My Sunday Off Turned Out Good!

Sun. September 16, 2018

A day to learn.

My internal alarm went off at 8:30am with the thought of getting ready for work. Realizing what day it was I went back to sleep until 10:30am when my mind started to race about the business. I had ideas that I needed to get out. For about an hour I laid in bed designing them on my phone. I have downloaded t-shirt templates that I could edit at will. They made all the difference.

After getting out of bed I went over to the computer to setup the blog with content. So far I have a schedule for posting articles on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sometimes they are recent and sometimes they are gems found in my archives of stories. Very interesting people out there with amazing minds.


(photo found on Google images)

New programs.

Then I moved on to continuing my research on copyright. I want to write my own contract but I cannot seem to find a good template to follow. Really I just do not know what to include in it. After a while I gave up. I had an idea that if I could clean up the logo myself then we would not need someone to do as of now. With that idea in mind I put myself to the test.

I worked on the rough draft of the logo for hours. Thanks to my sister I was able to use her Adobe Photoshop account to work with. Then I downloaded a 7-day trial of Adobe Illustrator to test. Using these programs for the first time were tricky. I must have read 3 forums, watched 5 videos and struggled through before I got the intermediate hang of things. There are so many options! 


(photo found on Google images)

Being interrupted a few times did help clear my head. My nephew came to play. For half of the day he was in and out of my arms. Every time he was put down he would crawl his way on over. It is truly amazing because he learned how to crawl a few weeks ago but he learned how to do fast now. His knees have not gotten used to it yet so it is cute to see him abruptly stop to sit and take a break. I swear watching children grow is a blessing.

Great day.

Getting back to the programs, I think I might have to get Illustrator when the trial is over. As a program for editing hand drawn images, it is hands down the best. The way you can maneuver the image is incredible. Moving lines, editing thickness, creating a completely new image basically.

From about 3:30 – 11:30pm I work on it. If my little bundle of joy was not around I might have finished it up sooner. I must say the end result, even though it is not complete, looks amazing for my first time using both programs.  



I did fit dinner in between having my eyes peeled to the monitor and playing with my nephew. Also, my girlfriend came over for an hour from 6:15 – 7:15pm. It was nice to see her for that short time.

I ended the night with a nice hot shower and an episode of “Dragon Ball.


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