Yesterday Carried Over!

Fri. September 28, 2018 

Easy going. 

Up at 7:30am to listen in on a conference call. I am planning on getting back into my once upon a time morning routine. It seems harder than it should but I will make it work. 

Since it was raining this morning I left the house early so I could cruise my way to work instead of rushing. I like to feel the speed under my foot but rain paralyzes me. It makes me nervous and I go from hare to tortoise.  


(photo found on Google images)

Surprising, I decided to skip Dunkin’ Donuts. I actually  brought my own cup of coffee from home that I had sitting in the fridge. It was left over from last night’s job and it worked out well for this morning. I was just surprised that it still tasted good sitting in the plastic cup overnight. 


Made it to the café 20 minutes early and began to cook. I tried to cook three different ways before I actually figured out how to get things done. The table top electric burner I use daily died on me. It turns on but does heat up enough to cook with. I was warned in advance but I did not think it was as bad as I was told.  

For breakfast I had a vanilla Greek yogurt from Moku Bowl. Normally I order one of the same two bowls I always get – strawberry and banana or mango and banana – but then it was expressed that I should try something else. A different variation from what I am used to involving kiwi. I must say, this is my new favorite. 


A few minutes after finishing my bowl the lady I work with showed up with a car full of groceries, a new burner for me to cook with and the dishes from last night. While she chopped up the vegetables I spent time pruning my hands. There were a lot of dishes. Dishes that I did not even remember using. I give her props for cleaning them every night because this takes time and effort to finish. 

Divide and conquer.  

During some point of the day she left me to take care of her trailer that was parked up the street in a high school parking lot. There is a festival going on this weekend that she will be participating in. One requirement was to set up today, a day in advance. But it was not that simple.  

10 minutes later she called me to help her. She had to park on a sidewalk that sat well above the ground. While waiting for half an hour to get confirmation of our parking spot we met an angel. A gentleman I never introduced myself to but spotted something the lady I work with did not. Thanks to his profession in auto body repair he was able to clearly see that the rear axle to the trailer was not on properly. Yesterday during the blow out, it must have snapped out of place. 


Fortunately the trailer  was not going to be moved for the weekend. Unfortunately it has to be moved eventually. 

Back to it. 

I drove her truck, leaving her at the school, back to the café. I initially walked to where she was by false or underestimated timing by a supposed local. I was told my walk would be 5 minutes but it turned out to be double. In the future I will drive. 

At the café I finished my dishes and serviced a few customers. After all day I had my first meal since breakfast at 12:15pm. Being spontaneous I even tried to char edamame with chili sauce as a side for my meal. I ended up creating a smoke screen that nearly choked me to dead. In the end they came out good and spicy but maybe too spicy.

No more. 

Business lasted till the very end, 8pm. By the time I was done cleaning it was 9pm. Home an hour and change later because I actually felt like driving the normal limit. I had no rush in the world on this lovely night. 

Finally in the house I took some time to crawl around with my nephew before jumping in the shower. Out of the water and in front of of my computer I hooked up my new HDMI switch. I love 2 day shipping. After getting the wires situated and tied down I took a sear and had dinner while watching some videos on YouTube. 




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