It Seemed Longer Than What It Was !

Sun. September 2, 2018 

Today was Dunkin’ day.  

I woke up late with my body sore and in need of something hot and seasonal. I even got dressed in record time so I could leave the house with enough time to make my stop. By 8:50am I was out of the door, in my car and on my way to the place with all of the pumpkin delight.  


(photo found on Google images)

Within 40 minutes I was at my predestination. Surprisingly the place was packed. This Dunkin’ Donuts is the only one I stop at on my way to Pennsylvania and I have never had to wait in like for more than a minute. I was actually really shocked to see them doing that much business. Either way I got I what wanted which was a pumpkin spice latte and cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with a light spread of butter. 

Made it to the café on time.  

Even with the line longer than I had anticipated it to be I still made it to the café by 10am. Right on time for me to get started with my morning tasks. Cook the food, cook rice, set up for opening. At this point I have turned it into a routine or ritual so that when I get in I never miss a beat. The worst part about opening up for business is when you go to service a customer and there is something missing. Then they have to wait and I look like crazy man trying to settle in.  

Anyway, while the rice cooker did its thing I sat down to eat my breakfast. I tried to eat it on the road but I could not catch a red light for the life of me. It was green all the way.

The shift began. 

Around 1:30pm the lady I work with had her boyfriend drop off his son to me. I was to train him to work the café in case we ever needed extra hands. Business has been picking up slowly and we need to be prepared as much as possible for when it takes off. Our process is an easy one, he picked it up quick except for the names of our dishes which is completely understandable. He will get it eventually. 

Business with him was slow and steady most of the time. With the orders we had I made him do in order to become familiar with process. For a late lunch I introduced him the awesome Pork ShackThe place that I love to have my late lunch at. After watching him dig into his pork guacamole sandwich I had to get something myself.

About an hour later I placed my order for a buffalo pork, crumbled blue cheese and some kind of green leaves sandwich. It was very good. So good that I need to get another one, soon! Next time I need to take a picture of it for the memory. 


Bitmoji ME food

As I was eating, right in the middle of it, the lady I work with showed up with a truck load of groceries. It was 4pm, I was hungry and did not want to stop my meal. I thought she would have told to me finish it but she did no such thing. My lunch was over and I did not even know it. At the time I had wrapped it up and went with my trainee to unload. Good thing I had help to carry it all in because it was a lot. 

From 2 to 3 back to 2. 

The lady I work with left around 5:30pm. After the day she had ‘exhausted’ was not a word to describe her. I knew we did not need the extra help and could handle whatever business came.  

For the rest of the night it was the two of us – my new trainee and I. Nothing interesting happened after the lady I work with left. Then it hit me. At 6:40 I remembered the market closes at 7pm. I had completely forgot turning to the kid with a shocked face. Dude, we need to clean up! Its almost time to go! We went from smooth sailing to rush mode.  

He was huge help with it all! I would have been there for at least a little over an hour if I had to do everything alone. While he washed dishes I cleaned around him, sanitized, organized and left. 


Bitmoji ME cleaning

The end of our shift finished with me taking him home. His father never came back to get him. He did not even answer the 1,000 calls that were placed. I exaggerate but it was many. Since he was about 25 minutes away and I still had an hour drive home I figured we mind as well make a trip of it. He had nothing important to do and did not mind accompanying me for ice cream from the best shop in town, Owowcow.

New flavor for me today, chocolate raspberry. It tasted just like a piece of Ghirardelli. He got  mint chocolate chip which he enjoy very much. This was his first time going to the place and was not disappointed. 


(photo found on Google images)

Not a bad day. 

25 minutes later I was pulling into his driveway to drop him off. From there another 45 minutes drive to my house where I showered, had a bowl of cereal and could barely keep my eyes open to write anything.  

I will have to finish tomorrow. 



I never finished my lunch. In fact i actually threw the rest away at the end of the night. I had lost interest in it. There will be a redemption.

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