Made The Best of My Time!

Thurs. September 13, 2018

Why power, why!?

I was up at my normal time getting ready to head out. Then it happened. The power went down like yesterday only this time it being my house. The strange part was it only happened for a millisecond. I knew this because while my main computer was still on and fully functional the other one was not. I do not know why that rig is having such a hard time. It is on the same outlet as my main computer. Frustrated I shut the system down entirely. 

My PS4 was also turned off soon after resetting itself. I do not know what is happening or why. Mind boggling.

The café can be troublesome.

On my way to the cafe the hour plus drive I need to take turned into a complete mental game. I was stuck in traffic for a half an hour trying to find another route around. The worst part was I had to ride it out since the nearest exit was after the jam. Without any stops I still made it to the café late. I guess back to school traffic is in full effect.  


Bitmoji ME school

Without the pleasure to stop I had no breakfast on hand today. What better way to fill myself than with a healthy bowl of Greek yogurt. I got my favorite variation from Moku Bowl which is the vanilla yogurt, strawberries, bananas, granola, coconut shaving and honey. If I had the big buck I would spend money on this every morning.

(Fun Fact: I have not clue if it is Moku or Boku. Website says one thing but store says another. Hmm)

Learning from yesterday’s inconvenience I cooked a lot of food from the start. I planned on cooking everything I had so I would not have to do it more than twice for the day. It looks bad when I run out and customer wants it. Not happening today. The downfall of this was I needed to restock tomorrow morning.

Something new to figure out.

Throughout the day I was extremely busy. I did not get to work on my blog until 2pm when my lunch rush ended. After scheduling a few post, I shifted over to the new business. We finally decided on a logo. After several mock drawings, phone edits and several shut downs, it was created. All that was left is to find someone on Fiverr to professionally create it. We have it drawn out in pen but we need to get it on the web. First, I had to figure out what Fiverr was.

I have heard of the site many times but never thought I would have a need for it. My best friend the Twitch streamer used it for his channel, the lady I work with used it for her logo design and everyone on the web talks highly of it. After searching the site I understood why.

It could not be all business.

I walked around a lot today talking to the market vendors. There was nothing café wise for me to do. There was maybe a handful of customers throughout the entire market. Taking a hold of the opportunity I tried the new place, Politi’s Cheeses & Meats. They have been around for about a week now and I have seen their platters of cheese and meat or sandwiches float around. Not very interested in the platter but I definitely had to try a sandwich.  

Boy was it the best turkey sandwich of my life. I am not a turkey meat fan but it was amazing. The woman that owns the place even introduced me to weird cheeses. I tried random ones that were actually really good. One was covered in hay and super salty. The other was a mix of cheddar and Madagascar vanilla called the Doe. My new favorite cheese.


Back at my counter I did more research. I need to take advantage of the time given to me to get things going. After getting tired of collecting information I started to clean up. At the last 20 minutes of business three customers decided to dine with me. I thought for sure I was leaving early. I had washed most of my utensils and pans, wiped down my counters, and even put stuff away. Making that last bit of money made me the second to last out of there.

Home is acting weird.

An hour later I was home to the saddest thing even. My nephew, my little buddy is sick. He has a runny nose and teary eyes. He wasn’t even crying. They just dripped. Letting him get some rest I jumped in the shower. Afterward I thought I was finally going to able to play “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” it had an update that would not let me play. I have no chance with this game. It is only available for a few more days and I have yet to even see the opening movie.

Since I could not play I went to business. I looked up how to write a copyright clause for our logo to be. When we have it created we want it to be ours exclusively. After reading a few articles two questions came into play, Do I even have to write a clause? Would it not automatically be ours if we drew it out? I might need to ask one of the business owners I know.


Bitmoji ME confused

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