I Had An Amazing Day!

Sun. September 9, 2018

My what rest I had.

Woke up at 10:30am after having the greatest sleep in a long time. Yesterday I woke up at 4:30am and went to bed around 12:15am. That’s about 19 hours of being awake which I never do because sleep impacts my life in a big way. Today I was feeling better than ever!


Bitmoji ME sun

With my mojo at 1,000 I jumped right into business by calling my buddy from Texas. We needed to discuss our next step in building our online business. We must have spent hours on the phone doing research and writing our steps down to get everything set by November. After doing the research we ended our time for the day by purchasing a domain, finding a hosting site and printing site to sample. We also talked about what to focus on the next time we speak. Things are seriously in motion!

Had to move on.

Around 2:30pm we hung up so I could eat. I was famished. From 10:30am till now I had nothing in my system, not even water. I had to eat. I was desperate for something quick so I had buttered bread with jelly and a cup of coffee.

Then I took time to tend to my blog by scheduling an article for the morning. It is going to be more of an encouragement piece this go around. I was very fond of it, especially with my new venture in the online business relm. That was until my nephew showed up looking like a stud! He had the best outfit on as if he was going to run a milk bottle business. He was ready to make deals.


When he left I continued to write for a little long and called it quits. I was ready for some down time.

My peace.

My girlfriend came over around 6pm with dinner for the house. I had asked her to pick up a Spanish combo – rice, chicken, ribs, fries – on the way over. My family and I had not eaten it in awhile. I thought it would be a nice treat.


While I ate, she was not hungry at the time, we watch “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” It only took us a few months to find the time for it. We never made it to the theater when it released but being in bed while it streamed was way better than in germy seat. Then my nephew interrupted once again.


(photo found on Google images)

With 15 minutes left on the screen he was home looking fly as every to sweep my girlfriend off of her feet. That cutie little man had our attention for sure. It was no longer about the movie but the outfit and his shiny new necklace. I did not see it when he left but he came back with it. A pretty nice one too.

When he left my girlfriend ate and we were able to finish the movie. I must say it was actually really good. But, SPOILER ALERT, dinosaurs now run wild among humanity? So, the what is the next movie going to be about? Trying to kill them off or the next Flintstones where every coexist? I am curious to see how that plays out.

More TV.

Before the night officially ended I decided to have a mango. It was not tasty so then I went with an orange to clean my palate with. That was not sweet so my whole mouth was confused. Both fruit really disappointed me today. 

Around 10pm I was left alone with the TV while my girlfriend slept I watching “The Missing.” After one episode I switched to a different show called “Better Things” to fall asleep to. It makes me laugh at times.


(photo found on Google images)

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