New Things Are In Motion!

Thurs. September 6, 2018 

Will I ever learn how to wake up? 

I got up at the normal time of 8am for some reason I never actually get up at that time. I usually get out of bed 25 minutes after my alarm has gone off several time. Because of it I left at 8:45 which was not the plan. I wanted to try and make a Dunkin’ Donuts trip for a fix of pumpkin spice. With the time I had there was no way that was going to happen.  


(photo found on Google images)

When got about a block away I GPS checked the distance and time I still needed to get to the café. Unfortunately for me, I had no time to even stop for red lights. Moving as the law would let me I made it right on time, 10am. I had to jump right into it. Get my food going, set up and get everything ready for opening. 

Luckily, I made time to pack myself breakfast. I brought a Cinnabon with me in a plastic container with a coffee that I poured out on the road because it tasted horrible. I had high hopes for it but it was super strong and too bitter for my taste. 


(photo found on Google images)

A day of unsteady business.  

Throughout the day I had time to work on WordPress writing and posting for the next few days. I even read a few articles that shocked me and others that motivated me. Boy, what has the president done now. Moving away from that I even had an extensive chat, via messenger, with my buddy from Texas. He has plans of starting a business and wanted to run his ideas by me to see what I thought about it. I was excited that without even knowing anything about it I jumped right on board. It is exciting to think that we might be starting an online business together to generate a small profit that should become passive income.  

In between my personal activities I did cater to the small amount customer that came to my counter. I must have served the least amount of people, ever, over the past 3 weeks. I even had time to dice up carrots and sweet peppers so I can cook myself bulgogi fried rice. Something new for my personal list of items made. It turned out to be pretty good too. 

Done with my job for the day. 

I started to clean up around 6:30pm. Just when I thought I could completely pack it up I had my last customer at 6:55. With my mindset I could not pass up the money they wanted to spend. 


Bitmoji money Me

Finished everything up around 7:45pm and out of the door. After sitting in my car to take a breath I left at 8pm.  

An hour later I was home. Showered and called my Texas buddy to talk more about this business venture he has in mind. Let’s just say we might have started it off on a small scale. We plan on taking up a notch tomorrow after we get our ideas and plans for the business on paper. 

More on it come. 


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