Talk About Having A Busy Day!

Sat. September 22, 2018

Tough decision.

Woke up a bit later than normal. I was tired to the point that I thought about calling out. Then I remembered that I started a business a few weeks ago and a bit of money to get it going on the right track – LLC, copyright, trademark, product samples – would be helpful. With this new motivation in mind I rolled out of bed with eagerness. The more I can get done today the closer to our opening date we will be.


Bitmoji money Me


The moment I got to the café I went straight to work. I had a lot to do today that involved a variety of tasks. From my personal business to keeping the café active. I started off by cutting up a slew of items from sweet peppers to tofu. If everything is chopped up before I cook it makes the transition from dish to dish a lot easier.

After having my fun on the cutting board I cleaned up my mess and prepared to cook.  

As my first two dishes cooked I decided grab myself some breakfast. Normally I would have gone with a bowl of yogurt and fruit but I was offered to try something new from Politi’s Cheeses & Meats. Not knowing what it was I said ‘yes.’ Frankly because I have yet to be disappointed by them.

Receiving the sandwich was a shocker. It was an egg-wich. If there is one breakfast item that I could avoid it would be eggs. The taste, no matter how it is cooked, never agrees with my palate. With that being said I tried it anyway. I am always open to the new.


Describing the sandwich would be easy. Chorizo, over medium egg, some kind of white cheese, maybe a bit of jam, paired with a delicious bun. It was incredibly good. For someone like me, who would not normally eat anything with an egg, to actually enjoy it, says enough.

Getting back to business.

My day at the café consisted of servicing and cooking. I must have cooked 15 pounds of rib-eye, 10 pounds of pork, 8 pounds of chicken and a small tray of tofu. This might sound like a dinner for 5 but for this café it was a lot. I was busy all day. No stopping for more than 45 minutes. I had my best day yet being in the market. It felt great! 

The upsetting part. I could not make time, or fit in, working on my business or blog. There was no room in the day to pull out my laptop and iPad. But I was okay with it. Money spoke volumes.

Ending the night took hours. 

In the middle of cleaning I had to leave so I could meet the lady I work with. She was 5 minutes away in the neighboring town parked outside of a deli because it was the only place she could find big enough to fit her trailer. I needed to pick up supplies for the next few days if I wanted to make money.

I was back at the café within a few minutes to finish cleaning. While washing the dishes a fire unit arrived. Then another along with police and a crowd of nosy people. Apparently a few stores over there was a gas leak. Not sure if that was true but they took a while figuring it out.

I was finished with everything by 9:30pm. With the fire trucks still parked out front taking up the entire street, my car was blocked in the parking lot with no way out. While I waited I sought the opportunity to tour the town.


One of the stops I made was to an ice cream parlor. I wanted to get ice cream while I waited but they had closed minutes before I arrived at their door. I would have made it if I did not stop to speak to a gentleman waiting to leave the same lot I was parked in. He had tried his best to go around one of the trucks but was denied exit.

Walking next door was a nick nack store. Since I had time to spare I figured I check out their merchandise. I always walked passed it but never actually entered. Going in I could see that a lot of the items were probably handcrafted. Very nice items. I even thought about getting something for my girlfriend but she was not interested.

Was it time? 

By 10:20pm a few fire trucks had left leaving enough space to get by. After seeing two cars squeeze by, I was ready to attempt the same. Slowly making my way up the driveway I squeezed myself through. It was so glad to be on my way.

On the road I almost ran into a deer. The road I take is as dark as a black hole. Luckily I spotted them before they made their way across the road.

Home an hour later to work on my post for tomorrow. By 1am I was in bed only to wake up a few hours later to get ready for a big day.

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