Sluggish Business Activities!

Mon. September 24, 2018 

So very tired. 

I had an early start on my day. I was up at 7:15am earlier than I had wanted to but my girlfriend had to leave. I thought we would be leaving at the same time but she had to be out of the house a lot earlier than I did. She had an appointment at the mechanics for maintenance that could not be missed.  

After she left I laid in bed for 5 minutes only to get back up. It was now my turn to get ready for the day. I was running the café today like usual. I hoped it would be a nice relaxing time in the Market for me to get some of my energy back from last night. The party really wore me out.


Bitmoji ME dancing

Its time.  

Along the way I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a pumpkin spice latte, waffle tenders and hash browns. This combo has become my go to meal for breakfast. It is like the having a plate of waffles and chicken with a side of home fries. Obviously, it does not compare but it’s great for ‘on the go. ‘ 

I was at the café 20 minutes early. I was actually glad to be because I was able to make what I needed and still had plenty of time left over to enjoy my breakfast seated at a table. Normally I just stand at my counter eating while walking backing and forth to check on things. 

Work keeps on. 

Before my work day started I responded to the logo creator to have him finalize everything so we can officially own it and move forward. This seemed like the final draft but I was not fully sure. I think we have one more edit to make and then we will be finished. I think we still need a social media kit to review.



Work was light today. I was able to do a bit of things for my business that should take full effect once the logo is finished. After going back and forth with my Texas buddy we came up with a plan to possibly release our designs sooner than our original date. We initially wanted to open up for Christmas but are now thinking of Halloween. We want to get a pumpkin theme going with a mix of cute. I even came up with a new sketch of a creepy teddy that I honestly might not even pursue. It seem a bit much. 

And then worked on my blog. 

Had to. 

By 6pm I was cleaning up. No one was around to keep me company so little by little I got ready to go. By 7:25 I was walking out of the door. I thought I would have had at least one more sale but it never happened. 

Before heading home, I stopped at OwOwCow for a milkshake. It must had been faith because they had my favorite flavor in, cherry vanilla stracciatella. A cup of delicious cherry vanilla chocolaty goodness. A great road trip snack. 


Could have been better. 

On my route to the highway I also took a very horrible picture. The scene from far looked great and I thought it would look great up close, but it did not. A close up of the image I wanted came out entirely different from my vision. I plan to retake it. 

Finally, home I took a shower. A nice relaxing hot shower. Out of the shower and in bed I watched “Blacklist” while writing this.  

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