictures throughout the day of his moments.


For about half an hour I played with him. It was way past his bedtime but I had to get some time in with him. After leaving him to rest my girlfriend and I went downstairs to have a really late dinner. Domino’s Pizza at 11pm at night. Not soon after we headed off to bed

Night two of the sleepover. 


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