Always On The Move!

Sun. September 30, 2018 


Woke up a bit late today not wanting to get out of bed. My body was sore all over as if I had been hit by bus and in recovery. Just rolling over from one side of the bed to the other was painful. The only thought I had in my head was why?  

I could not let it stop me. The best thing I could think of was to push through it and wake my body up with force. I immediately regretted doing it but I had no choice. The café was calling my name. Pulling me in closer with responsibility. “I need to open it.” 

Along the way I had to stop. I was desperate for caffeine to help keep my eyes open. The 40 minutes I drove made me more tired than usual. At my midway pitstop, Dunkin’ Donuts, I ordered a pumpkin spice latte, waffle tenders and a pumpkin muffin. I also woke up seriously hungry. The entire drive my stomach out played the radio. It was a rumble like no other. 


Bitmoji ME coffee

Within the walls. 

Early at the café I did my thing with the new burner we got yesterday. The thing is a double burner and works perfectly. The only down fall is that it is made for small pots. I use a pretty big wok and very big steamer so fitting them both on there takes a bit of finesse.  

For lunch I went with my new favorite turkey sandwich from Politi’s Cheeses & Meats. Compared to the last few I have eaten this one was a bit different. Instead of being served on a form of roll it was on an almost toast like bread. It was crunchy and fluffy at the same time. I think the edges might have even had cheese on them. I honestly have never seen or eaten anything like it and I loved it. I believe it was just a temporary thing until they received more of the usual bread but I would not mind have it the same way again.  


While digesting I took a few minutes to write out my blog post for the day. Normally I would type it up on my laptop or iPad but today I did it through my phone. It was less obvious and actually more efficient being in my hand. Who knew writing an essay on the phone would be easy? 

Getting back to work I stamped a few bags for entertainment. They were sitting on a cart with the package half opened so I figured why not do a few of them. 

Let the trips begin. 

Around 5:30pm I left the café and was replaced by someone else. I needed to meet with the lady I work with so we could pack up the trailer and move it off of the school property. Today was the last day of the arts festival and it could not stay on the premises.  

With the axle loose, broken, getting it off the sidewalk was a scary challenge. Holding our breath, we waited for all 4 tires to hit pavement. The sound it made, a big clung, was terrifying. We were afraid it might have snapped. Luckily it held and we were only driving another 2 minutes to a fire station.  


The chief was nice enough to let us leave the trailer parked on the property until the morning when something more could be done with it. While there we emptied it out as best as possible to preserve whatever food we could. 

Back at the café we unloaded her pickup and packed it in the fridges as best as possible. Then we headed back to the fire station for round two. 

When we got there we noticed the fire station was lit up and a few guys were standing around talking. After throwing ideas off of each other, the lady and me, I thought it would be helpful if the fire men could provide us with some assistance. I hoped they could fix the trailer the same way they do their trucks but I was ahead of myself.  

Luckily, she asked. They could not fix the trailer but one of the guys was helpful enough to try and find someone who could. He made a few calls and was able to get a response back from his boss at his second job. The boss agreed to come take a look at it in the morning. If he can fix it temporary he said he would. Just enough to drive it an hour away to the actual mechanic is all that was requested. Tomorrow we will see. 

What a night. 

Once again at the café it was about 7:15pm and the three of us – the person who replaced me, the lady I work with, and I – cleaned up as quick as possible. After a while the replacement left. The lady I work with and I stayed to finish up. An hour later we left. 

Taking my drive home, I realized that I had missed dinner. I could feel my stomach empty and hollow. I originally wanted Chick-Fil-A but as I was a few minutes away from it I remembered they are closed on Sunday. Upset with myself for not thinking of it sooner I had to settle with McDonalds. I was alright with it because I got to see an insane truck driver hauling a big load.


When I finally arrived home I ate, did a bit of writing for WordPress and went straight to bed. 


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