Feeling Fresh With My Business!

Wed. September 19, 2018 

Sickish. Stuffy. Achy. 

I woke up with all of these feeling this morning. At 11:30am I had to make a decision, stay in bed and rest or get up and be productive. As much as sleeping sounded like the better I chose to get up and jump on the computer. Computer work had to be done, my blog needed attention, the business website needed some loving and research had to be done. 

After posting for tomorrow I switched tabs to the business website. I needed to tweak a few things on it and make sure it was ready for web traffic. I have been following several guides on doing this that go into very specific details about Caching and SEO settings.  

Taking a break from that I went and had breakfast where I spent the rest of my time watching “Dragon Ball.” The plan was to watch an episode and get back to work. My discipline level sunk way below a child’s like a submarine going into the abyss. I was hooked on the show. 


(photo found on Google images)

Time to get going. 

Around 1:30pm I stopped to take a shower. I had an appointment with my stylist for a haircut. A well needed one. An hour later I was leaving the house to head to the salon where my girlfriend works. I have become very fond of the way my hair gets cut there.  

It came out amazing. At first I was concerned that it might be too short but after putting a little cream in, I was happy. I definitely have to try and style it to my liking but the way she did was perfect. I can never get it looking that good.  

From the salon I went over to the Village Trattoria for pizza. Yesterday was a tease and I know this place tasted a lot better. To get my fill I had two slices to myself and a glass bottled root beer. For my choice of slices I went with one meat lovers and one buffalo chicken French fries. Picture buffalo chicken sliced onto a slice of pizza and crispy fries mixed in. It was something new and tasty. 

Village Trattoria

(photo found on Google images)

Walking back to my car on full stomach my journey was not over. I made a stop at Walgreen’s for toilet paper. Essential bathroom supplies that no one should live without. Then to Wawa so I could fill my tire with air. Since I drive long distances it is a good idea to make sure the pressure is accurate for safety. Finally ending my journey back home. 

Back to the project. 

Back in the comfort of my chair I went onto working with the website again where I encounter several problems. Every 2 minutes I would get a ‘time out error’ having to refresh the page. As you could image working like this was difficult. I did try my best to stay calm and conquer but after a while I was just frustrated. 

Around 6pm I switched gears and went onto Udemy to begin a course on mastering Adobe Illustrator. My buddy from Texas started it yesterday and has already made a big improvement. He even fully finished one design for a t-shirt and it looks better than I could have imaged. 

Having my eyes peeled to the videos I began to get sleepy. The clock read 6:45pm when I decided to take a nap. I had fought it as long as I could but my body was ready for one. The moment I laid my down on the pillow I was asleep. 

Up before bed. 

I was up an hour later to the yells of my nephew. He was having a great time but I desperately wanted to stay asleep. Unfortunately, I knew I had to get up. Thinking about the stroller and testing it out with him in it made it easier. I was actually excited to get him settled in it. 

For the rest of the night I beige watched “Blacklist” so I could catch up with the series. It was so good I could not stop. I must have sat in the same spot for at least 3 – 4 hours with my eyes glued to the TV screen. 



(photo found on Google images)

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