Engineer Turned Entrepreneur Helps Launch Two Businesses, Including Virtual Reality Shop !

While scrolling through the web I stumbled upon an article that I instantaneously connected with. It is about a man who went out and chased after his dream of opening his own businesses while staying true to his passions. This is a goal that I aim toward myself.

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(photo from article)

An engineer turned entrepreneur has recently helped launch two new businesses, including one that allows people to experience virtual reality.


“I finally said life is too short,” Matt Cole said of leaving his high-salary gig and starting his own businesses.

Cole helped start NoogaSystems, which operates a virtual reality center, and has his own company, 3 Phase Associates, which is an electrical engineering consulting firm.

What started out as an online retail store has grown into an 8115 E. Brainerd Road storefront where customers can use virtual reality stations to play games and use other programs.

Customers could design 3D objects using the Google Blocks program or jump into a fantasy world such as Lucky’s Tale. The virtual reality sets could also take users inside The Lab.

If you’re not sure what it looks like to use VR, check out this NoogaSystems ad.

Experiencing VR with NoogaSystems can save people who might be considering buying their own equipment and programs money, Cole said.

“And it’s something else to do for people who are tired of going to movie theaters,” he said.

The business sells memberships or customers can pay by the minute.

The business is open for parties, corporate events and the entire store is available for rental.

Cole helped start this business but there are two other partners, he said.

3 Phase Associates
Cole’s other business utilizing his engineering background.

The electrical engineering consulting business serves utilities or architecture-engineering firms about substations.

Cole offers substation design, construction and project management.

“[We] focus on turnkey-type projects for power utilities serving the world of transmission and distribution,” Cole said. “It’s more than just another design company. 3 Phase focuses on performing the design & engineering drawing packages required for construction and then helps with the install, implementation and commissioning.”

It was always a dream of his to own his own firm and he keeps several major values in mind. He aims to maintain a professional and positive worth ethic, put safety first, exceed customer expectations and promote a “family-type” atmosphere.

“I am very proud and excited to be using my engineering background along with my 20-plus years of experience to grow 3 Phase Associates into a solid, reputable and sustainable company while striving to keep engineering consultant rates low and competitive,” he also said.


For the full article visit here: Nooga Today

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