I Was 100% Invested!

Tues. September 11, 2018

Starting off the right way.

I slept in getting plenty of rest for the day. By the time 10:30am hit I was jumping on the computer to work on the new website. I went back and forth with a lot things. I could not decide on the color, banner photo or placement of widgets. I studied many websites that have the merchandise we want to sale to get a visual understanding of how ours should look. The menu bar took me the longest figure out and so far, was the most annoying. I have not even gotten to the shopping cart or wishlist aspect of the site. I also need pictures of our to be merchandise to finish it off. I don’t even know how to put that together.


(photo found on Google images)

I have a long journey ahead of me. But I have a goal of completing it by late October. Let ‘No Sleep September’ begin.

Long overdue.

When 3pm hit I realized I had been on the computer the entire time. 4 and a half hours had gone by and I did not notice. I didn’t even have breakfast, lunch or a snack. I had my first meal, which was cereal, around that time. Then I hopped in the shower because I had to leave.

Being that cereal was all I had, my stomach was rumbling. Good thing I was meeting my girlfriend for a late lunch.


Bitmoji ME hungry

I got to her job around 4:30pm. Walking around town we were searching for something eat. She is used to all of the foods there so had no preference. I was being picky. We ended up going to a pizzeria where I had the worst buffalo chicken wrap ever. It was kept under a hot lamp, behind a glass. Not fresh at all and was still cold on the inside. It was as if they took it out the fridge and thought sticking it under the lamp would warm it up. I took 2 bites and left it.

After our meal, I watched her eat, we walked around town just to kill time. Half an hour before she had to go back to work we sat on the back porch of a business next to the salon she works at. Hanging out talking we were joined by her mentor. The person that encouraged her to become who she is as a colorist. Then a few more people joined until it was time for all of us to depart.

delicious treat.

Before heading home, I went and got myself ice cream from the town parlor. Something raspberry and vanilla. The guy at the parlor even threw me for a loop. He served it in a chocolate waffle cone, I wanted plain, but I was not going to make a big deal of it. Walking to my car with it in hand I realized it had mini chocolate raspberry filled cups. I never expected it and they made it worth the purchase. And the cone? Even better.


Then I walked over to Kings Food Market for a gallon of milk before heading home.

What a night.

Sitting in my awesome chair I in front on my computer I worked on the website for a bit. Before it got any later I wrote a post for the blog and took some time to play with my nephew. Every time I look at him I get emotional. He’s growing so fast.

As the little guy was chasing me in his walker my girlfriend showed up, 8:30pm. We had dinner, watched a show together that she actually stayed awake for and then I watched my best friend stream the beta to “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.” At that moment I lost my girlfriend. She had fallen asleep at that point.


(photo found on Google images)

But the highlight of my night was how wonderfully nice one of his followers was. He gave my Texas buddy and I a spare code he had so we could play the game for the week. We instantaneously set it to download. Hopefully tomorrow it will be ready to go. 

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