This Was A Day For The Road!

Sat. September 8, 2018

A morning for no man.

Up at 4:30am with just about 4 hours of sleep. On top of that it was a crappy morning with pouring rain. Before we headed out in it the lady I work with and I gathered everything we needed for the day. Loading up her pickup truck was wet mess. I even fell into a water filled hole thinking it was solid ground. Then again it was dark as ever. Not even the moon was lighting the way. How the heck is this horse show still going on? Is what I thought.

After packing we were ready to go by 5:15am. In the need for caffeine and cream cheese we stopped at gas station convenience store / Dunkin’ Donuts. I know, cream cheese at a gas station convenience store, probably not someplace to get it. Luckily, they did not have it but they did carry flan, a French Spanish dessert, which I found odd but hey, stay different.


(photo found on Google images)

About an hour later we made it to the farm. For a second, we thought the place was shut down, normally when we arrive everything is lit up and the workers are starting their day. I guess since it was raining they decided to sleep in. Moments after contacting the head of the farm the barn lights were turned out. I thought to myself, Did we just get them in trouble? I really hope we did not cause everyone that works there are really amazing.

All I do is drive.

The day started with us setting up and preparing for breakfast. As I said earlier we  were missing a few things. I had to leave her and go to Stop and Shop. We had coffee but no sugar and bagels but no cream cheese. Somehow, we did not think of these things until this morning. At 5am. When we woke up to darkness. (Small tangent.) Before leaving I also bought myself a book on anxiety. It interests me to learn about the symptoms and the different forms of it so I can help the people around me overcome it. I honestly cannot wait to start reading.

Back at the ranch an hour later. Nothing much happened. It was kind of a good thing. We had to cook a few things for the café. Since she nor I were not going to be there we need to make sure there was enough food to last the day. She had a family friend, the same guy from a few weeks ago, run it today. Having the time, she cooked it up and I left once again. This time to deliver food to the café which turned out to be 15 minutes away.


(photo found on Google images)

Getting there early, 9:30am, I set everything up for the guy coming in. I wanted to make sure he was ready to start the moment it became time to. About a half an hour later he showed up surprised. Since I had the pickup truck he thought the lady I work was around. It was just me. Not being in a rush to leave I hung out with him for a bit. The last time we were together we did not get to talk much. I am a huge friendship builder if I like someone so I wanted to put the time in to get to know him.

After a while I had to go. It was nearing noon and I figured the horse show was getting started. On the way out, I grabbed two smoothies from Greenstraw. When I got back I realized, again, nothing special was happening. The rain continued to shower on and off ruining the event.

Back and forth.

We ended up getting a call from the family friend with concerns. He had run out of a few things and did not know the recipes to make more. I had to leave once again to the café to replenish the food.

Back at the café once more, I hung around for a while. We spoke about our current goals and future vision. He is working more and getting back into the music game while mine is trying to start and run a few businesses for passive income. We are actually more similar than I thought.

I was back at the ranch by 4:35pm to pick up the lady I work with. The rest of the show was cancelled as well as for tomorrow due to the weather conditions.


Bitmoji Me rained

Driving back to her place I was a bit glad not to have to work tomorrow. I like making money but not at the cost of waking up at 4:30 in the morning. (Another tangent.) Finally arriving I helped her unpack the truck, fixed her broken fan, and said my goodbyes.

A little scare.

Driving home it started to rain once again. I was so tired that I had to get off of the parkway and find an empty lot to park in. I needed to rest. I slept for 10 minutes and took off with my energy shortly replenished to McDonalds. I had to get something fast and sweet in my system. Originally, I was just going to get a milkshake but then I saw a new item, sweet and spicy chicken tenders. I ordered a 4 pieces meal and a milkshake. I was set.


(photo found on Google images)

Sitting in my car I devoured it in minutes. If someone put a finger anywhere near me it would have been eaten. After filling myself up I was back on the road home.

Once there I showered, played with my nephew, did research on starting an eCommerce website, if anyone can help my ears are open, and had to get ready for bed.


I ended up falling asleep in my computer chair until my arm slipped from under me waking me up. 

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