Wedding Dress Mall Trip!

Tues. September 18, 2018 

A nice morning.  

Woke up around 11:30 and laid in bed until noon. Yesterday was not a false alarm and I woke up exactly the same, maybe even a bit worse. When I got up it was straight to the computer. I needed to set up an article for tomorrow so I would not lose track of the new schedule I put in place. The plan is to keep it going every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Once that was set up I started my day off by watching the new season of “Blacklist.” It was released on Netflix a while back, according to my sister, and I did not know about it. She told me yesterday she was already half way through it. When she asked me how I liked it I gave her a confused face, what!? So today I had to start it.


(photo found on Google images)

Somewhat productive. 

Took a break from that to get breakfast for my mother and I. It was a quick trip to Dunkin’ Donuts. She is extremely sick and cooking was not an option. Back in the house I jumped onto Adobe Illustrator to work on a design for the new business. That kept me busy for a few hours until I had to get ready to go. My girlfriend was getting out of work at 5pm and wanted to take a mall trip. 

After my shower I had 20 minutes to wait. A new stroller for my nephew came in the mail today so I began to assemble it. Just as I was about done my girlfriend called to tell me she was leaving so I could make my way to the mall. I took 5 minutes to finish getting ready and left.  

A couples evening. 

On the way to the mall we coincidentally meet on the highway. It was very unexpected because I was certain she was going to be there before me since I left late. At that point we tailed each other all the to the parking lot where we even found side by side spots.  

Before we started our browsing we made our way to the food court. We were both hungry and could use a snack. We had to eat lightly though. Her mother was in the process of making us dinner and if she knew we were too full to eat it would upset her. Especially since she knows we would. 


(photo found on Google images)

For our light snack we shared three slices of pizza. One each and the third split in two. It was great. After that we began our mall journey. We went from store to store to look for a dress and shoes. This weekend we have a wedding to attend for one of her coworkers. My girlfriend wanted to match as best as possible similar to a prom. Its corny but cute. 

After a while we were able to find a dress but no shoes. The shoes she really wanted were already purchased 5 minutes before she made the inquiry. It was really bad timing. 

More to come. 

We left the mall 10 minutes before closing, 8:50pm, with half of the outfit in hand. It was a sad ending but she still has 3 days to find something that matches. If not she will have to decide on a completely different wardrobe for the occasion. 

On the way back to her house I stopped by my grandmothers house to check it. It is sad to see it almost empty. Especially walking into her once crowded room, now with a dresser and closet stand. 

Finally making it to my girlfriends house I said my hellos and got comfortable. I have not been over there a month, maybe more. It felt good to be around the family. We had an amazing dinner made by her mother and I could not have been happier. 

A rude ending. 

After dinner we made our way over to the living room where we cuddled up on the couch until I had to get up. I could feel my stomach rumbling but was uncertain why. Playing it safe I went into the bathroom and took a seat. For 5 minutes nothing happened. Thinking I was in clear I began to pull my pants up. Then I immediately sat right back down and was stuck there for 15 minutes. When I got out of the bathroom I was ready to go. My stomach was lit up like a firecracker. 


Bitmoji ME restroom

On my way home I could not find a way out of town. Two of the highway entrances I take were blocked off forcing me to find another way. After driving across town I was able to make my way home. With the delay I did not make it until after 12am. After finishing the stroller, I forgot I was in the middle of it, and getting some work done on the computer I was in bed by 2am. 




I do not know if I should the iPad Pro or Surface Pro for drawing and graphic designing. Really torn on the two. I actually want both. 


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