Ideas Only Found During A Festival!

Sat. September 15, 2018 

The rest of last night. 

Last night I did not write the clause. Instead I did some light reading on copyright and trademarks for the logo while in bed. Very interesting facts like whoever drew it owns it until a copyright form is made. But it must be signed along with the transfer of the file. I need to read more into it but the main idea has been implanted in my head. 

Must get up. 

Starting off my day I planned to wake up early. Even set my alarm to do so. It never happened. I woke up an hour before I had to leave fighting myself to stay in bed. I got an extra hour of sleep in compared to my normal schedule. Within this hour I played Dragon Ball Legends on my phone, saw my nephew for a few minutes, had pancakes for breakfast before leaving.  


(photo found on Google images)

Today was going to be a change from the typical week as well. Instead of being in the café I had to be on the truck with the lady I work with for an event near my home. An Oyster Festival in the town my girlfriend works at, Maplewood.  

Shopping detour for wipes. 

On the way to the festival I received a text message from the lady I work with. There were a few items that we needed in order to pass our inspection, Clorox wipes and baby wipes. At first I thought the ‘baby wipes’ were a mistake. I questioned it out of confusion. Soon after she called to explain.  

Apparently, it is better to use ‘baby wipes’ instead of the Clorox kind. The inspector had very specific instructions that required us to have them. We have done may events, all over the state and have never been asked to have a pack present. I wanted to hear more about it but I needed my hand to carry bags if ice. Sadly, the story was cut short. Next time I will grab a cart. 

On time is late. 

I made it on time, 11am, with bags in hand. The parking lot where the festival was being help had already being crowded with other vendors and staff members. Even the part of the lot that was being used for parking was full forcing me to park up a very steep hill. The very same hill my girlfriend calls me from out of breath when she leaves work. 

When the lady I work with showed up, she was immediately flustered. Getting into the lot was a pain. At first, she tried to back in with every intention of making it until our guardian angel at the event showed up to help. She could see our struggle and gladly accommodated for us. She switched the spot we were to park in with someone else across from us. It worked out beautifully for her and us.  

Keep both jobs in mind. 

Throughout the day we did some pretty good work. It was nice sunny day and there were people all over enjoying it. As we hit our moment of down time my girlfriend’s friends came by to support. They had just gotten out of a long day at work. About 30 minutes later I could see my girlfriend walking towards me with her lunchbox in hand and wonderful smile.  

Back to work I was preparing for the rest of the night. In the middle of cutting scallions, I had this great idea for a design to put on a t-shirt. It was simple yet bold. A piece that I think we could sell a lot of. A nice design that could be pieced together with a variety of pants. Immediately I put my knife down and went into my notes to draw it out. Moments after sending it to buddy in Texas I was replied with an image of my idea come to life. The work we are putting in will soon reward us. 



All around town to get home. 

Around 8pm the festival started to die down. At the time we started to clean up. A little after 9pm she was pulling off of the lot. As I was sitting in my car I received another phone call from the lady I work with. She was stuck in town, could not find a bridge that she could clear under. She was also lost. After finding her I guided her out of town as best as possible until she could find her own way. 

After being a tour guide I was walking through the door of my home by 10:30pm. Tired from the day I just wanted to pass out. I could not. I downloaded Skype so my Texas buddy and I could chat and screen share our monitors when we had ideas. I also downloaded an app onto my phone so I could design a few things myself. I think I might want to invest in Adobe Illustrator for future ideas but I might not have the time to use it.  

Then I hopped in the shower to wash off the sweat from the day. Finally ending the night by writing this.  

It is now 1am. Good night! 


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