Annoyed With My Travels But Ended Swell!

Wed. October 3, 2018 

The struggle of mornings. 

I woke up this morning to listen in on the conference call. My goal of waking up for productivity seems to working. Unfortunately, today I had to take in bed because I physically could not get up. I was so exhausted that I laid there, still, listening, until it ended.  

When the call did finish I knew I had no choice. It was 8:10am and I only had 20 minutes to get ready to leave. If I had a normal job with sick days this would have been a time to call out. Rushing around the house I brushed my teeth and got dressed. By the time I walked out of the door it was already past my mark. 

Trying to make up for time on the highway I was hit with a time extended traffic jam. I sat in it for 20 minutes with nowhere to go but straight. Normally the longest I ever get stuck for is 10 minutes. I always include that in the amount of drive time I need. I did not plan for the 3 car accident that happened at the exit I needed to take. 

With that only being part of the first half of my drive the second half was not any better. Again I thought to myself, “I can make up the time here.” Nope. I was stuck behind a gas truck who was very comfortable in the fast lane. He would not let anyone past him or move over to the lane he should have been in. It took me two towns over to finally get the chance to leave him in the rearview mirror. It was annoying.  


(photo found on Google images)

But I am safe. 

By the time I got to the café it was already 10am which meant I was time. Unfortunately, on time means your late. I had a lot to prep before I could open so I got started in a hurry. Cooking, cutting, cleaning. The same routine just rushed.  

For breakfast I ate a cookie the I bought 2 days ago with a delicious cup of coffee. It is fresh brewed by a vendor in the market and has the freshest taste. If my ride was not as long as it is I would not have to stop at Dunkin’ for coffee. The only reason why I do stop is because I get too tired in the morning from driving. Most of the time I need that caffeine kick. 

Throughout the day I spoke to the lady I work with over the phone. It was nice of her to keep me company while I walked around my area trying to keep busy. It was a rather slow Wednesday for some reason. Because of it I was able to squeeze in a blog post for tomorrow. Then I pulled out my iPad, laptop and marble notebook to work on my business.  

I did some more research on Printful and how to upload files for the products. It seems a bit tedious with each product needing a specific format. I also came across a pretty cool software called Inkscape that I can use for editing vector images. It’s not quite like Adobe Illustrator but it works great on my Intel Atom processor laptop. If it can run it them I most definitely satisfied. 


(photo found on Google images)

The day never ends. 

I started to clean up around 6pm. No later than 7:25pm I was walking out that place with joy. I could not wait to get home. While I was cleaning I came up with a cool design for a hat using a sketch that my Texas buddy came up with. I really wanted to get it on the site for a mock trial to see if it met my expectations. In my head I think it will be a big hit. 

I pulled into the driveway of my home at 9pm. Right in time for the Wednesday night conference call. Right after it finished I tried to shower. I say ‘tried’ because I ended up dropping a small brush belonging to my mechanical shaver down the drain while attempting to use it. I tried to fish it out several times but had no luck. In fear of the sink pipe clogging I had to leave my face looking like a mess. 

Giving up on the pipe I jumped in the shower.

Once out I went right over to the computer. I needed to make sure my writing was done for the day and get onto Printful. Once my writing was complete I went to grab some tools from the basement. In the bathroom I sat on the floor to empty out the cabinet for a clear view of the pipes. It was time to retrieve my little brush from the danger zone.  


(photo found on Google Images)

After pulling it out I was back on the computer. I had to learn how to use the new program for editing vector files. Without the proper formats uploading them to the site might be pointless. According to the website when the designs get printed it might not look as it should. But I did mock trial of the idea I had earlier and it came out great! I am super excited to have it shipped when I finish designing the other products. 

Oops, I am up way past my bedtime. So much for a schedule.  



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