This New Business Requires Time!

Mon. September 10, 2018 

I think a storm is brewing. 

It was raining this morning and I knew traffic was going to be hectic. I woke up 8am and left to the café in a hurry. For some reason it was not early enough. I got to the café about 10 minutes late. I was not even 20 minutes into my drive when I hit traffic that stalled me for about 15 miles. Getting to the cafe late left me with less than an hour to prepare. 

While everything ran its course, I went over to grab myself breakfast from Moku Bowl. I had the hunger of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I could have eaten a 20 pound steak with ease. But there was no steak available so I settled with the healthier option of vanilla Greek yogurt combined with mango, banana, granola, coconut shaving and honey. Man was it tasty.  


Making the best of my time. 

Today had to have been the worst best day in my café career. Being that it was raining like crazy New Hope, Pennsylvania became a ghost town. From 11 until 1:30pm were my hours of operation. After that it was not good for business but for my new venture, I had plenty of time. I started off by trying to understand how to make a website. I have done it in the past with HTML but honestly, I was never good at it. I always gave up after a while because I lost focus on the coding.


(photo found on Google images)

Now days it is much easier with website builders and such. Something I have never used. Unfortunately, there are many options so it takes a bit of studying and research before actually jumping into it. Today was the research. I plan on putting things into effect very soon.  

I was also able to take an hour and focus on my WordPress page. I posted a few new things and scheduled others for the week. I am going to try and focus on posting in advance that way I do not forget in between working and getting the new business going. 

 I could do more with my real equipment. 

Around 6pm I had enough. I decided to close up an hour early. I did nothing but work on my projects all day. I was grateful for the time but with no customers and a completely empty market, except for the other vendors, I could not stand to be around anymore. A few vendors had left hours before me and I should had followed.  

Home an hour later I jumped back into the swing of things within the comfort of my favorite mesh chair. I needed to learn more about website building. After a few videos I began. I initially wanted to begin tomorrow with a fresh mind but I was so into it that I could not wait. 


(photo found on Google images)

I downloaded, deleted, re-download. I have been through so many plugins. I even tried a theme demo but did not like it so deleted it. I also tried templates but going through them to see what I liked was annoying so I cleared it out and just kept a simple layout. I adding all the stuff I wanted or thought I needed to it and left it as a mess until the morning. 

By 1am my eyes were burning and I had to get some rest.  

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