What A Beautiful Day To Be Me!

Tues. October 2, 2018 

Man, I woke up feeling great. 

I listened in on the morning conference call as soon as 7:45am hit my clock. This is one important task that I want to do every Tuesday – Friday morning. I have not had the time to practice my craft in the advising field but the words are still encouraging. I always feel that whatever is said could be applied anywhere. I appreciate Coach taking the time to wake up and provides us with his words. 

Since I had time remaining on the clock I went into the kitchen to have breakfast. I do not remember the last time I ate at home before going to work. I have been eating out every morning at various places spending anywhere from $5 – 10. Imagine that over the last 30 days. What a waste of money now that I did the math. 

Anyway, I even had time to start writing my post for the day. It felt great not having to be up and out of the house the moment I wake up. Typically, I get up, get dressed and leave with no time for much else. Once in a while I may take 10 minutes to play a game but that’s about it. Today work did not start until 10:15am which is why I was able to get so much done. 


(photo found on Google images)

The pace I enjoy. 

After doing what I could I got ready to go and headed out the door. Roughly 15 minutes later I was sitting in the parking lot of the company we were going to be vendoring for. This was the home office to the company we were at last Thursday. They enjoyed our food over there and wanted to try us out at this location.

Honestly, it felt good to be away from the café. Correction, I was feeling great! It is always a different atmosphere when I am on the truck compared to the cafe. It makes me feel helpful and productive instead of bored on my feet. I guess I’m just used to the fast pace action. 

But no matter how good we were feeling it could not last. A wrench had to be thrown into our well oiled gears. We had a surprise fire inspection done that put our prep time to a halt. We were not told that a license was needed for the day by the person who invited us to the company. With that requirement the lady I work with took my car to go get one from the fire station. After she got back, another inspection was done 15 minutes later, this time putting our service to a halt. It was the most complicated inspection we have ever experienced. 


(photo found on Google images)

Other than that service was a blast. I actually did work besides standing around and stamping. I did have to stamp in between customers though. We ended up running out of bags and boxes with the company logo on it. If we want to advertise the best way is for them to see it on the packaging.  

The joy of being done early. 

Around 2:30pm we finished up and shut down. An hour later we were packed up and on our way off the lot. Within 20 minutes I was back home with the rest of the day to myself. I have not been home early in a while and I was thrilled for it. 

Since I had half a day left over I took a very nice long shower. I even took a seat in the tub to let the water run on my back for a small massage while playing my new favorite cat game The Battle Cats. At first this game might have been too challenging but now, I am a beast. When I got up to shower I figured I keep the entertainment going so streamed “Dragon Ball” on my phone to knock off another episode. I get closer and closer to the end of the series one day at a time. 

Battle Cats

(photo found on Google images)

After my shower I went right to work. I had to examine the website for future revisions. I finally decided on what products I want to sample. Now all I need are the designs but I might keep it simple and just throw a logo on them for timing purposes. I still have my goal of opening up for Halloween or Christmas the latest. My Texas buddy and I have been too busy or tired to do anything but I will be pushing from this moment on. 

With that being said I might be pushing too hard. Physically drained and forcing myself to stay awake I ended up falling asleep sitting up in my chair for 5 minutes. I thought I had blinked but when I looked at the clock time had actually gone by. 

To give myself a boost I had a cup of Rita’s Italian Ice while folding clothes I had in a laundry bag for the past few months. I never got around to putting them away and was glad to do it today. I also finished watching the latest season on Netflix of “Blacklist.” I have to say, I never saw it coming. Ms. Kean is turning towards the dark side.   


(photo found on Google images)

Communication is key. 

To finished the night off my girlfriend came over around 8pm. We played with the nephew for a bit before giving him up to my sister so we could have dinner. After digesting we laid in bed where we had a heart to heartSince we do not see each other as often as we would like there were a few feelings that needed to be expressed. It made me realize that we are both destined for true success but we need to make room for the loving moments we desire. I would not say we neglect each other but we could use a date night once a week.  

It was a very good conversation that we both appreciated. 

I loved my day. 


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