What? Friday? Dead?

Fri. September 21, 2018 

This morning I felt above the world.  

I woke up earlier than normal at 7:30am ready to get my day started. For me to wake up at this time should have been a challenge but I actually felt really good about it. I even jump on the morning conference call that the financial company I work for has. [Speaking of said company, I have not done any business with them for a while. Being on the call made me realize how much I miss it and how little time I have had since the café has been open. Something to consider.] 

Being up early I left ahead of schedule. With plenty of time on the clock I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast. Waiting in line I scanned the menu for anything new that caught my eye. What I chose was not new but something I have never had so I decided to give it shot. The oddest breakfast Dunkin’ could possibly have, waffle tenders. I also ordered hash browns and a pumpkin spice latte with it.  


(photo found on Google images)


Making it to the café I got right to it. The lady I work with was going to swing by for a bit to drop off a few things I needed for the weekend. I wanted to make sure the place was ready for business before she arrived.  

Not too long, 20 minutes, she was pulling into the lot. Since I knew she had things to carry I met her at her truck so I could be a gentleman and carry it in. After talking for a bit, basically catching up since we do not see each other as often, she was on her merry way. Later on in the day, she will be attending an event in which she needed to shop for so staying to keep me company was a pleasure I could only dream of.  

Since business does not typically start until after 12:30pm I had time to enjoy my small breakfast. During this moment I realized that the ‘oddest breakfast Dunkin’ could possibly have’ was actually genius. The crust actually tasted like syrup making the whole tender sweet. It was really a delightful surprise to eat. 

My work day. 

Throughout the day I researched the company Printful and its website. My Texas buddy and I are planning to use them as our products handler and distributor. The service they provide seems to be excellent according to many video and written reviews. Their products also seem to be some of the best quality compared to  other companies that offer similar services. I took many notes for when we are ready to sample a few things. 

In between research I did not serve as many people as I thought I would. It was a fairly slow day in the Market for everyone. Some vendors even decided to pack up early and leave. Friday is usually a really busy day but for some reason today was different.  


(photo found on Google images)

But I was able to watch an episode of “Blacklist” and I must say the show has taken a turn I never expected. I cannot believe Kean has become more of a bad-a** than she already was. I am not a big TV watcher but this show is truly amazing and always throws me for a loop. I love it. 

Late night. 

Mentally I was done at 6pm. After seeing vendors leave all I thought about was doing the same. But I had to stay open just in case there was an extra $50 laying around in someone’s pocket. It was my obligation to help them spend it.  

Unfortunately, there was no one. I did make a few more dollars but not enough to have stayed open until 8pm. By the time I was done cleaning it was 9. Normally I would go straight home but I needed to run a very important errand. I had very little rice for the next couple of days so I needed to make a stop on the way to get a bag. That added an extra 40 minutes to my drive. 

To get the rice I went to an Asian market, HMart. I must have been lucky because the moment I walked through the door someone on the loud speaker had just announced that they were closing. I had 10 minutes to get what I needed and leave. But I could not make it that easy. After getting the rice I went to snacks aisle. After rushing my scan of the foods, I picked up three things. Snacks that looked really good and that I have never had before.  


Driving home I tasted 2 of the 3. Let’s just say I need to get more of them next time. 

My comfort. 

I was finally home by 11pm. As I logged into my computer I could see the finished product of the logo across it. I had left Messenger open with the conversation between my Texas buddy and I open. He had sent it to me to review and it looks great. Hopefully this will be the last revision and we can start to advertise it. 

After talking about it for a bit I showered and went straight to bed. 



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