I Was Busy, For Sure!

Wed. September 12, 2018 

What time was it? 

In the middle of the night the power went out. Uncertain if it was just my house or the whole block I peeked out of the window. The moment I did the lights came on at full brightness blinding me. With my eyes closed I immediately shut them off. Confused as to what had happened I crawled back into bed. My sleep was disturbed I had to catch up. 


Bitmoji version of Me

Waking up at 8am I went over to my desk. I was concerned for my computers. Whenever the power goes out my hardware is abruptly shut down along with the work I had on screen. My main rig was perfectly fine but my backup system had an issue. I could not get it to post. My worst fear as a computer geek had happened.  

Upset I left the house late. I had to leave when I really did not want to. All I wanted to do was assess how much damage had been done. But I had an hour drive to the café with no time to spare. 

Stops I should not have made! 

Along the way it was extremely foggy. Seeing the opportunity for a photo shoot I made the executive decision to stop at a scenic overview on the highway. That is when I realized I might have made a mistake. Not only did I not have the time for it but the jail system had their inmates on trash duty. The officer guarding them gave me a threatening look. It was as if he knew i had some devious plan in mind. Really I just a picture so I took it quickly and left.  

Back on the road I set the GPS up so I could see how behind I was. Surprisingly I had 4 minutes spare. With that time I made a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. I had a muffin with me that I brought from home sitting in the seat next me. I wanted to eat it but the needed coffee was not with it. How could I possible not stop? Being there made me late. It took longer than expected to get my pumpkin latte. 

I really worked. I swear! 

At the café 10 minutes late, I got straight to it. Cut my vegetable while the rice cooked and prepared some meat to throw into my wok. I was ready to get business started off nice and fresh.  

Around noon I actually finished my prep. It took longer than I expected it to not realizing how much I had to do. By this time, I decided to have breakfast. I was so hungry like Monday. I could have enjoyed a nice piece of steak with home fries. Too bad all I had was a muffin. 


(photo found on Google images)

Throughout the day I worked on my blog. No website business but I was still productive. I spend most of the time doing what I actually get paid for which is taking care of the café. I must have cooked at least 3 times. Three different things. I normally do not cook as much because there is no need. This morning I cooked very little but that was a mistake.  

Good, bad, whatever… 

By 6pm I had started to clean. Half an hour later I was on the phone talking to my buddy from Texas. He had ideas for the website to start drawing in traffic until we finalize our logo and sample a few pieces of merchandise. Mixing in with his thoughts I proclaimed that we introduce a teaser section. Something to get the people excited until our official opening of the site. From that conversation a few things were put into motion.  

Home an hour later I was to the upsetting reality. I tried to fix my computer but from what I discovered, the onboard graphics are shot. The graphics card works but that is about it. I tried every display port on the motherboard, went into the settings to repair it, even tried to do it through the bios, only to come to the terms with it not functioning anymore. 

Super upset, I took a shower. Got out to eat. Watched my best friend stream Twitch. Then hitting the sack for a good night’s rest.  




My “Black Ops 4” copy never finished the download last since the power went out. While everyone gamed out I was the odd kid on the playground no included. Very irritating night.  

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