Working Away From The Café !

Tues. September 4, 2018 

The market is closed on Tuesdays. 

Still have no idea why but it is. I had no complaints as I was able to sleep in until about 11am once again waking up with my body sore. Being on my feet for 10 hours throughout the day at the café has taken a toll on my body. I do have a seat available but it sits to low from the counter and people tend to miss me. Due to that I stand the whole day. 

Since I did not have to leave for work until 2pm I worked on my post for tomorrow. Scheduled a new article about a young man doing big things at the age of 16 that seriously inspired me to get my butt in gear. Passive income is a long-term goal of mine and I have to find a way to make it happen.   


Image credit: Jack Bloomfield

After getting myself pumped up I took a break from the computer to do a few chores. The most important was laundry. I needed to wash the few pairs of jeans that I own that I wear when working at the café. Three of them are black and two are blue. I rotate the heck out of them. 

While they washed I went and made myself breakfast. Not a usual one but more of snack. I had a corn muffin toasted with butter and then spread with jelly. A childhood favorite that I paired with the best cup of coffee I have made so far. Yum. To make the nostalgia even better I watched “Dragon Ball” as I ate which ended up immobilizing me from the other chores I needed to do. Once I was comfortable I did not move for the next 3 episodes. I really felt like I was 13 again. 

If I did not have to leave I would have not. 

On the road by 2:15pm on my way to meet the lady I work with. It was an easy ride today. I got to Hoboken within 40 minutes which does not usually happen. I even found free street parking which NEVER happens. I had luck on my side today.  

Since I was early I walked over to Rite Aid to get a few things. I needed deodorant, razors, and Benadryl. Unfortunately, for me that store did no carry much. They did not have the deodorant use, or the razors I like and I completely forgot about the Benadryl. I walked out of there with a Voltage Mountain Dew. Not on the list whatsoever. 

At the pier the lady I work with dropped off the groceries for today along with the meat I needed to cook. I had an hour not only to cook but clean the fryer, put the dishes away, put the groceries away, cut vegetables and clean up after myself when I finished. I was back and forth all over that truck. You would think I was running a marathon. 


(photo found on Google images)


She came back around 4:30pm with more stuff. But this time she had food for me. Rice balls from Omusubi Gonbei in Mitsuwa. Oh, how I love them. To go with it she also bought me karaage which is essentially fried chicken, Japanese style.  


(photo found on Google images)

Being a few days after Labor Day the pier was dead. According to one of the staff members, the person who has a clicker to keep count of the foot traffic, about 85 people entered the pier. We maybe saw 20 of them. For a 6 hour day that is nothing. That amount of people entering should be every two hours or one even. It was a sad night. But we were able to prepare for the café tomorrow. That’s good.  

Early it was. 

By 10pm we were over it. 10:41 I was in my car wiggling myself out of a very tight space. I thought parking on the corner would have made leaving easy but thanks to the jerk behind me I had to inch my way out. I hope he got a ticket for parking against the yellow line. That was mean but he deserves it. 

I got home about 30 minutes later, showered, and was off to bed. 


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