These Events Were Real!

Thurs. September 27, 2018 

A change in pace. 

Up at 8:30am to write for the blog. I have not woken up for this reason in months. There was no café in my schedule today and I was forced to break out of the norm I have created.  

But I was busy. The lady I work with and I spent the day working two jobs. A lunch at a new company and a catering for an event. At first thoughts it was going to be a normal day. But that was not the case. 

The start of madness. 

My day started across the street from where we were going to be serving lunch, at a Dunkin’ DonutsI spent 15 minutes there enjoying a hot pumpkin spice latte and waffle chicken tenders cooked to perfection. I also bought an apple crisp donut to snack on later. Then I jumped across the road right into the lot of the building I was to be at.  


(photo found on Google images)

Trying to get set up was a hassle. We had to wait for half an hour before we were told where to park and then allowed to. The spot the company men wanted us to be was a wet mess. They wanted us parked halfway on a patch of grass with the other half of the truck on the road. We had the wait the whole time for someone to bring multiple sheets of plywood before we could go anywhere near it. 

Once we were given the okay to park we set up as quick as possible. Because of the delay we opened up late. I also thought being there would have been busier. Service could have been better for such a big company.  

The weird continues. 

From there we had to make our way to the next location. It was a little over a 30 minute drive but for me even longer. I had to make a stop to use the bathroom. At the first location we were parked in the center of the buildings next to a roundabout. There were no doorways close enough for me to access without a pass so I held it the entire 4 hours we were there. 


(photo found on Google images)

Trying to make up for the lost time I kept a nice steady pace as I went down the highway. I figured if I were late it would only be by 5 minutes. Then I got a call.  

The lady I work with needed my help. I was shocked when she told me why.  Her tire had just went flat on the trailer. Luckily, she was ahead of me so I was only 5 minutes away from her location. 

Not knowing exactly where she had pulled over I passed her completely. It was not until I got to the second location and made a U-turn that I found her. Another 3 minutes and she would have made it the site. Instead she was forced to pull into a car wash driveway. 

After parking I made my way over to her. She had lightly told me what happened. Over the phone she said her tire was flattened but when I saw it, it was completely shredded. Blown out with the bare rim showing. My jaw dropped in surprise. Not only that the wheel guard had torn half way off. 


(photo found on Google images)

Main event. 

After bolting it back on and changing the tire the thing was flat. Thank goodness a gas station was across the street. We were able to slowly drive it over to fill it.  

From there, 3 minutes, we were at the event. Late but we made it.  

Our night was busy the moment we opened until the moment we closed. If it were not for the rain we might have been there longer. Mother Nature always looks out.  

Peace at last. 

I was home 45 minutes later to a shower and write this post. Getting here was a challenge. I took a very dark, winding, scary road. I thought at one point I was going to drive off of it. Boy was I glad to hit the highway. 



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