After A Long Day I Saw Beauty!

Mon. September 3, 2018

Talk about being tired last night. It was very hard to sit in my chair and not doze off.

This morning was good.

I woke up at the normal time to get a head start on my trip to the café. I thought I wanted Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast so I left early in order to give myself plenty of time to get something. I never stopped for it. Instead I planned to get a yogurt from my new favorite breakfast place Moku Bowl.

Made it to the café about 20 minutes early. Using that time, I set everything up. Cooked my food and started my rice. The same routine I always do in the mornings. Once 10am hit I was ready to eat but I wanted to respectful. They open at 10 so wanted to give them some time to get settled.

10:20 came and I could not wait any longer. I felt my stomach starting to eat itself where I stood. So, I went and order a vanilla Greek yogurt with strawberries and banana as did the first time I ever tried them. It was so good. To make it even better the same person who made it that time was there. She does the best job with their presentation. 


With a half an hour to kill I sat down and enjoyed my bowl. When 11am hit I had to get up and get started. I was more than prepared for it since I got there early.

The POW!

Around 12:30pm I was hit with a lunch rush. It was like no other. Within 30 minutes I must have served 7 people with multiple items. I do not how I managed it but somehow I made it through. The one day I could actually use the help I had none. I was all over the place like a mad man trying to take orders, cook food, serve it, bag it, smile and all of the above. I honestly started to panic but kept my cool.

Then an hour later it happened again. This time even worse than before because I actually ran out of meat and had to cook more while I kept the people at my counter relaxed. I made myself look busy as a distraction so they would not notice the time go by as they were waiting. The more I do the less tempted they are to complain.

By 3:30 I was done. Two unsatisfied customers throughout the day that really hit me in the soft spot. If it were not for the rest of my people enjoying themselves I might have given up. I know not everyone will be pleased but it hurts nonetheless.

Wait a minute!?

From then on, the next 4 hours, I serviced a few people every hour. I cleaned as much as I could. Posted for today. And even started a new book called “Getting to Yes.”


Around 6:45pm I started to clean. Just as I started to wash the dishes I had the urge to use the bathroom. Walking from behind my counter to the restrooms I could the place a bit dark. Where did everyone go? I could not believe that it was only me and 2 other vendors still left in the build. On top of that one of them was just about ready to go. I did not get the memo. When the heck did everyone decide to leave? The market closes at 7pm and according my watch there were still 15 minutes left. Sheesh.

By 7:45 I was officially done with everything. Electronics were shut off, food put away or thrown out, dished cleaned and garbage gathered. It was lonely journey but I got it done. I cannot believe I was the last one out.

Home to the family.

An hour later I got home to my girlfriend’s car parked out front. As I walked through the door I could see her playing with my nephew. A beautiful sight I wish to make my reality one day. She as the mother of my child. 

After taking a shower I then joined the fun. My nephew can now crawl. He figured it out has loved being able to move on his own. My girlfriend told she almost cried after seeing it for him do it for the first time today. I understood completely because I almost did the same.

Once he fell asleep I had myself a mango while my girlfriend and sister cake tested. My nephew’s birthday is next month so my sister has been going on a baking frenzy trying to figure out what to do for his party. Today she made a three layered cake with three different frosting types to get a group census on which to do. I did not part take because the mango took priority.

Finishing the night.

From 10:45 – 11:30pm she and I caught up with our days. She has been in Aruba for the past week with her sister for a destination wedding. Her sister was a bridesmaid. From the pictures they had a blast. Talk about being jealous, I sure was. It seemed like a beautiful island perfect for a relaxing getaway. Next time, next time.


Papaya Hot Sauce From Aruba (my gift)

After the conversation we fell asleep without notice.

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