I Finally Found Something!

Wed. September 5, 2018 

I had to start my day. 

Woke up at 10:30 only to lay in bed until 11am. Desperately wanting to stay confined to my bed I fought my way out of it. From the comfort of my sheets I went over to the computer. For an hour and a half, I did some light writing. My focus was not truly into it so I left it planning to return later. 

At that point I got dressed so I could leave. Last night the thought struck me, I should take a trip to the mall. So, I did for a little light browsing. I wanted to see if I could find myself a pair of nice casual sneakers. I feel like I have been saying that for a few months now and have yet to find a pair I like. 

The search begins. 

I got to the mall a little after 1:30pm. Since I parked in the Burlington lot I figured I should look around the store while I walked through it. With a little bit of effort, I was able to find two pairs of jeans and work sneakers. Being me I never a leave a store without trying on my potential purchase, as far as pants. Boy was I glad I did because the jeans were like sand paper. Not good quality material. As for the shoes, the line was too long just for one item so I put them down in hopes of getting them later.  

After that experience I walked around the mall going into various stores when I stumbled upon Aldo. I do not usually shop in this store because the fit does not feel nice on my feet but I decided to check out the inventory anyway. Surprisingly I found 2 pairs that I liked. The first one I said no to as soon as I got it on. It had way too many laces and took me forever to loosen just to try it on. The second pair was perfect. Black and white, casual, very good looking. I bought that one. 


After that I went to eat. I was starving since I skipped breakfast and did not get done with my writing until after lunch. The best place in the mall, Kelly’s Cajun Grill. They serve a delicious mix of Bourbon chicken, spicy chicken vegetable rice, sweet corn and sweet plantains. I could not even eat it all. 

After filling myself I continued to walk going into more stores like NikeBurlington ShoesExpress. After a while I was too tired to keep moving. I had to call it quits. On the way out, I picked up a box of Cinnabon’s for the family. We love that stuff. I did not even return for the work sneakers I wanted. 

The trip continues. 

Before heading home, I needed to get the essentials. Deodorant, razors, a new tooth brush. I went over to The Christmas Shops because it is the only place I knew that had my favorite deodorant. After looking for it I was sadly disappointed. The one place I trusted to have it had none. I planned on getting at least 6 of them. I was forced to try something new. 


(photo found on Google images)

I was able to find my razons and even got a shaving butter to try out. My skin is sensitive so it will help eliminate the razor bumps. I complain but I only get like 2 or 3. Either way hopefully now I won’t get any.  

The toothbrushes they had, not happy with. 


Back home sometime around 6pm. I was the first to cut the seal on the Cinnabon’s. I could not resist. While enjoyed it, I watched “Dragon Ball” and completed episode 58. I think I am making a dent in the show.  


(photo found on Google images)

Taking a short break from the show I went and threw a load of laundry into the wash. Then I raided my closet to clean house a bit. A couple times a year I like to go through the clothes I own and throw out what I do not use. Not really throw out as in trash but bag it for the Salvation Army or Good Will. I also need to add a few pairs of shoes to the list as I have many and do not use most of them. 

An hour later I had given up. I was tired from walking and cleaning. In my bed as I was ready to fall asleep my girlfriend called me. We had spoken earlier about her coming over but I thought I had more time. At that moment I only had enough time, 30 minutes, to shower and dress myself to go out for dinner.  

Simple ending. 

Since I never got up when I was supposed to she made it my house before I even got into the tub. The only thing I got done was a shave because I wanted to try out the new shave butter.  

Out of the shower I got dressed and we left. Applebee’s was a quick solution. One drink each and an entree and we were done. We never even finished our food. We got full quick and were tired, her from her day and me from mine.  

Back at the house by 10pm we chatted for a while until she fell asleep. I was left with the TV as entertainment while she got some shut eye.  


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