I Needed A Day Of Real Work!

Fri. September 7, 2018 

It was happening! 

This morning I woke up at 8am with every intention to leave the house on time. I was determined to go to Dunkin Donuts no matter what. I even left the house early versus ‘just enough’ time to make it to the café.  

I got to Dunkin’ just as planned with 10 minutes to walk in, grab my food and leave. I ordered myself a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter, hash browns and the most important a hot pumpkin spice latte. Also got myself a new donut called Apple Crisp. It was like an apple crumb but with oats on top instead of the crunch.  

Had time to spare. 

I made it to the café with plenty of time to get things going. After performing my ritual behind the counter, I sat down to have my breakfast. It was a peaceful time. Me on YouTube, taking several bites, sipping on this season’s wonderful flavor. I really enjoyed myself. Then it got better. I helped a somewhat elderly woman find her way through town using my GPS. She told me that it had been about a year since she was last there and did not remember where things were. I was able to give her directions and landmarks to use while she walked around. It made me feel good. 


Bitmoji ME

My day at the café was not all that. I did pretty good, for this place, in sales but the tips were a bit low. Normally everyone drops me a buck or two but today they were keeping their singles hostage. Sadly, secretly happy, I had to shut down at 3pm. I needed to be somewhere else within the hour. 

Next location was way better.  

In the next town over we had an event to do that require the lady I work with and I. This event was only going to be successful with a team effort.  

On my way there, the drive was great. I had eaten that new donut I got earlier which tasted just like Quaker apples and cinnamon instant oatmeal. At first, I was not sure how to feel but after the comparison I was happy with it. I also happily looking forward to making some serious cash instead of standing around all day. Really just pumped to work.  

Throughout the night we were on fire. For my first time in weeks handling about 70 people in 2 hours I did pretty well. I did slip up here and there but I was rusty and had the lady to back me up. It felt good to be back in the money game. 


Bitmoji money Me

Unfortunately, the game was cut short by an hour. Our night ended in a washout. It rained at 8pm taking away most of the business that lingered in the train station parking lot. It was not completely over though. We had very hungry people at our window waiting in the pouring rain as I if it were just another day. Especially this one guy who literally stood in it with no umbrella, no jacket and in a t-shirt. I would not have done it but I appreciated all of them for it.  

Dark and done. 

After cleaning up were out of there by 9:45pm. 15 minutes later were dropping off her trailer at a Duncraven farm for the morning. We will be working there this weekend showing our support to the hungry athletes and fans.  


(photo found on Google images)

Quickly dropping it off we got back at her place a little after 11pm. The roads to get there were insanely difficult to navigate. It was so dark that I could barely see if the road curved or went straight. If it were not for the fact of me following the lady I work with I would have been in trouble with those unfamiliar streets.  

Anyway, I made it and helped unload one thing from her pickup truck. Her son did most of the work because I had to stop for gas along the way. With the labor over with I sat down and had table talk with the lady while in had my first meal of the day, chicken tacos from Oink and Moo 

I showered up and was in bed by 12:45am. Guess who has to wake up in 4 hours? Yay! 


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