The Last Wedding of The Year!

Fri. October 5, 2018 

The day to come… 

I have to say this morning a bad was sign.

I tried to wake up 3 different times. With a different alarm for each one. The first alarm I slept straight through. I did not feel it vibrate, sound or notice it move. This never happens! When I did get up I was shocked but completely dismissed it setting a new alarm for a later time. I still too exhausted to roll out of bed. For the last alarm I set I actually got up. It was 11am and there were thing I had to take of.  


Bitmoji ME sleeping

First order of action was the blog. I went straight from the bed to the computer to set up a post for today and tomorrow. I had a long night ahead of me and was not sure if I would be home in time to get the schedule going.

Afterwards I worked on the business getting a few designs ready to print on the merchandise we want to bring out. My goal to sample products is still on the table. I was supposed to set the order today but the guidelines for the prints confused me delaying the actual order. 

Then I had to get ready for a wedding we were invited to attend. It was close by so I was not in much of a rush to get going. I even took an hour to shave my face getting every little out of place hair I could find before jumping in the shower.  

I should have rushed. 

My girlfriend showed up at my house around 2pm and flipped my whole world upside down. Apparently, the invitation was not read too clearly. We thought it was to begin at 2:30 giving us just enough time to make it to the church. After receiving a text message from a friend, we were informed of our mistake. The wedding was to start at 2. We were very wrong. 

In a rush to get ready we did our best to look presentable. We left my house within 20 minutes and a short ride later were walking in the church. Thank goodness for multitasking. During the drive we finished getting ourselves together. Every red light was a beauty session.  


Bitmoji ME

We literally made it by pure luck. The mass had been a bit delayed giving us time to walk in through the back, not interrupt anyone and grab a seat. I was glad to have made it. The service was great and the bride had the most beautiful dress I have seen yet. 

We just had to. 

From the church we went headed over to the mall for a light snack along with a few necessities. Since I had missed breakfast and lunch my stomach was achy. It had nothing in it but a few sips of water and the flavor of my gum. As you could image that is not enough to sustain anyone. My girlfriend had also skipped her lunch to get out of work early so she was just as hungry as I was. 

After having the worst Nathan’s Famous experience yet, we went on our hunt. We had inquiries for two things. First was a new pair of dress pants for my tuxedo jacket. When I originally bought it, I did not know the pants were required. This was during my pre-blazer interest. With my recent obsession of them, I found out I made a grave mistake. The pants I had on did not quite match the jacket needing a darker pair to bring the entire look together. Unfortunately, I could find any that matched.  

The good new was my girlfriend was able to find a push-up bra to go with her dress. She had meant to buy one beforehand but never had the chance too. At least one of us came out victorious. 


45 minutes later we at the reception. Right in time for cocktail hour like the last wedding we attending. Just as that one we went right to the open bar to begin our night.   

I must say. This was the most enjoyable wedding I had attended yet. We had a great time! The DJ was amazing and kept the whole night moving. There were probably only a handful of songs that I did not like. The rest just kept me on my feet. It was truly a blast. 


Bitmoji ME dancing

By 1:30am we were back at my house tired and worn out. The killer part is that we have to wake up at 7:20am for work.  

Good times. 

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